Chapter 8 ~ Thorsday

The God of thunder, Thor, arrives at midnight and spends much of the night drinking with Dee. After a long evening, the elders of the village discuss what has happened and who might be to blame. SpaceDog tells of his quest to find the stolen necklace and new evidence turns up. That night, they explore the Water Works and find more than what they expected.

 As the twin moons peek at midnight, one of the windows in the dining hall of The Gallant Tree Inn opens and a unicorn pops his head in.

[Shadowfax] "Did I miss anything interesting?"

With a nod and a snort, he then turns his head back outside and says,

[Shadowfax] "Thor's here. It must be Thorsday."  

From the lounge we all hear in a loud voice,

[Thor]        "Here's to Cheating, Stealing, Fighting and Drinking!  If you cheat, may you cheat death; If you steal, may you steal a woman's heart; If you fight, may you fight for a brother or sister; and if you drink, may you drink with me! Cheers!"

[Jean Vanadis] "That's my son. Life is always a party or a fight with him."

Bonnie Jean Vanadis says hearing him in the lounge. Everyone hears Dee saying,

[~~Dee~~]      "It's Thorsday!!! Hoo Raa Raa!"

[Thor]          "Where is that mangy mutt of a dad?"

[~~Dee~~]      "He's... about to pass out his blue bottle stock to the village elders in the dining hall. No need to bother them till later, if you know what I mean."

Dee says before draining a large mug of ale.

In the dining hall, the 5 village elders sit around drinking the very cold blue bottle ginger beer SpaceDog provided while listening to his story about the stolen necklace, how it once belonged to his sister when she was married to Odin. Shadowfax also listens and Lullaby Halo begins to show keen interest since she has seen the necklace before many years ago.

[Lullaby Halo] "I remember seeing that necklace many many moons cycles ago. It has jewels that shone like the stars in the heavens. Was it not made by 4 dwarves?"

[SpaceDog]  "Yes, that's the one. Its called Brísingamen. Odin gave it to his latest wife and had it in the family vault."

[Jean Vanadis pouting] "That necklace was once given to me by our father, Njord, but I had to give it to Odin because he didn't want his ex-wife to have it, thinking it would look better on his wife Frigg for reasons I'm still not happy about."

[SpaceDog]  "I know you were all at The Water Works shortly before coming here. Doesn't anybody remember anything unusual about the place?"

All sit back, take a drink at the same time, then Huli Lam points to her nose and shakes her head no. In a flash, she starts to write with her light wand a rune on the table and slaps it with her hand. From the table a shadow figure appears and places something in one of the large clay pots famous at The Water Works for its stunning decorations. The faceless shadow figure disappears into the female washroom and the rune disappears like smoke into the air.

[SpaceDog]  "You're saying something didn't smell right and that's what you saw?"

SpaceDog pointing to where the rune was drawn on the table.  Huli Lam shakes her head YES.

[Jon Morris] "They close before midnight except on Saturnday ever since a black elf was killed there a while back, so tonight, we should pay them a visit."

[SpaceDog]   "It would be best if my team does this in order to not put doubt on you elders. Do you mind? Odin did ask me to find the damn thing."

Bonnie Jean Vanadis looks at the other elders,

[Jean Vanadis] "I can say we are all in agreement since you were given the task of finding it. We will be waiting to hear from you later and bid you good night. We will finish our drinks of course, then I will speak with my son."

And 4 of the 5 elders of Village Elder leave The Gallant Tree Inn a short time later. Shadowfax decides to get some sleep and makes his way to the stables behind the Inn where he lies in the soft hay. Bonnie Jean Vanadis sits with SpaceDog and waits while catching up on life's adventures.

Many beers later, Dee closes up the lounge, sets the security locks and takes her perch at the front desk with several books and a very tall glass of water and waves off Thor's attempt to swoon her. Thor walks over to where SpaceDog is sitting with his mother in the dining hall and chugs down the last of the ale before he notices his mother sitting at the table glaring at him.

[Jean Vanadis] "Aren't you going to give your mother a hug?"

[Thor]        "Mother, I was here last week. Do you miss me already?"

Thor sits at the table helping himself to the last of the Dodo curry and black rice.  He turns to SpaceDog, puts his hand on his shoulder,

[Thor]        "Anything to report or do I need to return tomorrow? Damn this is good. Did you make this or did Cyn?"

[SpaceDog]  "Cyn has almost got me beat with her cooking. She made that just the way I like it.  We are very close to finding more then we bargained for. Stay the night if you wish but I've no companion to offer at this time, only a good place to rest."

[Thor]        "I will take you up on that."

SpaceDog walks up to the supply closet, hands Thor a large towel and Dee hands Thor the key to room 5. Dee whispers to SpaceDog,

[~~Dee~~]    "Dad, you want me to wake him or..."

[SpaceDog]  "Have some fun with him when he wakes up, but, he is a lot stronger after sleeping. Remember that."

Dee hugs her dad and kisses his forehead before SpaceDog hands the key to Thor and waves goodnight. Thor turns to his mother Freya and gives her a hug then says,

[Thor]        "You know I come here once a week to be with you, so don't look so sad."

Bonnie Jean puts her hand across his bottom spanking him real hard knowing he can't be hurt before she leaves and walks home...


After all have gone to their rooms, SpaceDog sits alone looking at the basket and three seed pods before he begins to tap the table in a rhythm that sounds tribal when all three seed pods crack open and roots begin to intertwine forming a head; body, arms and legs. He uses his wand to write a rune on the body and turns it into a Barker, a walking, thinking, simple-minded primitive tree creature.  SpaceDog gets very close to it and scratches it's head. The Barker in turn, bows towards SpaceDog in recognition. The Vanir puts the tip of his finger on his tongue and then places it on the head of the Barker.

[Root]          "I.. am ... Barker....."

The 2/3 meter tree tall figure then jumps off the table and runs out the front door. When Dee notices the Barker run out the door, she looks in on her adopted dad,

[~~Dee~~]     "Errand? 29 or 6 to 4?"

SpaceDog looks deep into Dee's eyes and motions her to sit.

[SpaceDog]   "42 or 25 or 24?"

Dee thinks about the question and it's answer and then decides she has not gotten the hang of cracking the Paradox code yet.

[~~Dee~~]      "Dad, you are one strange papa. One day I will figure out your paradox code and when I do, that QETS is mine, just like you said when father Harri was dying and you promised to look after the 4 of us."

[SpaceDog]   "Yes, I remember that day like all days in my minds eye. He loved this place and when he handed it to me, I said you would be well cared for. I know you want to travel with me and soon you will, but for the time being, I need you looking after this place at night while you continue studying the books I left you. How far have you gotten?"

[~~Dee~~]      "Quantum Mechanics I've got down 'tout suite' and still working on Theories of Time Travel, Conquering the Singularity and 42 Ways to Travel the Cosmos. But I have no clue why you would have me read Moby Dick, The Hitchhiker Guid to the Galaxy or Stranger in a Strange Land... What are they?"

Questioning SpaceDog and his choice of light reading.

[SpaceDog]  "The first 4 you must learn to operate the QETS. I'll give you one more when you've finished those 4. The last 3 are strictly for pleasure, but, once you understand the meaning behind the writers story, you will better understand others and yourself as an explorer."

[~~Dee~~]      "Where did you get the Barker? Is it new from the seed pods that I heard and 'felt' drop into the spa earlier? We have a visitor..."

She asks and then says in a low voice as Shadowfax once again pops his head in the window.

[Shadowfax] "I know this is late, but I feel the Morris Stone near by and someone is trying to use it or, no it's being moved. I can feel it's power and it's frightening."

SpaceDog stands up and tells Dee,

[SpaceDog]  "The Barker was from those seeds and I sent it on an errand. Please get Robin, LeeZee, Panda Kitti, all 4 male dogs and contact Angela. I'm sure we may need her powers. Shadowfax, can you point us in the right direction?"

[Shadowfax] "Yes, it's inside The Water Works."

Dee runs like the wind upstairs and shortly all have assembled in the entrance hall.

[SpaceDog]  "Everyone! We're going hunting, not for adventure  or beast, but for part of one of the 6 most powerful objects in the known universe. It is a Morris Stone, a piece of what's more commonly called an Vastu stone. I hid it in the Brísingamen necklace but was discovered and stolen from Odin's private vault. It's location has been sensed by Shadowfax and we are going to retrieve it. If you find it, do not touch it under any condition because it will destroy you.  It's just too powerful for mortals. Angela, can you cloak Lady Robin?"

[Angela]       "I can cloak the entire group if you want me to."

[SpaceDog]  "Robin, record the event in your memory and only be a bystander."

Lady Robin nods her head before she yawns.

[SpaceDog]  "Panda Kitti, I would like for you to stay with LeeZee and if our thief gets hostile, let LeeZee know. You 2 will stay together. LeeZee, you have awakened and it may be your first time using your power to weaken or immobilize this thief, but remember, I believe the thief is female and very dark in nature, so be careful. Only take what is needed and no more. The dogs will then immobilize her along with some of my magic if needed."

[LeeZee]      "How will I know when I've taken enough?"

[SpaceDog]  "You will just know and remember what Istanna and Bonnie Jean passed on to you, OK? Dogs! Initiate pattern Sierra Alpha Delta if things get out of control, otherwise use K9 defense mode."

All 4 dogs bow their heads, look at each other and there eyes change color to pitch black.

[Cyborg Dogs] "Ultra-vision and infra-vision locked in and ready, commander."

AC/DC responds and then barks some orders to Frank Zupar, Pink Flood and Lead Zip Line and they charge out the front door.

The Water Works

All 4 large male dogs  run to The Water Works. Each take a side of the building and howl in a very high pitch that only the dogs can hear, this includes SpaceDog. They are soon joined by the other team members and SpaceDog waves his staff and the front door opens. With staff in hand, he fires up the gem and the inside of the building lights up startling the hooded figure in the corner of the room and the barkeep. After the party enters the room, the gem suddenly goes black and the front door slams shut.

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