Chapter 2 ~ Recruits and Strays
SpaceDog and his crew of hybrid dachshunds find themselves with a new companion making preparations for a journey into the unknown. Sidrat, the Artificial Intelligence that controls the quasi-dimensional time ship, continues to recruit new members.

SpaceDog keeps mumbling something about needing crew members for the journey that is about to take place and decides to call on his Godchild. A week earlier, he had placed an ad for a job knowing that she was getting restless and the time of awakening was coming. She is not aware of who he is but he has been watching over her since before she was born. Feeling the time was right, he parks the QETS in orbit over London Earth and gets on the telecommunications device and calls her.

Lindsey Smith is cleverly portrayed as weak with no ability to defend herself, but in reality possesses a very lionize power in a very unsuspecting way. Her light brown hair is incandescent and catches everyone's eye, but she like to ware boots, leather pants with black stripes down the sides, and her smart black leather jacket trimmed with red lapels. It dominants and makes her stand out in a crowd.

[SpaceDog]  "Greetings Captain Smith. This is Commander SpaceDog calling you from Geo-sync orbit over North 30°30'19.3" x West 84°13'55.6"  I read just now that you are looking for a job as an interpreter and have some skills as a negotiator, is this correct?"

[LeeZee]      "Yes, you are correct.  I am looking for work but not like the boring desk job I have now. I'm looking to do some traveling. What do you have to offer?"

I get excited at the prospect of getting out of town.

[SpaceDog]  "Tell me Captain Smith, where did you get the title of captain? Have you been in service of a boat or airship? Are you a pilot? What are your navigational skills? Ever fire a plasma rifle in the 100 kilo Jewel range or used a quantum entanglement device? You DO know about quantum entanglement, right? OK, go look it up, I'll wait."

Quickly I look up quantum entanglement on my work computer and read how, '23 Corgi's explain Quantum Entanglement.'

[LeeZee]      "Dad gave me the title of captain the first time sailing. Been on many boats and yes, I'm a licensed pilot so I can navigate. Never fired a, what did you call it a plasma rifle? No to quantum entanglement, whatever that is, but looking it up now."

[SpaceDog]  "That was fast, I'm impressed. Your hired!"

I hear a knock on my office door and before I can hang up the phone or get out of my chair, the door opens and a man in an old wool tuxedo enters holding out his hand.

[SpaceDog]  "Greetings Lindsey Smith, I'm Commander SpaceDog."

Taking on a Stray

A QETS portal materializes in the lobby of a hotel where a Japanese anime convention is being held. SpaceDog opens one of the portals just as a young woman around the age of 25 walks in holding a ticket to the event, a box of doughnuts and 2 cups of coffee. She is dressed in a scruffy sweater, jeans and a cat ear headband.

[SpaceDog]  "How did you? Where did you come from? Are you the one who disabled the quasi-dimensional portal lock? Well I never thought it possible. First Lady Robin finds her way into my time ship and now you... Wait! Why are you looking so wide eyed? I know, it's smaller on the outside then the inside. What did you expect? Did Sidrat call you? She is one fickle time machine A.I., is that fresh coffee?"

I stand in a hexagon shaped room with twin doors on every other wall and an octagon shaped center. There are lots of blinking lights and a large crystalline ball... The ceiling is nothing but stars and the floor is missing... Oh My God, I think looking down about 100 meters into an Olympic size pool. Adjusting to the dim light, I notice a bald headed man in a black tuxedo standing next to a stylish shoulder length redhead in a semi short skirt, fishnet stockings and a radiant glowing blouse.

[Lady Robin] "Did you bring donuts? Oh and you brought coffee! I can smell it from across the room!"

The woman runs over to me and snatches the box of freshly baked doughnuts out of my hand...

[Lady Robin] "Hello, I'm Robin and that's SpaceDog. SpaceDog is a Star Lord and Commander of this vessel. Are you here just to make a delivery or are you looking for an adventure?"

Robin places a small gold coin in my hand. I'm thinking 'this is not the virtual game convention I imagined, but... this feels really cool' as I pinch myself and feel the pain…

I look at the coin, up at the woman and the man before my eyes around the room. I am a bit shock thinking they went all out for this convention. I notice a long couch with a dozen different sized dachshunds sitting upright, their eyes glowing as they look at me.... a bit bewildered in my heavy Scottish accent,

[Panda Kitty] "I'm Amanda-Marie, but I've never... What exhibit is this? How did you do all this? Is this virtual reality?"

After Robin finishes munching on a second doughnut, she licks her fingers, carefully scrutinizes me, then grabs my hand and pulls me toward a door.

[Lady Robin] "It's not an exhibit, it's a portable time ship contraption. We'll let the Star Lord have his coffee and you can come with me! It’s NOT virtual. It’s REAL. This place is better and bigger than Meadow-hall shopping mall in Sheffield." 

She hands a coffee to the man and pulls me across the room.

[Lady Robin] "SpaceDog, we're off to the EMO wardrobe to get some new duds for this clueless lady that smells like she just came from an anime convention in a 3 star hotel."

As I'm pushed into one of the doors, SpaceDog shouts, 

[SpaceDog]  "You are in my magnificent Quantum Entanglement Time Ship and you're in good hands. It's a quasi-dimensional machine...."

SpaceDog's voice is silenced as the door closes and the lift goes up 12 levels instantly and soundlessly.

I hear something by my feet and notice one of the dogs. In my head I hear,

[Trixie telepath] 'Just making sure Robin does not lead you astray.'

[Lady Robin] "As if I will get lost with you following us. I do have a map, Trix!"

She waves her phone in the air. The dog then speaks in English as Robin looks at her phone,

[Trixie]   "Yes mistress, that is correct. My name is Trixie and if you have any questions, feel free to ask."

Robin turns to me.

[Lady Robin] "Don't mind the dog. I'll explain later. I'm new to all this entanglement traveling stuff, but this big box has 32 levels, 540 doors and I'm taking you to one of the many wardrobes where there are... well you'll see. Here we turn left and third door, no wait it's the double doors on the left and..."

We both stop. A sign on the doors say [EMO 2050]. Robin opens the two huge doors and I see racks of dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, underwear, pants, jackets, shawls, sweaters, hats, shoes, corsets of silk and leather with chokers, kitty, dog, and bunny ears, maid outfits, school uniforms, chests full of jewelry and I think 'Is this a Joke? Did I win the lottery? Is this an anime lovers dream come true or what?’

I get lost in the excitement of seeing these fabulous clothes. Robin and I spend a long time looking for the right thing for me to wear that matches my personality. I am trying on things but begin to get a bit nervous. It takes time adjusting to this new situation. I finally exchange my scruffy sweater and jeans for a one piece jumpsuit I swear I’ve seen it in the anime series, 'Asobi ni Ikuyo' aka Cat Planet Cuties. When I button the sleeves it clings to my body like that of a slinky looking gamer. I’m looking in a mirror and feel Robin’s eyes gawking at my figure as she picks up a gauntlet.

[Lady Robin] "Wow! Don't you look fab? Try this on."

She is about to hands over the gauntlet.

[Lady Robin]  "Wait, look over there."

She points to a table. I notice a large cat bell on a collar. I'm not sure how, but we both know it’s for changing my appearance. After putting it on my neck, I touch it,

[Panda Kitty]  "Make me a human cat."

Nothing happens. 

[Panda Kitty] "Make me a Cat Alien."

Slowly a feeling comes over me as my body transforms. I sprout furry cat ears and suddenly feel I’ve got a tail.

[Lady Robin shouts] "Oh My Goddess! You have a tail and the marking on the fur make you look like a panda!"

Turning around to look in the mirror on the wall, I don't recognize the cat-woman with panda markings standing with a huge grin from cat ear to cat ear in the reflection. Robin giggles and strokes my tail. The dog, Trixie is about to bark and seizes up, shaking her snout, then heads back to the lift. I decide this is the look I've always wanted. Trixie mumbles,

[Trixie]     “Well you do look like a skinny panda cat."

[Lady Robin]  "The big question Miss Amanda-Marie or should I call you Panda Kitti now that you are a cat woman... what are you going to do with that gold coin? Where would you like to go? An adventure with us? The adventure is not virtual and more importantly, when in time would you like to go? After all, Commander SpaceDog did say he can go to anyplace at any time in the universe in this ship."

I ponder the question for a few moments and think.

[Panda Kitty telepath] 'Oh, My God! I want to see...or maybe...

[Panda Kitty] "Could we possibly go to Alfheim? It is a land of elves, fairies and magic." 

[Panda Kitty excited] "Or maybe feudal Japan? Meow!"

Bursting with excitement as my new tail swishes and my ears twitch with the endless list of possibilities whilst walking back to in the lift. As we descend, Robin tells me about her first encounter with the commander. In my head, I begin to hear her thoughts before she speaks them. When the lift door opens SpaceDog is standing there waiting…

[Panda Kitty] "Meow. Could we possibly go to Alfheim? It is a land of fairy’s and magic…Meow or feudal Japan?"

I say bursting with excitement as my new tail swishes, ears twitch with the endless list of... In a firm voice shaking his head SpaceDog says,

[SpaceDog]  “The Bell! Ta'als Bell. Where did you learn how to use it?”

[Panda Kitty excited] “Meow? Did I do something wrong? Meow!”

[SpaceDog]  “How did you know we are going to Ljosalfheim?”

[Trixie barks]  “It’s her tail, master! She became THAT type of a Cat and now she can read our minds just like you, me and Sidrat can. She somehow found Ta'als Cat Bell Multifunction Organizer in the wardrobe on level 12 and used it.”

Trixie goes over to the couch and jumps up on it between to Rosemary-chan Bon and AC/DC and whispers to them,

[Trixie whispers] “I hope she can control that damn bell better than the last owner, otherwise, the cats out of the bag.

SpaceDog walks around me several times and grabs my tail aggressively. An electric shock goes up my spine and I almost faint while all my fur stands straight out on end.

[Panda Kitti] "MEOW OWE!!!"

[Lady Robin]  “What did you do that for?”

[SpaceDog]  “I just adjusted her telepathic abilities till we can teach her to control her tail. Cat Ta'als are very curious about everything and that could get us into trouble if she doesn’t get a grip. The term ‘Get a Grip’ is Cat Ta'als in origin and is taught to kit's early in life? Sidrat!”

[Sidrat]   'Yes Commander'

[SpaceDog]  “We need to get to the Cardiff Time Rift at North 50°28’29.92” x West 3°10’30.28” elevation 24ft, Time 00:00.01 on Earth date 24th of December 1621 EAD with an immediate quantum entanglement to Ljosalfheim 00001.04022 x 1.2^666 x 3”

[Sidrat]   'Sorry Commander. We can go to the time rift but you will need to adjust the Minds Eye to the 3rd realm to go to Alfheim'

SpaceDog shakes his head and goes to the iris in the floor next to the control station.

[SpaceDog]  “Robin, could you keep our guest out of trouble and read up on how to ‘Get a Grip’ from that Information Station. This is going to take me a few minutes, but I will be next to the Minds Eye which controls the singularity that powers this portable rainbow bridge. It may be a few days, OK?”

[Lady Robin]  “Aye aye captain.”

The Galley

Robin strokes my tail.

[Lady Robin]  “Should we have some fun or get some food first? This place has a huge galley with everything you could imagine to eat..."

My stomach growls and I blush.

[Panda Kitti] "Meow can we eat? I’m so hungry meow! What happened to the donuts, meow?"

[Lady Robin]  "SpaceDog ate them and I think he gave some to the hounds."

The hounds sit with large grins on their faces. Robin takes me to the galley. I stare in awe at all the different food. Suddenly my nose starts to twitch and I follow a delightful aroma to a pot of Kedgeree. I smile look up at Robin and swish my tail. A smell overtakes my senses from the Kedgeree... a dish based on Indian Khichri. 

[Panda Kitti] "Meow, who's cooked this delicious smelling traditional English breakfast dish? Meow. The aroma of smoked white fish, rice and eggs smells divine. Meow."

[Patty Smith] "That would be my doing mistress or should I call you Panda Kitti? Sidrat thought this recipe would appeal to your cat nature and something for Mistress Robin to try. I'm Patty Smith."

I step back and almost crash into a row of pots and pans when I see a 20kg, full size dachshund with mostly short black fur. Her head has long white fur. She's standing over the big pot sprinkling herbs into it. One of her ears is shredded and there is a mechanical device implanted into her paw that makes it easy for holding the large spoon she's using to prepare the Kedgeree.

[Patty Smith] "It's only going to be another moment till it's ready. Get a bowl and make yourselves comfortable. There is almond, soy, flax, goat and cows milk in the rotaregirfer over there."

She points to a tall round container suspended from the ceiling with what looks like cow udders on the bottom. Robin looks at me and then at the milk jugs, shakes her head.

[Lady Robin]  "That, has got to be the strangest dispenser I've ever seen. Is SpaceDog a pervert or what?"

Patty Smith quickly replies.

[Patty Smith] "I designed that container and its 100% efficient as a dispenser of liquid refreshments for me and the crew. I put a lot of thought into its design. Not all of us can reach up onto high shelves or open heavy doors mistress."

Between the kedgeree, milk and dog, my feline senses go wild. I can't decide what to do.  Suddenly, I pounce on a little mouse I see out the corner of my eye. I catch the mouse and let it go then re-catch it. I amuse myself with this as I wait for the scrumptious smelling kedgeree.

[Patty Smith] "Think this is the first time I've ever seen a cat pass up milk!"

The cyborg dachshund takes the pot off the stove.

[Patty Smith] "Ok Panda Kitti. Yes, that's your name from now on. Would you please stop playing with Timothy Little. I'm sure he was just cleaning up any rice or crumbs I may have spilled while making your tea."

I refuse to put the mouse down and Robin tries to hand me a large lightweight bowl. She scoops up a portion of kedgeree, sniffs it and turns to Patty.

[Lady Robin]  "Did you put catnip in this?"

The bitch looks away and tries to hide the spice she used when I notice a container that is labeled Nepeta cataria : catnip.

Suddenly a woman appears at the end of the table.

[LeeZee]     "Is that Kedgeree?"


Captain Lindsey Smith looks back over her shoulder wondering what just happened...

Just before he vanished, I remember Commander SpaceDog asking to see my smart phone and replaced the battery with a glowing chip,

[SpaceDog]  "That's a 'special chip' and never needs recharging because it runs off quantum entanglement. You will soon get a call from Sidrat, but for now..."

I look back at the office building I just came from and it's facade has changed... My phone begins to chirp with a sound that I've never heard. When I look at the screen, an octagon with a spinning hexagon icon begins to blink and the name Sidrat appears below it. I press the icon and I hear a sweet female voice. 

[Sidrat]      "I'll tell you, the QETS lets you understand the language of any creature; human, alien, animal, but not plants or insects... Wish it could teach a thing or three to some tree huggers and a Barker we've come across. SpaceDog thinks you will be a fine addition to our gang of misfit travelers and will be a great companion. The position is yours if you're interested and we know you are. I can sense that you have negotiation skills and that will come in handy with the Light Elves we meet. What they say is one thing, but what they mean is completely something else. Still interested?"

Before thinking, I hear myself.

[LeeZee thinking] 'that is enough I am on'

[LeeZee]    "When do we leave? Wait, did you say Light Elves?"

Sidrat's voice clearly inside my head.

[Sidrat telepath]      'Yes, Light Elves. Now close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and say the words "I am on" and get ready for quantum entanglement. You are hungry?' 

I go through the motions like in the Wizard of Oz,

[LeeZee]    “I am on, I am on, I am on

I feel a bit disoriented, smell the aroma of smoked white fish, rice and eggs and aloud say,

[LeeZee]    "Is that Kedgeree?"

When I open my eyes, I am next to a table in a huge kitchen with a pot on a stove, a redhead in a radiant glowing blouse and dark skirt, a female human cat with fuzzy ears and a tail is holding a mouse by its tail while a large dachshund with a mechanical paw is putting a container of catnip, on a shelf. The smartly dressed woman pours a portion of the contents from the pot into a bowl. I hear the same sweet female voice coming from everywhere.

[Sidrat]      'Everyone this is Captain Lindsey Smith. I will let you all introduce yourselves.'

[Patty Smith] "Do you have a nickname?"

The dog closes the pantry door.

[LeeZee]      "Oh yes. You can call me LeeZee. I come from Philly and ready for this journey. Sidrat told me something about Light Elves and I will be equipped with a special capability of reading their minds and ignore whatever they are saying. Wait, did that bitch just talk to me?"

[Patty Smith] "Yes mistress LeeZee! I am Patty Smith, a canine bitch. I am also a hybrid and the QETS does give us the power to understand or speak any language after passing through one of the portals or entangling into the time ship."

The woman with her nose nearest the pot looks at me and admires my compact physique.

[Lady Robin]  "I love your outfit. I'm Robin."

I walk up to the alien cat woman holding a mouse by it's tail and casually stroke her ears.

[LeeZee]    "And who or what are you?"

[Panda Kitti]  "Hello meow! I'm Panda Kitti meow! This collar and bell on my neck turned me into an alien cat when I asked it to, meow! Just be careful. If you touch the tail I'll hear everything you are thinking, meow!"

[LeeZee]    "Okay, Patty? Any vegetarian dishes here?"

[Patty Smith] "Well the dishes are not organic, they are opherinite, but I do have a non-meat product chocolate cake if you're interested in sustenance mistress LeeZee. Would that do?"

[LeeZee]    "Yes, that would do nicely and thank you."

Under my breath I think, 'What have I gotten myself into this time? Talking dogs and cat alienss, this is unbelievable' In my head I hear Sidrat.

[Sidrat telepath]       'This is going to be the best adventure you've ever had, or at least the most interesting and I need to tell you something about yourself but that can wait till later!'

The Power Source Controls

2 arns earlier:  Time 13:44hrs

SpaceDog shakes his head and goes to the open Iris in the floor next to the control station.

[SpaceDog]  “Robin, could you keep our guest out of trouble and read up on how to ‘Get a Grip’ from that information station. This is going to take me a few moments. Since I will be next to the Minds Eye (which controls the singularity that powers this ship), it may be a few days here, Okay?”

[Lady Robin]   “Aye aye captain.”

Putting his thumb on a pad, SpaceDog enters his print code that allows him onto level zero where the Minds Eye A.I. controls the power to travel through both time and space. The lift passes straight through the saltwater Olympic size pool, down into the darkness below the water, past the matter/energy converter and finally stops at a sealed door with a sign that reads,


[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat! Open the door code Emit104022.4474"

[Sidrat]      "Code, voice and DNAt confirmed Star Lord Freyr"

A very large and heavy vault like door opens into a chamber. When the first door closes, a second door opens into a round room.

[Minds Eye A.I.]  "For your safety, first remove the 9 locking pillars before changing the realm key."

SpaceDog goes over to each 1 meter tall pillar and points the arrow away from the dark matter container. After the 9th pillar is turned, he opens a panel to the Minds Eye A.I. using the Valknut key around his neck.  Inside the panel there are 5 large rods like buttons, the first and third are pushed in all the way. He pulls those rods out and a loud bell begins to chime.

[Minds Eye A.I.]  "Realm reset complete"

He pushes the first and second rods in at the same time and the bell stops.

[Minds Eye A.I.]  "3rd realm set. You may now open the eye."

The commander wipes the sweat off his brow and closes the panel. He walks up to the first pillar and turns the arrow back toward the center. When  the last pillar is turned, the lights in the room dim momentarily and then return to normal.

[SpaceDog]  "Minds Eye! Any problems?"

[Minds Eye A.I.]  "No commander. The Eye is now set to take us to the third realm and the coordinates entered. Shall I initiate the Space & Time jump?"

[SpaceDog]  "Wait till I'm back in the control room and let Sidrat take control."

SpaceDog looks around the room and then locks the door on his way out. Once he starts the lift back to the primary control center he says,

[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat, when I get back to control, tell me the elapsed time from descent to ascent. You got that?"

[Sidrat]       "Affirmative Star Lord Freyr!"

05:20hrs, 2 arns after entering the shaft

SpaceDog watches the iris open on the last part of the journey between the primary control center and level zero.

[Sidrat]       "47 hours and 24 milliarns have elapsed commander. Shall I gather the crew?"

[SpaceDog]  "Not now. Have Patty make me a sushi roll, fatty tuna and flebber and tell her to use Fornax black rice. I'm starving and have not eaten since we were on Fornax Prime."

SpaceDog walks to one of the walls, opens a small door and pulls out a cobalt bottle, opens it and drinks the contents in one go, followed by a loud burp before he sits on the couch where 2 of the dachshunds are waiting patiently for his return....
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