Chapter 4 ~ Ljosalfheim Forest
Preparations have been made and everyone gathers for a briefing as the QETS materialize in the third realm. This is Alfheim home of the Light Elves and the base of the World Tree in the third of 9 realms. SpaceDog shows his authority as commander, Star Lord and alpha male, while Istanna is by far the alpha female of the group and has enchanted the other companions with her grace, charm and command skills. What wonders they will explore as the adventure continues.

Istanna takes her battle armor seriously with a few very interesting additions to her clothes. She now has a set of throwing darts on each arm, a shiny armor chest plate and gauntlets on her arms and legs where twin daggers are within reach. What you don't see are the  magic items she has on her head, tail and a ringlet of power on her left ear that looks more cosmetic then anything else. Gathered in a large room adjacent to the command control, SpaceDog address the group.

[SpaceDog]  "May I have your attention please! Istanna will be briefing us shortly on what we are about to encounter on this escapade.  On this world she is a Goddess and feared by those who know her true nature. We have discussed in detail what happened when she was plucked from this realm and cast out of her land by a God on Asgard who put us together. For those who think Norse Gods are just mythology, I'm about to prove to you that what you think are just old fairy tales, are in fact real. As a Star Lord, I am somewhat bound by oath to obey the wishes of King of the Ćsir, Odin, to help Istanna, and to regain a necklace stolen from the kings private vault. I will add that each and everyone here was chosen for a reason. Istanna!"

[Istanna uncommon]   "First I must say we are a fine looking hot mess of characters and bound to bring us lots of attention, so..."

Istanna tweaks the jewel on her right ear and continues in clear common,

[Istanna]   "We will try to stay as a group. However, if you get separated from your particular group, the first thing to do is to protect yourself while looking for them. SpaceDog, Panda Kitti, Trixie and I have the ability to communicate by telepathy and we will be leading three groups. LeeZee!'

[LeeZee]   "Yes Istanna?"

[Istanna]   "Are you not aware you are a succubus and a demigoddess?"

With a bit of questionable fear in her voice.

[LeeZee]   "A WHAT? No, I am not. What do you mean a succubus and a demigoddess?"

The dragon cat takes a step closer.

[Istanna]   "Ever wonder why men get suddenly sick when you kiss them? You are draining their life force or what we call Chi. However, I'm about to teach you how to give life back and heal with that same Chi. You may one day need this to heal others who are hurt in battle."

Istanna now in LeeZees' face plants a kiss on her lips and when she pulls away, a pink mist enters LeeZee. She stands up straight, her eyes open wide and starts to do jumping jacks with a large heavy backpack on.

[Istanna]   "I have enough life force in me to bring back an army of the dead and I just gave you a sample of my Chi. If you ever get too close to an enemy, all you have to do is suck some of the life out of he/she/it but be careful not to take too much. Never use your Chi to kill or you will turn dark, and you don't have to use a kiss, but it is sometimes more fun."

Istanna winks at LeeZee.

[LeeZee]   "Wow I feel great! I think I understand now. You mean I can do that to heal others? You said I'm a demigoddess?!?! What do you mean?"

[Istanna]   "Yes, you can heal others using your Chi. I will let SpaceDog talk to you more about the rest later, okay?"

LeeZee nods her head then gives the cat a big hug.

[Istanna]   "Lady Robin, thanks for showing me to the wardrobe and helping me find some suitable traveling attire. I will let you to hang around the Commander and he will tell you what is needed of you as a scribe."

In Robins ear,

[Istanna whispers] "SpaceDog likes you a lot and I think you like him too."

[Lady Robin] "You bet I will and since I have a great memory, I will keep a journal of what happens."

Into Istanna's cat ear...

[Lady Robin whispers] "Will this choker really protect me?"

[Istanna]   "Want to find out?"

[Lady Robin] "Not now..."

A bit squeamish and giggly, she runs her fingers over a silver band with an emerald jewel around her neck.

[Lady Robin] "I have practiced what you showed me. Thanks a bunch!"

[Istanna]   "Panda Kitti!"

Pouncing to the front of the pack Istanna squeezes the end or her tail.

[Istanna telepath]   "Stay out of trouble and let us know if you are sensing any danger. I'm counting on you to be a good kitten."

Panda Kitti purring back to her spot next to LeeZee who has taken a liking to the EMO Panda Cat.

[Panda Kitti] "Meow! Purrrrfectly clear mama cat, meow!"

[Istanna]   "Are we ready?"

Everyone nods their head, Yes. Istanna shakes her head, No...

SpaceDog produces a hologram of a necklace glowing like the constellations in the night sky.

[SpaceDog]  "This is the necklace taken from King Odin's private vault on Asgard. He believes it to be on Alfheim. It's called Brísingamen and I was given the task by the king of the Ćsir to return it. Now that she is here, Istanna has offered to help, even though I was going there in the first place for another reason."

[Istanna]   "We believe a black or dark elf was responsible for the theft. Since the necklace itself had no magical properties, it's not something we can easily track. However, it's unrivaled beauty is like no other dwarf made object ever created. Odin wants it back. Any Questions?"

~~long pause~~

[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat, Entangle to Alfheim path point 171."

[Sidrat]       'We are now at the set point and time you specified.'

[SpaceDog]  "Good, then let's move. We will be following the path by the stream just a short way from here. It's late morning so we may meet others along the way. Sidrat, open the portal."

[Sidrat]    'Yes commander'

SpaceDog picks up a large spiky metallic looking space-pack and pulls it over his shoulders before securing it with a chest guard. The spikes look very flexible but also seemed to convey an aura that says 'Don't mess with me!' When the party members cross the control room to the open portal, all 12 dogs, one male & two females follow each of the party members.

Ljosalfheim Forest

Passing through the event-horizon portal, our party enters a wild looking landscape. Behind them, the portal looks like a shallow cave on the side of a steep slope surrounded by vegetation of brightly colored ferns that radiate when touched. In front of them, a long winding path heads in both directions. To the left is dense forest with overhanging branches covered by moss and more of the colored ferns. Several large ferns have taken over the path making it difficult to pass. There is little to no sounds of insects or animal life. In the distance a waterfall can be heard. The group makes its way down the path towards the sound of water when the forest turns into a black and barren wasteland from a recent fire.  On the top of the ridge they are following, water falls into a deep pool with a small stream emanating into the pool on the left and flowing out down a rocky babbling brook on the right. On both sides of the brook, a blue/green moss covers the landscape. On the upper sides, rock lined with gems and crystalline quarts make spectacular prisms from the 2 suns, causing the water to dance with all colors of the rainbow.  The group moves along bedazzled by the spectacular landscape for a long time. When the twin Polaris suns are overhead they reach an open clearing...

[Panda Kitti] "Meow!!! We have company!!! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!!!!"

Panda Kitti is in a panic sensing something with extraordinary power. Istanna puts up her arm and the group comes to a halt. SpaceDog says in a commanding voice,

[SpaceDog]  "Seek out and find!"

All but the 4 male dogs scatter into the surrounding area scouting out what the Cat has sensed through her telepathic tale. Rosemary-chan Bon gives a very short bark and all bitches return to the group,

[AC/DC]       "I've found what Panda Kitti was sensing about 50 meters straight down the path in a large field of grass. Trixie, do you recognize it?"

[Trixie]        "This is the shadow we've come to see. He has lost most of his power."

[SpaceDog]  "Let me be the first to approach. I know this magical creature. You would be better off not getting close until he approaches you. Understood?"

Everyone nods in agreement. The commander leads the way and pulls something from his coat pocket. He palms it in his right hand, then takes a golden apple from Panda Kitti's basket, places it in his left hand and begins to chant while walking.

[SpaceDog]  "Ljosalfeim eb ton edarfa ym raed dneirf Shadows fo dlo! Emoc dna tel em tis htiw uoy diarfanu dna llet em ruoy selbuort."

Istanna recognizes the words, a language used by dragons and other magic creatures. When they reach a grass filled area, a pure white horse is waiting for them in the middle of the field. When it spies the golden apple, it bows it's head and holds it down as a sign of respect for the offering.

[SpaceDog]  "Shadowfax! Take this offering and tell me your troubles."

The white horse slowly approaches SpaceDog, who has bowed his head and their heads touch one another. After about 30 seconds of contact, the horse pulls away... takes the apple and eats it. The horse then looks up at SpaceDog,

[SpaceDog]  "I understand and thank you for your willingness to help serve a higher purpose once again!"

Shadowfax slowly goes over to each of the companions, starting with Panda Kitti and paws at the ground 5 times. When it turns to LeeZee, it shakes his head side to side 3 times, looks at SpaceDog who bobs his head up and down 3 times. It then turns to Lady Robin and again paws at the ground 5 times. When Shadowfax turns to Istanna, he closes his eyes and puts its head down in a suggestion for Istanna to touch his head. With a bit of caution, Istanna looks at SpaceDog who shrugs his shoulders then nods up at Shadowfax.

[SpaceDog]  "Shadowfax is waiting for you, Be aware! What happens next is already written in your destiny."

When Istanna tries to put her cat head on Shadowfax he pulls away and then bows down again waiting. Istanna turns to SpaceDog again,

[SpaceDog]  "Put your paw on Shadowfax's head."

[Istanna]    "OK, if that is what the horse wants..."

Istanna brings up her paws and feels the invisible horn. 

[Istanna]    You're a unicorn?

Suddenly sparks begin to fly from from Istanna to the invisible horn on Shadowfax and a red aura surrounds Istanna as she begins to morph into a large red dragon. When the sparks stop flying, Istanna shrinks into a baby dragon, fading and shifting dimensions with each breath. Everything she was carrying; her clothing, daggers, and magic items have fallen to the ground. The baby dragon begins to float and SpaceDog opens his hand and pulls open a red blanket that begins to glow.

[SpaceDog]  "Lady Robin! Get the red sack out of my backpack, quickly. LeeZee, help Lady Robin before Istanna turns onto an egg."

Lady Robin fumbles and finally pulls out a red sack and hands it to LeeZee.

[Lady Robin] "An Egg?"

[LeeZee]      "What do I do with the sack?"

LeeZee says a bit confused. SpaceDog sets the blanket down and puts the baby dragon on it. The dragon has stabilized, no longer fading in and out of phase after he wraps the dragon in the blanket and becomes stable.

[SpaceDog]  "Help me put Istanna in the sack before she gets lost between dimensions. Please hurry!"

When the dragon, wrapped in a dimensional stabilizing blanket is put into the red sack, the sack begins to change. SpaceDog removes the blanket just before the sack turns rock hard and spikes appear on all sides except one. It now looks like the silver space-pack SpaceDog is carrying complete with loops for chest strap. The egg sack turns red, brown and black with protruding scales.

[Panda Kitti] "Meow! What just happened? Meow!"

Panda Kitti has a puzzled look on her face. Shadowfax announces in a clear Midgard dialect.

[Shadowfax] "Thank the Gods of creations another cycle has come and gone without a hitch and thank you all for helping me collect some magic back! I thank all of you."

The unicorn bows to all. Trixie looks up to Shadowfax,

[Trixie telepath] "Hello Foxy."

Shadowfax closes his eyes and shakes his head slowly from side to side remembering the little cyborg dog as a puppy in bandages.

[SpaceDog]  "Please, allow me to explain. I am Istanna's Guardian Angel and every 600 cycles she needs to be reborn."

Everyone looks at SpaceDog, the sack that's now an egg and the unicorn complete with a sparkling horn.

[SpaceDog]  "Shadowfax had to use his magic little by little after being attacked by a black elf and has been here living in the land of the light elves on Alfheim for cycles trying to collect enough magic to return to his homeland on the other side of Alfheim. That same black elf had or has the Brísingamen necklace. I believe that same elf is not aware there is a piece of Morris Stone hidden inside because I put it there."

[Shadowfax] "Istanna has been collecting and storing magic and every 600 cycles, needs to renew her life cycle in order stay alive. When she regenerates, she once again becomes a baby and then an egg. But, she can not keep her magic and would cook herself if she did. This is the third time she and I have shared the gift of giving and for that, we give thanks. Alfheim's Dragon Goddess and SpaceDog have known each other for countless cycles but she never remembers meeting me because I always take those memories away when she returns to the egg self."

[Panda Kitti]  "Meow! What was all that horseplay when meeting us? Meow?"

[Shadowfax] "Trust and truth. When I acknowledged you and Lady Robin, it was my understanding from my sense of good & evil, that you are good people from the 5th realm of Midgard. You call it Earth. LeeZee on the other hand..."

LeeZee demands but also confused interrupts Shadowfax...

[LeeZee]      "What about me? What was all that head bobbing?"

[SpaceDog]  "Shadowfax wanted to know if you are a succubus, Fay, and can you be trusted. Since a unicorns can't understand or sense Fay allegiance, I answered yes to all three questions on your behalf."

[Shadowfax] "SpaceDog. Let me once again be Istanna's Ward for the next regeneration cycle as he is her Guardian Angel."

Shadowfax begins to cry. Before the tears turn into magical unicorn stones, SpaceDog opens a small section of the egg container and lets the tears flow into it before he seals the containers with a kiss.... 

A light elf in the woods speaks to himself under his breath...

[Fortana]   "Wow! So that's how it's done...."
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