Book 1 ~ The Stolen Necklace

Chapter 1 ~ Lady Robin


Returning through time from his last assignment as senpai to the daughter of a Valkyrie, SpaceDog's QETS started acting strangely. The name; Lady Robin, keeps appearing over and over on one of the displays. Suddenly, the center of the control panel starts squealing like a Banshee and the center control crystal blinks. One of the 4 sets of double doors in the room opens and closes. The display console flashes a message:

I am a warm and compassionate woman with a HUGE sense of humor. Laughing is one of my all-time favorite things. I love the natural world; it is a constant draw and delight to the senses. I have no kids, but I do have dogs and cats; they are dearly loved companions. I was born up north...

Realm:     5
System:   Sol
Planet:     Midgard/Earth
Country:  United Kingdom
City:        London
District:  Camden-sub, market
Elevation: 30.78 meters
Location:  North 5132'28.71" x West 008'37.94"
Date:       September 1, 2014 EAD
Time:       07:44:42  arns

Object:    Lady Robin

A gorgeous female in a business suit with natural bright red, shoulder-length hair is standing in shock... SpaceDog uses a standard Earth introduction,

[SpaceDog]  Greetings Earthling! My name is Commander SpaceDog. Who are you and how did you get into the QETS? Are you in distress? Do you need help? Did Sidrat call for you?

I notice a tall bald man with a white goatee dressed in a black tuxedo over a fluffy shirt; baggy trousers and bright blue boots. I cannot estimate his age but he is quite handsome in a mysterious way.

[Lady Robin] My name is Robin. OK! What just happened? I dropped my phone outside Evil With the Needle tattoo shop and it stopped working. I removed the back of the phone and reset the battery like I always do when the damned thing doesn't work. The phone display flashed the word 'Sidrat' and quit. Who or what is Sidrat? I need to call work and tell them I'm going to be late, so I went to the phone booth across from the shop. When I put 50p into the slot, the back of the phone box opened up and sucked me in. Where the Frack am I?

[SpaceDog]  Let me ask you something.. Were you just thinking, 'I am a warm and compassionate woman with a HUGE sense of humor. Laughing is one of my all-time favorite things. I love the natural world, it is a constant draw and delight to the senses. I have no kids, but I do have dogs and cats... never mind. Sidrat is one of two Artificial Intelligence beings controlling this quasi-dimensional, quantum-entanglement, time-ship who told me about you, just before you walked through the portal.

Commander SpaceDog goes over to the far wall of the hexagon-shaped room, opens a chest and takes out two-pint size cobalt blue bottles, uncorks them and hands me one. The bottle feels cold and I smell it with a bit of caution. I take a sip and it's definitely a strong 'darker than black' ginger beer, smelling of pumpkin, something totally alien, but good.

With a grin that makes his white goatee dance on his chin, he continues,

[SpaceDog]   Any other questions?

[Lady Robin]  Yes, how come this thing is huge on the inside? All I can remember was a phone booth next to a building. Did it open inside the building?

[SpaceDog]  This ship is powered by an artificial singularity inside a dark matter energy converter that allows the ship to go anyplace at any time.

I look around the room and feel like I'm floating. There appears to be no floor. Looking closer, the floor is transparent. I can see down about 100 meters into a dimly lit Olympic-sized swimming pool. There are eight walls and four sets of double doors, one on every other wall. In the center of the room is an octagonal control panel with a glowing crystal sphere in the center that looks like Earth. I gaze up and see stars lighting the room as if I'm in a desert on a moonless night... I am confused and sucked in by the void in my head...

[Lady Robin]  Did I get hit by a car? Am I dead? This can't be real.

[SpaceDog]   No, you are not dead. Sidrat has accepted you as a half/dead human and she will occasionally change her mind and eject the dead out into space where it becomes recycled stardust. You can be re-categorized but the only choices are half-dead, dead, living dead (zombie), spirit-walker, fully human and/or goddess. What's your pleasure and are you a goddess? Oh, she also wants to know why you think your head is made out of metal? She detected metal in your teeth, but none in your head, with the exception of a homing chip from Alpha Prime on the back of your neck. Have you been visited by aliens in the past? Don't mind the dogs!

A dozen dachshunds come running through a small opening in the wall and sit upright surrounding me.

[SpaceDog]   Have you ever had a CAT scan?

I shake my head no, feel terror as their eyes begin to glow different colors.

[Lady Robin]  OK, What Are You? 

[SpaceDog]  I'm a God. Are you familiar with the Vanir? Sidrat thinks you need a DOG scan or Digital Olfactory Gathering of information about you. She thinks you are special and will not say why."

Each dog's eyes glow differently as they sniff the air around me. The dogs appear part cyborg.

[SpaceDog]  "OK Red Robin, this is my crew. Say Hello to AC/DC, Diane, Dianna Ross, Frank Zupar, Kathy Fremen, Marina, Lead Zip Line, Patty Smith, Pink Flood, Trixie, Tori, and Rosemary-chan Bon."

As each hybrid dog's name is called, their eyes glow either blue or pink depending on their gender. They walk over to me, bow, bark and sniff my shoes before running across the room and jumping on a long couch, they stay sitting upright in a line. The last dog's collar reads, Rosemary-chan Bon. Rosemary-chan Bon then puts her nose on my ankle and rubs me like a cat marking its territory. I am about to reach down and pet her when she looks straight into my eyes,

[Rosemary-chan Bon]  Don't trust Marina. She has more than one screw loose.

The dog vanishes and reappears on the couch with the other dogs and is still licking her paw like a cat. All I can think is,

[Lady Robin thinks]  'Wow! What the @#$% have I gotten myself into? Haha, this is amazing. You're great! Wait, did I just say or think that?'

Haunted Forest

[SpaceDog]   What do you think, crew? Shall we go on an adventure to the Haunted Forest?

The dogs all begin howling in unison and distract me from the fact I need to be working.

[Lady Robin]  Do you just have dogs for crew members?

[SpaceDog]   Sure! Why not? My Valkyrie friend's daughter left two cycles ago so I am just wandering the galaxy on this timeline.

SpaceDog presses some buttons, turns a dial, flips a few switches and runs over to the other side of the control panel.

[SpaceDog]  Dogs and red-haired Robin, be ready to get your knickers in a twist.  Sidrat, entangle.

Suddenly everything in the room begins to change, the floor turns black, the stars on the ceiling definitely moved. SpaceDog glances at the control display:

Realm:        5
System:       Sol
Planet:        Midgard/Earth
:    United States, Florida
City:         Tallahassee
District:   Arbor Hill subdivision
Elevation:  64.9 meters
Location:   North 30 30' 20.69" x West 084 13' 08.56"
Date:        31st October 2014 EAD
Time:        20:01.37 arns

I hear a squealing door and when the sound stops, a door opens behind me. Looking through the door it appears to be twilight and I can hear kids yelling,

[Children]   "Trick or Treat!"

I take a few steps out past the door. The neighborhood is full of ghosts, goblins, witches, bumblebees, Captain Americas', pirates, princesses, fairies, and numerous other costumed kids of all ages. Looking back, the red phone booth now looks like a blue 1950's police booth, alit with signage on all sides with the words


The phone booth is sitting on a driveway where a line of people is waiting for an event. Out of the door comes SpaceDog & four of the twelve cyborg dachshunds. One dog has bunny ears, another is wearing a backpack that looks like a wiener bun, the other two are on hovering skateboards with have sunglasses. The dogs with sunglasses work their way down the street weaving between the children and sniffing their bags of goodies, pilfering candy along the way.

[SpaceDog]  We are at Tyler's Haunted Experience in Tallahassee Florida's longest-running Haunted Forest. The QETS is disguised as a 1950's British police public call box used in one of my favorite television shows. Wait! You need a costume! Close your eyes and think of a Halloween-type Gothic attire.

With my eyes closed, I feel flush, then my clothes feel different. Opening my eyes I look down. I am in exactly what I was thinking about; a witches' black outfit, long finger-nails, a pointed hat that stands straight up and ruby slippers.

[Lady Robin]  How did you?

[SpaceDog whispers]   'Magic, but you don't believe in magic, or do you? You will find your clothes later inside the QETS.'

Red neon signs light up a scary character on the eve of the house. The windows are covered with vampire figures, a covered greeting station in front of the house and several creepy-looking jack-o-lanterns light a pathway on the side. On the roof, a glowing skeleton head and a huge Shrek figure are overlooking the street full of wanderers. Two witches greet people and exchanging glowing wrist bands for a donation.

[SpaceDog]  Are you ready to scare or be scared?

Our place in line finally reaches the head witch. She waves us on and in a hollowed Japanese voice,

[purple witch]  Kon'nichiwa Star Lord. Kenbutsu wa anata to issho ni ari.

In my head, I hear, 'Hello Star Lord. May the haunts be with you...' I close my eyes and try to say, "How did I know what she just said?"

[Lady Robin] "Dono yō ni watashi wa sono koto ga chōdo itta koto o shitte imasu"

Comes out of my mouth. SpaceDog smiles.

[SpaceDog]  So, now you can speak Japanese?

One of the hybrid dogs speaks in English,

[Trixie]        Mistress Robin. The QETS gives you the gift of translation so you can now understand and speak any language of any creature from any time.

My mind is boggled and my head is still spinning when SpaceDog grabs my arm,

[SpaceDog]   Now Lady Robin! RUN!

I feel myself running in 'slow motion', passing under an evil looking flying clown, past a moving picture of a maiden with blood seeping from bite marks on her neck and a bunch of deformed clicking robots till the last one pops up making an evil hissing sound. We run past a huge spitting spider and an alligator lunges out of the water-feature at my feet. We pass singing ghost heads then run into the forest past the witches' den, through a graveyard where monsters are lurking behind every tree. We enter a clearing with a glowing hovering flying saucer shooting laser beams, then pass a Star Gate with aliens standing on the platform advancing. We past Egyptian goddesses with their mouths covered in something nasty and a giant black Egyptian sphinx. We pass flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch of the West who badgers us before we reach the Bates Motels and it's 13 doors. Behind the hotel doors are flesh-eating monsters who try to rip flesh from our bones. We have no choice but to enter the 13th door and find ourselves in a tunnel opening into a labyrinth where we are confronted by a coffin that opens, a huge dinosaur attacks from above as well as flying ghosts, a skeleton prison and a room full of aliens cutting the fog-filled room with lasers. We finally stumble into The Borg (who try to assimilate us) before we enter a Demons Gate. Panting for air, my heart is pounding with both terror and excitement when we finally enter a torch-lit hall with spiders and laser-lit cobwebs and I SCREAM as I fall into... darkness...

I wake up floating on the warm surface of a heavily salted pool...

[Lady Robin]  What happened?

A bit dizzy and frazzled, SpaceDog is in what looks like SCUBA gear and he presses a button on the chest plate. A platform under us comes up and lifts us up, up, up till an iris opens in the ceiling and we find ourselves once again in the hexagon room with the ceiling full of stars and a full moon lighting the room.

While taking off the SCUBA gear he says,

[SpaceDog]  Change clothes... through that door to the lift, up two levels, turn left and third door on the left is a wardrobe with clothes I think will suit you... Oh, and hand me your phone.

The phone is dripping wet because I held onto it the whole time (not noticing it still on movie mode) while in the pool. Puzzled, I hand it to him. He turns it over, pops off the back cover, removes the battery, replaces it with a glowing chip. The phone glows, sparks fly, then dims and looks dead. I look at SpaceDog who hands it back and nods at me to try it. When I turn it on there is an icon that looks like a hexagon with an octagon spinning inside it and the words QD MAP below it.

[Lady Robin]   What did you...

SpaceDog interrupts...

[SpaceDog]  With a QE^3 chip your phone will never need recharging and is now connected to any place at any time. You have access to the two Olympic size pools, most of the 540 doors in this 32-level Quantum Entanglement Time Ship along with a directional finder. You can find me no matter where I am. The QD next to the MAP stands for Quasi Dimensional. Now, off you go... and don't get lost.

I wander off with the dripping wet witch outfit on in a search for my clothes. Following SpaceDog's' instructions I find the wardrobe with my clothes folded next to a stack of fresh towels, rows of new dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, underwear, pants, jackets, shawls, sweaters, hats, shoes, corsets of silk and leather with chokers, fox, cat, dog and bunny ears, chests full of jewelry and I'm thinking JACKPOT!

After drying off, looking and trying on things for almost an hour, I settle for a radical-looking fluffy glowing blouse and semi-short skirt accented with fishnet stockings. Totally forgetting about work and all dolled up, I press the icon on the phone and a map appears with 2 blue dots and a bunch of green and pink dots.

[Lady Robin]  Now which one is SpaceDog?

One of the blue dots begins to blink.

[Lady Robin]  Wow!

Fornax Prime

[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat, Entangle to Fornax Prime and you know where."

[Sidrat]       'Yes Commander'

Now, fully composed, I find my way back to SpaceDog and demand...

[Lady Robin]  WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!?! What did I fall into?!?! A spider's cocoon? A boiling cauldron? A room filled with bleeping angels or Demons? Your arms? My bed? Am I dreaming all this? You cannot POSSIBLY leave me hanging on about what happened in the... "

I notice the stars have moved again.

[Lady Robin]   Forest?... and whoa... what, what's with the two moons? Are we on Mars?

[SpaceDog]    Lady Robin, you are not the first to pass out with excitement and get caught in that last web at the exit of The Haunted Forest! We visited one of Tyler's best Haunted Forests ever on October 31st Earth year 2014.  It was a full moon that night, OK? But you now see 2 moons because we are not on Earth, nor are we on Mars. Mars is a dead planet."

My stomach growls. Again, the sound of screaming and when the sound stops. A different door opens.

[SpaceDog]    Sidrat!

[Sidrat]        'Yes Commander'

[SpaceDog]    Can you stop that damn noise?

[Sidrat]        'Yes Commander. Done. But I thought you liked the sound of a screaming Banshee. Would you like it replaced with something more pleasant?'

[SpaceDog]   No! That damn Banshee sound keeps bouncing around in my head and it's no longer All Hallows Day.

[Lady Robin]  Who are you just talking too?

[SpaceDog]   That would be Sidrat, one of the two artificial life forms that operates the ship.

Outside the opened door. The city noise gets louder and louder. Horns are beeping and people are chatting but not in English. I look through the door onto a busy street. The letters on the signs are in glyphs and English, could be Chinese or Japanese, I can't tell. I step through the door and look back. There's SpaceDog and four different hybrid cyborg hounds coming through a yellow phone booth, but it's not like the one in London. 

[Lady Robin]   I don't think we're in Kansas, Toto...

A short Japanese-looking man with wolf ears passes by and looks at me.

[Japan wolf man]  This is New Kyoto, mistress. Please,  watch your step...

I nearly stumble on the cobblestone street and turning to SpaceDog,

[Lady Robin]   Is that machine inside my head? 

The cyborg dog (with Rosemary-chan Bon etched on her dog tag) says,

[Rosemary-chan Bon] That's the gift of the QETS. Remember? Once you passed the event horizon, any open door or portal, the QETS lets you understand and speak any language in the universe.

[SpaceDog]   In other words, it's inside your head.

I am more than gobsmacked and excited at the same time. My stomach churns and makes another louder rumbling noise and realize I am starving because I missed morning coffee and donuts. I breathe in deeply and catch the scent of ginger; fish, radish, roasted duck, curry and a few spices I'm unfamiliar with. I instinctively turn left and start walking. Half a block away I see several open food stalls. One reads Taiyaki (pressed fish cakes), another Takoyaki (dough deep-fried on a stick and coated in sweet sauce), fresh fruit and the last reads Foxy Roxy Ramen.

[SpaceDog]  Let's visit Foxy Roxy, but, let's go behind the stall... I want you to meet the owner.

We walk up to the stall and I'm about to sit when SpaceDog gently pulls me away...

[SpaceDog]  Lady, those seats are for takeout customers.

He guides me into the alley and to the back where I see a fox standing on its back legs at a slightly secluded booth. The fox bows and motions us to into the booth where he pulls a curtain to hide me and SpaceDog from others.

[SpaceDog]  Two Foxy Stew specials, please!

Emit leaves and returns with two large bowls.

[Emit~fox]  Long time no see Star Lord. What brings you to my humble stall?

The fox stirs a large pot.

[SpaceDog]   It's your cooking, Emit. By far the best on this planet. I want you to meet Lady Robin.

The fox bows his head at me. The aroma of the cooking stew is breathtaking and I am about to drool when SpaceDog hands me a napkin. I say as if in a dream...

[Lady Robin]  Sorry, but that smells so good. It is my honor to meet you Emit and sorry about the drool.

The Star Lord looks at me, looks at Emit and is about to say something.

[Emit~fox]   Little lady, everyone drools in anticipation of my cooking and that is nothing to be sorry for. There are too many 'sorry' people in the universe and we don't need anymore.

He begins to chuckle in a sly foxy way.

[SpaceDog]  Is Emo around?

Suddenly, a white ferret scurries across the tabletop, He stops, winks at me and leaves two sets of chopsticks before vanishing into thin air...

[SpaceDog]  On the job as always, I see. Tell me Emit, have you had any unusual customers, like; ghouls, shadow mage, light or black elves? 

[Emit~fox]   Not since you were last here, Commander!

The fox adds into the bowls; noodles, sweet-smelling raw meat, vegetables, pieces of pickled ginger, a large egg and boiling hot broth before waving a wand and making it all bubble up. I see the meat is now cooked. Emit looks at me.

[Emit~fox]  Wait one moment before you dig in, mistress Robin. Thank you for coming to Foxy Roxy Ramen!

SpaceDog hands Emit a large pyramid-shaped gold piece and the fox bows before he too vanishes into thin air.

[SpaceDog]  Do you know how to eat noodles and soup with chopsticks?

The ferret-delivered chopsticks work perfectly to wrap the clear noodles around and devour to make space to sip (trying not to slurp) the hunger-slaking soup from the bowl...

[Lady Robin] "Mmmm!!! This is divine!"

Except for protests against the known effects of curry, my stomach quiets down as I eat the delicious ramen. The dogs are fed nearby and we are all grateful for the respite from the din and prying eyes outside our private booth. We are happy about the effects of a good meal as it manifests through our bodies. We are formally welcomed again by both Emit the fox and Emo the ferret who clears the bowls from the table. Then a lone minstrel steps around our curtain and begins singing quietly. Then outside we hear a capella harmonies and finally, we are gently escorted outside to a square. Now, a choir of near a hundred have assembled, bowing their heads to the Star Lord while singing a mesmerizing lyric, backed by divine harmony with a spooky undertone. The choir looks to be made up of Asian people, at least those who would be in this place and time. We listen and are transported.

I realize this tune is being sung by human-like creatures with cat attributes (pointy ears and tails like in Japanese anime cartoons.) It hits me that this is not Earth. I notice a large green planet in the sky; several small moons and twin suns setting in the distance. The feline singing sounds more like a mating call. More of the cat people begin to crowd the street and suddenly the singing stops. A lone male wolf sitting on a tall stone block begins a sad sounding song and the mechanized dachshunds begin to howl in tune, like whale song. SpaceDog taps me on the shoulder and points at the street gas-lantern.

[SpaceDog whispers]  Robin, can you see the flying fish?

A school of glass fish, most only a few inches long are floating and swimming around the gas lamp, illuminating the street now that the suns have set. They are transparent with glowing internal organs that seem to be absorbing the light.

[Lady Robin]  How can they float like that and how come these creatures disappear into thin air?

[SpaceDog]   The universe has many more wonderful creatures then you could ever imagine, my Lady. We are currently 20,202 light cycles from Earth on a planet called Fornax Prime. It is just one of my many homes. There are three inhabited planets in this particular system in the Fornax sector of the Galaxy. The fox and cat people are servants by choice. Ferrets are young spirit creatures looking for their own niche in this world and eventually will merge with a cat; fox, goat, human, wolf or another intelligent life forms. These dogs are also servants who I rescued from a cruel experiment. They now spend their youth gaining knowledge by following a master tutor like myself. The fish you see are multidimensional creatures that feed on the light produced in this dimension but live in the dark matter dimension. By studying them, the Vanir and Time Lords gained insight into traveling through time and space.

In this world, quantum mechanics and entanglement were discovered some 36,000 Earth years ago and they use it to occupy two different places at the same time more productively."

SpaceDog tells me a bit more about time and space travel. We return to the Quantum Entanglement Time Ship where our adventure continues......

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