The Adventures of SpaceDog in the 9 Realms

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This personal site was started a long time ago to let people in the USA know what I was doing in the United Kingdom. I'm now back in the states and entertain myself by trying to write stories. This is a new hobby and started writing in 2015. In 2017 I changed my format to SCRIPT so it could be made into a Japanese anime or graphics novel.

My stories are based on Norse mythology, Japanese anime, movies, short stories, TV, songs, legions  and the imagination of other people others and myself.

If you would like to contribute, send email to tardis40b at Yahoo dot com and please put STORY as the subject because 95% of the email I get is spam and sent to the trash bin.

Thank you and enjoy! Jefferson

 About the main Character

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1 SpaceDog and the Stolen Necklace Star Lord SpaceDog is a Vanir, a God from Vanaheimr, who travels between the 9 realms in a multidimensional Quantum Entanglement Time Ship called QETS. It's powered by a black hole and controlled by 2 A.I.'s called 'Sidrat' and 'ME'. His crew is made up of 12  hybrid/cyborg dogs he rescued and together they recruit companions for a mission entrusted to him by King of Asgard,  Odin, to recover a necklace of unimaginable beauty created by 4 dwarves and stolen from Odin's family vault.  The story unfolds as they travel between Midgard/Earth, (5th realm), Asgard, and Alfheim in the 3rd realm at the base of the Worlds Tree. To become a co-author of this online book, send a snail mail letter along with a description of a character you want to be included in the book and your email address to:

Jefferson (SpaceDog) Slosek
2854 Manila Palm CT
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2 Vanaheimr

Under construction

The Vanir, Star Lord SpaceDog and the dragon Goddess of Alfheim, Istanna, settle on the original unknown realm of the Vanir, Vanaheimr. They dig up an ancient artifact and try to use it and find it's powers something wonderful. The groot named Root, helps them in ways they never thought possible. After one full cycle has passed, they return to the QETS as different beings, have aged in ways the group of companions never thought possible. 

These books are written in script form and one day may be made into Japanese anime, manga, movies or graphic novels.

About the main character

The main character, Freyr, is a Vanir. He is one of a race of Gods who came from the 3rd realm world called Vanaheimr. Vanir are peaceful masters of science, sorcery, and prognostication. The Æsir who also live in the 3rd realm on Asgard, are warriors. The Æsir  were jealous of the Vanir after they built a programmable wormhole transporter commonly known as The Rainbow Bridge on Asgard. It was programmed to not transport to the Vanir's home work and this started the Æsir–Vanir War. We know of only 3 Vanir to survived the War. Odin, the king who sanctioned the war, let Freyr, his twin sister Freyja and their father Njörðr live because Njörðr built the Rainbow Bridge but could not reprogram it.

Freyr used magic to returned to his home world and found empty cities, tall building made of granite, crumbling into ruins. While exploring the ruins, he came across machines built by the Vanir. Freyr discovered many ancient artifacts and technology left behind after the war ended.  One of the finds was a device he used to change his appearance and morphed into a different person. He than changed his name to SpaceDog so Odin didn't recognized him when he returned to Asgard.

Another find was a set of Fulknuts, keys that unlock Vanir technology and a Quantum Entanglement Time Ship or QETS. It was in its final stages of development. The QETS is powered by a black hole contained in a dark matter chamber and controlled by an Artificial Intelligent MEGOD quantum driver called the Minds Eye. The Minds Eye controls the power and matter conversion unit that opens 24 event-horizon portals programmed to appear anyplace within 1 light years distance from the multidimensional QETS.

Inside the QETS, SpaceDog found a second Artificial Intelligent. A humanoid female with many abilities; telepathy, telekinesis, and the use of quantum entanglement. The A.I. was labeled; Sentient Intelligence Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper, so SpaceDog called her Sidrat for short. She interfaces with the QETS and needed final assembly. SpaceDog completed Sidrat after taking a long time to learn the technology.

SpaceDog and Sidrat together control the QETS through telepathy or 6 control rooms. Each of these 6 rooms have 4 portals. Each portal is behind a set of double doors. These doors also open into the main body of the QETS when the event-horizon is not entangled. The ship has 540 doors; 48 for the portals and 492 for rooms, hallways, 2 Olympic size swimming pools, several galleys, workshops, food storage, libraries, wardrobes and sleep quarters.

SpaceDog returning to Asgard and was given the title "Star Lord" after he helped Odin remove something from the kings past.

Now Star Lord SpaceDog completes tasks assigned by Odin , sometimes, while looking for answers to the past.

And his adventures continue...