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Freyr is a Vanir, a race of fertility Gods from the third realm of Vanaheim on the planet Yggdrasil in the Polaris star system. Vanir are Pax Deorum (peaceful gods), masters of mystery, science, sorcery, and prognostication.

The Vanir are similar to the Æsir, who live in the first realm, Asgard, on the same planet of  Yggdrasil. The Æsir were once peacekeepers. Now they are war Gods who dislike the Vanir and started the Æsir/Vanir war. Norse legends tells of three Vanir to survived the war. King Odin let Freyr, his twin sister, Freyja, and their father, Njord (Njörðr) live because Njord built and maintains the BiFrost, a wormhole transporter used by the Æsir to move between the first nine realms.

After the war, Freyr returned to Vanaheim and found the city of of Barra Hold, with it's tall granite buildings, crumbling into ruins. While exploring the ruins, he came across machines built by the Vanir, along with artifacts, and lost alien technology. One of his discoveries, was a device he used to change his identity. Freyr also changed his name to SpaceDog so Odin didn't recognized him when he returned to Asgard.

During his visit to Barra Hold, he found a set of Valknut keys that unlock Vanir devices. He discovered and commandeered a quasi-dimensional, Quantum Entanglement Time Ship in its final stage of development. He named it QETS. The QETS is powered by an artificial singularity contained in a dark matter chamber controlled by an Artificial Intelligent bio-mechanical life form called Minds Eye.  Minds Eye controls the power and matter conversion unit that opens 24 event-horizon portals programmed to appear anyplace within 540 light cycle "distance" from the QETS.

Inside the QETS, SpaceDog found two other artificial intelligent creations. The first, a tall female humanoid with  the ability to use telepathy, telekinesis, quantum entanglement, and time travel. This semi-organic A.I. was labeled; Sentient Intelligent Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper. SpaceDog named her Sidrat. She can also interfaces with the QETS and needed some final assembly.

The third Artificial Intelligent creation was thought to be an ornament. It looks like a large globe with a constant storm within. SpaceDog took this, Tempest, to Midgard, and it protects his homes in Japan.

SpaceDog, Minds Eye & Sidrat operate the QETS using telepathy or manual input devices in six different style control rooms. All control rooms have four event-horizon portals, each behind a set of double doors. When a portal is not engaged, its doors opens into the main body of the QETS. The ship has 540 internal doors leading to rooms, lifts, hallways, two Olympic-size swimming pools, galleys, theaters, workshops, food storage, libraries, a forge, wardrobes and sleeping quarters large enough to house 5000.

SpaceDog returning to Asgard and was given the title "Star Lord" when he helped Odin, king of Asgard, remove something from Odin's past he was not proud of. With his new title, SpaceDog took possession of Polaris, the trinity star system commonly called the North Star. This star system gives life to the first four realms.

Now Star Lord SpaceDog and his group of misfit adventures, search for answers about the past, present, and the future of the Gods and Goddesses.

Book Link Plot Comments
1 The Stolen Necklace

Star Lord SpaceDog and his crew, made up of twelve hybrid/cyborg dachshunds he rescued, and an A.I. called Sidrat, recruit companions for a mission to recover a necklace of unimaginable beauty created by four dwarves. The necklace was stolen from king Odin's family vault

The story started to look like and mimics a popular British TV series with some of the same characteristics, until you get to chapter two and everything begins to change.
2 The Vanir

SpaceDog and the dragon Goddess of Alfheim, Istanna, visit the abandoned realm of Vanaheim. They dig up an ancient artifact, but when they stumble on it's powers, they find something wonderful. A Barker named Root, helps them in ways they never thought possible. Father Time helps them return the Vanir from locations in Midgard's past and create a few mysteries for the humans to discover on Earth.

All books are written in manuscript form and one day may be made into Japanese anime, mange, movies or graphic novels, at least me, myself and I hope so.

3 Gods & Goddess of Japan  

Under construction


A great typhoon in Japan of the Earth year 1274 wipes out the Mongolian navy. The Gods and Goddesses that came with the storm help the country surrounded by magic and mystery. A second invasion in 1281 is again stopped by a Strong Wind called Kamikaze. This is the story of how the storms were produced by the Gods and Goddess of Japan I started writing this book after going to  Japan during SaKuRa (cherry blossom viewing) in 2019. The first 2 weeks in Japan, I was on an anime tour. Information about the Anime and J-Pop tour can be found HERE.
2015 - Started writing about alien gods who live on Earth after viewing lots of TV shows and doing research on those ancient aliens.
2016 - Changed the main characters from a Time Lords to fertility gods and goddesses after the BBC politely asked me to stop, unless I joined the writers guild.
2017 - Changed writing format to manuscript so it could one day be made into a mange, Japanese anime, graphics novel or movie.