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Currently, these free books can't be published because I use more then just Norse mythology. I have included bits of Japanese anime, movies, short stories, TV, songs, legends and the imagination of people I've met.

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1 The Stolen Necklace

Star Lord SpaceDog is a Vanir from Vanaheimr. He travels between the realms in a quasi-dimensional Quantum Entanglement Time Ship called the QETS. It's powered by a black hole and controlled by 2 A.I.'s. His crew is made up of 12 hybrid/cyborg dachshunds he rescued and an A.I. called Sidrat. They recruit companions for a mission to recover a necklace of unimaginable beauty created by 4 dwarves, stolen from Odin's family vault

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2 The Vanir

Under construction

Star Lord SpaceDog and the dragon Goddess of Alfheim, Istanna, visit the abandoned realm of Vanaheimr. They dig up an ancient artifact and when they stumble on it's powers, they find something wonderful. A groot named Root, helps them in ways they never thought possible. Father Time helps them return the Vanir from locations on Midgard and create a few mysteries for the humans to discover on Earth.

All books are written in script form and one day may be made into Japanese anime, mange, movies or graphic novels, at least me, myself and I hope so.

This web site was started in 2004 to let people in the USA know what I was doing when living in the United Kingdom.
2008 - I returned to the states and discontinued the photo journals of England.
2015 - Started writing about the alien gods who lived on Earth after viewing lots of TV shows and doing research on those ancient aliens.
2017 - Changed writing format to SCRIPT so stories could be made into a Japanese anime, graphics novel or movie.

About the main character

The main character, Freyr, is a Vanir, one of a race of gods from the 3rd realm of Vanaheimr. Vanir are peaceful fertility Gods, masters of mystery, science, sorcery, and prognostication. The Æsir also live in the 3rd realm on Asgard and they are Gods of war. The Æsir dislike the Vanir and started the Æsir–Vanir War. Norse mythology tells of only 3 Vanir that survived the War. Odin, the king who sanctioned the war, let Freyr, his twin sister Freyja, and their father Njord (Njörðr) live because Njord built the BiFrost Rainbow Bridge, a transporter between realms used by the Æsir.

After the war, Freyr returned to Vanaheimr and found empty cities with tall granite buildings crumbling and in ruins. While exploring the ruins, he came across machines built by the Vanir, artifacts and alien technology left behind. One of his discoveries, was a device he used to change his appearance and identity. He then changed his name to SpaceDog so Odin didn't recognized him when he returned to Asgard.

During his visit he also found a set of Falknuts, keys that can unlock Vanir devices including a quasi-dimensional Quantum Entanglement Time Ship or QETS in its final stage of development. The QETS is powered by a black hole contained in a dark matter chamber controlled by an Artificial Intelligent controller driver called The Minds Eye. The Minds Eye controls the power and matter conversion unit that opens 24 event-horizon portals programmed to appear anyplace within 1 light cycle distance from the QETS.

Inside the QETS, SpaceDog found a second Artificial Intelligent creation, a 2 meter tall female humanoid with telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability to control and use quantum entanglement. This semi-organic A.I. was labeled; Sentient Intelligence Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper. SpaceDog called her Sidrat for short. She interfaces with the QETS and needed some final assembly after SpaceDog took time to learn the ancient alien/Vanir technology.

SpaceDog & Sidrat control the QETS using telepathy and 6 different style control rooms. Any of the 6 control room has 4 event-horizon portals each behind a set of double doors. The doors also open into the main body when a portal is not engaged. The ship has 540 doors leading to 492 for rooms, hallways, 2 Olympic size swimming pools, galleys, theaters, workshops, food storage, libraries, wardrobes and sleeping quarters large enough to house a small army.

When SpaceDog returning to Asgard, he was given the title "Star Lord" after he helped Odin remove something from his past before becoming king. With this title, SpaceDog took possession of Polaris, the binary star system commonly called the North Star that gives life to the first 4 realms.

Now Star Lord SpaceDog searches for answers about the past, present and the future of the Vanir race.