Chapter 3 ~ Companion

SpaceDog has tuned the Eye of Harmonics to allow the Quantum Entanglement Time Ship the ability to travel into the third realm. After a short nap on the couch with two of the dachshunds, his crew and newly acquired companions prepare for the journey and the mission is about to start when... 


[Patty Smith]   Commander! I have the sustenance you requested. 

A small table rises from the floor. Patty prepares the table and sets down the plates of sushi and flebber (a fungal seaweed from Fornax Prime.)

[Patty Smith]   Will there be anything else Commander? 

[SpaceDog]   Yes, where is everyone?  

SpaceDog puts his hands over his head while trying to open his eyes.

[Patty Smith]   Lady Robin and LeeZee are both sleeping soundly. They were chasing Panda Kitti around pool number two trying to get her wet. The rest of the crew is having a late-night snack of the leftovers from the party welcoming the three new companions onboard. Sorry, you missed it. Currently, all the provisions are in cryostats, however, we have enough to keep us well fed for 1000 full cycles or more. That's what I have to report.

Patty Smith hands SpaceDog some chopsticks.

[SpaceDog]   Thank you, Patty. Please wake me in case of trouble or in six arns time.

SpaceDog begins munching on his meal...

Five arns later all hell breaks loose and through the sound system is the sound of Sidrat.

[Sidrat]    ALERT! ALERT!  Level Three Alert in Progress in our Vicinity! Alert!

SpaceDog wakes up and runs to control center three.

[SpaceDog Loud]   What's the matter Sidrat? Why a Level Three alert?

Suddenly, the room is flooded with white noise as the crew and two of the three newly acquired companions enter. In a somewhat frantic voice in a high pitch,

[Sidrat high pitch]    My sensors were blinded when a time rift opened. Correction, it's a BiFrost transmission crossed our path!

SpaceDog grabs a device from the control panel and slips it onto his wrist.

[SpaceDog]   Sidrat, open portal thirteen in a third of a moment. Where's LeeZee? Never mind. Lady Robin, bring AC/DC through the portal with you when it opens. OK?

Lady Robin nods in agreement. SpaceDog presses the band on his wrist and vanishes. Lady Robin looks at the cat alien, nods her head again, then looks at AC/DC..

[Lady Robin]   Are you ready for what's out there?

AC/DC looks up at Lady Robin, grits his razor-sharp teeth and growls.

[AC/DC]    I'm ready for anything. Let me at em!

[Sidrat]    He's gone! I can't find the commander on the scanners! ... Found him. Everyone hold on to something!

The room begins to shake and then settles down...

SpaceDog gets lost his thought in the middle of quantum entanglement. He awakes and finds himself in Houston, Texas according to his QE wrist device...

[SpaceDog]   What a beautiful sunrise! Sidrat, do you copy? Sidrat? Why does this thing say October 24th, 2015? That was last year.

Looking around he sees several buildings and a purple and red skyline... Twenty milliarns later a familiar ringing of an emergency opening of an event horizon fills the air and a portal appears on the side of the building. Lady Robin and AC/DC come through the portal and stop abruptly.

[Lady Robin]   Commander, what happened? Sidrat could not lock on your coordinates after... What the hell is that thing??

Robin points past SpaceDog. Over his shoulder, a blue and purple aurora vortex, like a tornado, lingers about forty-five meters behind him and appears to be getting larger...

[SpaceDog shouts]   Back inside, NOW! 

Once everyone is inside, SpaceDog goes to the control panel,  closes the portal and scans the event outside. LeeZee enters the room.

[SpaceDog]   Sidrat, what is outside 0.002 clicks at 181 degrees?

[Sidrat]     We have a BiFrost transmission pulling a category five hurricane towards the coast of Texas. The hurricane was feeding off the transmission, that has now stopped. It is safe to go outside but the hurricane is still oncoming this way and I would not recommend staying longer then we have to. I also read a life form and it is one you are familiar with, Istanna. 

[SpaceDog]   Captain LeeZee, AD/DC, come with me. You too Panda Kitti. I want a scan of where that vortex was. And Kitti...

Panda Kitti grins from cat ear to cat ear, excitedly.

[SpaceDog]   Fire up that tail of yours, and let's go... I want to know why that transmission crossed our path of all places? How did that hurricane latch onto the BiFrost transmission? Why was Istanna deposited on our doorstep?  Is it that time already? Hmmm...

Lady Robin sits in a state of shock on the couch with the remaining dogs. Commander SpaceDog, AC/DC, Captain Lindsey, and Panda Kitti go through the doorway into the open street in silence and wait...

Eyes of the Storm

Istanna finds herself on top of a building looking at a brilliantly lit morning sky when she sees a door open on the side of the building below, where no prior door existed. She sees a man in a black tuxedo, a dog with metal implants, a woman that looks like she's going to a fancy party and a catwoman. They are looking up and point in my direction...

[Istanna dreamy]  'Are they calling me? My stomach feels pregnant with a blizzard of emotions. Deathly pale, in an eternity of blankets, the white-against-white feeling that they are calling me, warning me, beneath white...'

Darkness falls and I fade feeling heavy from the gravity of this world...

I open my eyes while lying flat on my back and see a star-filled night sky... a dog hovers over my face, looks in my eyes and says in Midgard,

[AC/DC]      This cat is alive. She's in a bit of a jazzy tizzy, but... she's OK!

Inside my head, I hear a familiar sweet female voice,

[Sidrat telepath]    'You're in the QETS, you might remember, it's a portable rainbow bridge time ship. Are you good with that?'

[Istanna dreamy]    'Yes! I... always loses.... sleep.... always.... binds....'

A few moments pass by as I collect disorganized thoughts. I hear, sense, smell and then finely see a human, cyborg dogs, a catwoman, a demigoddess and a Vanir in the room.

[Istanna]   The names Istanna...  Where am I? Oh, the QETS!!!

[SpaceDog]   You're on Earth, but you know it as Midgard. It has been almost 500 cycles since I've seen you Istanna, but I hardly recognize you since you're more gorgeous than ever with your red/orange fur. Last time we met it was black. It's me, SpaceDog.

Scribble, scribble, scribble...

[SpaceDog]   Here, read this to yourself and then tell me what an air spirit Goddess would be doing getting caught falling out of a BiFrost transmission during a category five storm off the coast of Texas on Earth?

SpaceDog hands me a note on a piece of purple papyrus he pulled from his pocket.

[Istanna loud]   No fracking Way! There is no way I'm going to do that for you.

I have no option and eat the parchment. Suddenly, I get dizzy and once again fall into darkness...

SpaceDog picks up the classy looking catwoman, with her bright fur, big yellow cat eyes, two sets of ears, one set pointed elf, the other fluffy cat ears. She's wearing a leopard-skin one-piece bodysuit with red bows on her shoulder straps and on the end of her tail, which resonate with her red/orange hair. He carries her to the lift on the far side of the room. In a very low voice, he says,

[SpaceDog whispersGoddess, you are more beautiful than the day I met you so many lifetimes ago.

The cat woman responds by curling her tail around his neck. Before the lift door closes, he turns and announces to the crew.

[SpaceDog]   Companions on the journey to Alfheim, prepare your mind, body, and spirit for what is, and what is to come in the following days. In the next twenty-four arns, this Quantum Entanglement Time Ship will be adjusting the gravity to match that of the realm where we are going... We are in for one Hel of a ride.

The companions in high spirits, they begin to get ready. The lift door closes and reopens on sleeping level 13 where SpaceDog carries Istanna to a room that has the word RECOVERY on the door. Gently he lays her on the round bed full of pillows and before leaving the room,

[SpaceDog]   Sidrat! Slowly set gravity throughout the ship to 66.7% and tell the others to be careful of the effect it will have on their bodies. We don't need for the dragon to come out, not yet anyway.

[Sidrat]        Yes Commander. Will there be anything else?  

[SpaceDog]   Yes. Have Marina watch the door and notify me when Istanna wakes. I want to have a surprise waiting for her. Summon all the dogs to the music room and let them do some long-needed howling.

SpaceDog gets a grin on his face as he begins to hum to himself...

Music Reunion

When I wake, my stomach is growling and I can smell food close by. I'm on a fluffy round bed full of pillows Beside the bed is a small table with a sealed container and warming tray, a cobalt bottle with Sake in it and a manila parchment with the words, 'Please don't consume this or the healing magic I gifted you in the purple parchment will be in vain.' I shake off the bad feeling of magic unknown to me and decide to trust the Star Lord in his wisdom. When I break the seal on the container Kedgeree fills my nose and I consume all the food and drink. The Sake I know will give me a bit of a buzz.  The sonic wash station in the corner of the room helps me freshen up before I change outfits by tweaking the ring in my ear. Now, my appearance is fit for any occasion. Between the high heel combat pumps, the tiger print corset, red ribbons that adorn my neck and tail plus the garter and leggings that make me fit for any lords left hand chair.  When I look at the reflection in the looking glass, I remember everything and quickly scurry out the door. A cyborg dachshund is waiting for me outside the room and I tell it...

[Istanna]   Take me to that bloody Star Lord and tell me your name bitch!

[Marina]     My name is Marina and this is the sleeping level. We need to go up three levels where SpaceDog is waiting for you, mistress.  

[Istanna]   Now I'm his mistress?  We'll see about that!

I begin to laugh hysterically.

We go down the hall, take the lift up three levels and the door opens into a theater. Assaulted by the sound of drums; lute, harpsichord, and several hounds, who begin howling to a tune that seems familiar.

Way to go, Mr. Microphone
Show us all, what you don't know

Centuries, secret societies
He's our commander still
Space Dog...

Caught off guard in dragon tongue I bark,

[Istanna]    What's This!!! Are you all mad?

In dragon tongue, all the dogs in the room and the sound inside my head in unison begin,

[Cyborg dogs & bitchesGreetings oh great and powerful Dragon Goddess of Alfheim! We welcome you to the belly of the beast and present to you, your long lost friend, Commander SpaceDog. 

SpaceDog comes out from behind the curtain dressed in a white robe, white pointed slippers and begins to sing...

So sure, we were on, something,
Your feet, are finally on the ground, he said,

So sure, we were on something
Your feet, are just on the ground, girl...
Rain and storm, our engines have,
been receiving, your eager call,
there's commander, Dirty fishy dishcloth
He'll distract her good, don't worry so

And to the one you thought was on your side,
she can't understand, she truly believes the lie...

I get the urge to get on stage and in my head, the words begin to come out like a long lost memory. I take the audio booster from SpaceDog's hand and begin to sing.

Lemon Pie
He's coming through
He's our commander still
Space Dog
Lines secure
Space Dog
Deck the halls, I'm young again, I'm yours again
Racing turtles, Mr. Rape Seed is winning
Seems I keep, getting this story,
Twisted so, where's Zeil when you need him
Deck the halls, it's you again, it's you again
Somewhere someone, must know the ending
Is she still whizzing in the river now
Heard she'd gone, moved into a traveling ark

So sure, we were on something
Your feet, are finally on the ground
He said,  

so sure, We were, on something
Your feet, are just on the ground girl...

So sure, we were on something
Your feet, are finally on the ground
He said,  

(singing together)
so sure, We were, on something
Your feet, are just on the ground girl...

I hand the audio booster back to SpaceDog and give him a big warm hug that seemed to last for ages. We hear Sidrat's A.I. voice,

[Sidrat]    'Companions of the QETS. Our course and timelines are secure and we are ready for departure. Please assemble with your gear on level thirty, control room four. Next stop, Alfheim!'


SpaceDog goes to Control Room six,  makes some adjustments on the control panel and checks the course to the Cardiff time rift for the date specified earlier in his calculations before setting the QETS to cloak which makes it sit idle on the rift. Everything is now set for the final time and Realm Jump.  For a moment, he stands thinking about what is about to happen with his new crew of companions. He exits the room and goes to the lift and finds AC/DC waiting for him. The dog looks up at him.

[AC/DC]        She is holding at 69% and will be at 81% by the time you return with the necklace. I have faith that the Morris Stone will bring her back to 100% and Odin will forgive you for...

[SpaceDog]   That is enough. Everything happens for a reason and it is destiny that... will bring us together once again.

SpaceDog is almost in tears as the lift stops at level thirty-two where the smell of ozone permeates the air. Down the hallway, a door opens and a shadowy figure lies on a glowing blue table with wires and tubes attached to a pulsating device. The door closes behind them after they walk through.

A short time later they rejoin the crew who have assembled with full gear in Control Room One, ready for the adventure to continue...

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