Chapter 10 ~ We Have Dragons

Angela and Little Kitty join the new owner of The Water Works, the elders of Elder, SpaceDog, Fontana, Ruu and CeFuu with news that the egg containing Istanna is about to hatch with another egg inside, a twin of Istanna.


In a very short period of time, The Water Works looked like a new place just opened and the smell of the dead dark elf was gone. When Jon asked SpaceDog how he did that,

[SpaceDog]  "You believe in magic right, but do you believe in sorcery?"

Just as he says that, Angela and Little Kitty appear out of nowhere.

[Angela]       "We have two dragons about to hatch!"

[SpaceDog]  "Dragons? Two? How?"

SpaceDog is full of questions and troubled by the idea that Istanna will be born with a sibling. In full panic mode, SpaceDog and Angela quickly return to The Gallant Tree Inn and find the incubation chamber on the top floor of the hot tubs has almost the entire group of companions overlooking the chamber.

[SpaceDog]  "How do you know there are 2 dragons?"

Angela pulls his hand and places it on the egg. A magic aura of 2 distinct heart beats can be felt pulsing through the shell and the shell begins to wobble.

[Angela]       "See what I mean? When there are too many unicorn tears in the shell, a dragon can half its soul and produce a sibling. We will not know if it's male or female until they break out."

Bonnie Jean Vanadis comes into the room very excited because she helped put Istanna in an incubation chamber on several occasions in the past.

[Jean Vanadis] "I can't believe she split her soul. I take it there are two hearts beating?"

She puts her ear to one of the spikes on the shell. 

A sudden pulse of energy fills the room. All magic creatures can feel when the shell starts to break apart and everyone steps back. The shell splits in half and 2 baby dragons appear using the hard shell as part of a backbone for protection. The female dragon, Istanna, walks up to SpaceDog and rubs his ankle with her snout like a cat marking it's territory.

[SpaceDog]  "Istanna, is that you?"

He kneels down to scratch behind the dragon's ears. Istanna snorts and a puff of smoke comes from her nostrils. Everyone in the room steps back thinking she is about to breathe out a fireball. When SpaceDog picks her up, the half shell softens and begins to mold around her body and she falls asleep in his arms.

Meanwhile, the other male dragon, walks over to Angela, then Lady Robin, turns towards LeeZee and finally strolls up to Bonnie Jean Vanadis. He shakes his head and looks at Panda Kitti straight in the eyes and he too snorts a puff of smoke from his nostrils and lays his head on Kitti's feet before he too falls asleep.

[Panda Kitti] "His name is Tanna... and he knows who most of us are. He has some of Istanna's memory and remembers her past lives."

Bonnie Jean looking at the 2 sleeping dragons.

[Jean Vanadis] "How can that be? Brother? Any ideas?"

[SpaceDog]  "This is all new to me. In the past, Istanna awakened with only a very small part of her memory, would fall asleep, wake up a few arns later doubled in size with her memory intact except for the rebirth."

While SpaceDog holds the sleeping dragon, Angela conjures up a book and begins to read,

[Angela]       "... and the dragons soul is split in two, each half remembering the life of the original in it's entirety with only a small gap in memory missing from the original dragon. The second dragon remembers everything including the rebirth and becomes much wiser, but not as strong as the original. SpaceDog, how many unicorn tears did you collect from Shadowfax? It says too much magic in the tears can cause a split in the soul of a dragon."

[SpaceDog]  "6 or more, I'm not sure. I was not counting and I have not seen Shadowfax this emotional for 1200 cycles. Keep reading."

[Angela]       "The 2 dragons must be separated at birth because they will either bond or become bitter enemies thinking that the memory is theirs and theirs alone. If the twins are not identical, or male and female, the dragon offspring, not of the original sex, will have an identity crisis and become violent and disoriented unless..."

Angela turns the page and looks up bewildered.

[Angela]       "The page is blank!"

SpaceDog takes the book and casts a rune on the blank page of the book and old elfish writing appears. He hands the book back to Angela.

[Angela]       "It's still blank. I can't see anything."

[SpaceDog]  "I see writing but I can't read it. Jean, can you see or read this?"

Bonnie Jean looks at the page and shakes her head, No. SpaceDog out of desperation asks,

[SpaceDog]  "Fontana, is Shadowfax in the stable or do you know where he may be?"

[Fontana]      "I will look. Dogs, can you help me find and seek out Shadowfax?"

In a flash, the dogs are gone in search of the unicorn.

Another large energy pulse surges as both dragons have a growth spurt at the same time. SpaceDog has Istanna in his arms, runs out of the incubation chamber to his room. He leaves Istanna on the floor with the red stabilizing blanket he used before she turned into an egg hoping this will help to fix her memory. He returns to the Incubation room.

[SpaceDog]  "LeeZee, I need you to do something you may not like. Can you use your powers to wipe Tanna's memory or at least stabilize him so he has no memory of his sister?"

[LeeZee]      "No. I can't do that!"

Gax  ]        "But I can... How much memory do you want me to wipe? I can wipe all except the encounter with Kitti when it looked like he bonded to her."

[SpaceDog]  "I think that's acceptable. We will be going to Asgard with Thor. Give the necklace to Odin and present him with Tanna as a gift, the first newly born Dragon in ages who he can train in the ways of magic, chivalry and protector of Asgard."

Looking around the room, all seem to be in agreement. Telepathically he reaches out to Trixie,

[SpaceDog telepath]  'Change of plans. Recall everyone to main dining room. If you find Shadowfax along the way, bring him too.'

[Trixie telepath]      'Yes commander.'

SpaceDog tells everyone to go to the dining hall except Gax. Gax is looking a little sad at the thought of what she is about to do but realizes it's for the greater good and the health of the 2 growing baby dragons. As a mother of 2, Gax knows it's for the best. When her magic reaches out to Tanna, Tanna tries to stop her by pushing her mind away. Her dark magic is too strong for the baby dragon and Gax slowly removes all Istanna's past memories before she imprints a family union. She also imprints a bond of love and understanding, keeping the memories of the people who have been in his company.

[Tanna thinking]   '... magic... What is magic?'

Tanna wonders and remembers a bit about it...

Leaving the Village

In the dining hall Thor, Gax, her husband Todd and 2 children, plus all the original companions gather along with Istanna, followed by SpaceDog and Tanna following Panda Kitti. CeFuu and Ruu have already packed all their belongings. Cyn and Dee come out to wish their dad a safe journey with a basket full of goodies for the trip and hugs get passed around. As they venture out of the Village of Elder, many people on the street stop and look at the group but not a word is passed between them. The 2 dragons look a bit intimidating and although harmless, people shy away from them even though Istanna is the air spirit deity of Alfheim. The village returns to normal and the group continue their exit, past the fields, canopy roads and grape arbors until they reach a wall with a large hole in it. When they enter the hole, the wall behind them stays open and we find the group in the same crystal chamber full of gems. They gather around the crystal in the center of the room, hold hands and begin,

[Group Chant]  "First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is..."

Soon the opening they just came through closes and a faint outline of a door appears on the other side of the room. When they walk through, they can see the rock face obscuring the doorway and continue down the path. Thor, being Thor, starts singing battle tunes and all the dogs start to howl trying to drown out his voice.  He chases after the dogs but his speed is no match for their cybernetic implanted legs.

When they reach the green field of grass, both Istanna and Tanna look at the center of the field and can sense that something has happened there. They march in single file past the burnt wooded area of the forest noting everything was starting to come up green with new life pushing away the blackness. They reach the QETS, looking like a shallow cave on the side of a hill and hear a familiar voice in their head. Sidrat announces as the QETS event-horizon portal opens.

[Sidrat]       "Welcome back strangers! Or are we all family now? Thor, is that you or have you lost weight? Where did you find a family of dark elves and another dragon? Welcome aboard everyone!"

Thor steps in the portal, looks around seeing nothing but black open space below his feet and the stars above his head.

[ Thor ]        " No, I have not lost weight voice of Sidrat. So this place has the same number of doors as the royal palace on Asgard?"

[Lady Robin] "As a matter of fact, I believe both have 540 doors and 2 large inside swimming pools. It feels like home sometimes."

Lady Robin points out...

[Lady Robin] "However, this place is smaller on the outside."

[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat, open the portal to Asgard palace now."

[Sidrat]       "As you wish, Commander SpaceDog. May I point out that portal was set up over an arn ago and there are Gods outside the primary event-horizon including Odin. The portal is on the back wall of the throne room. Hope you don't mind."

[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat. You still amaze me sometimes knowing what I want before I want it. You even think like a Vanir. Thor, your father is waiting outside that door."

Asgard Throne Room

When the portal door opens, the 12 dogs run out and line up in front of the empty throne and bow their heads waiting for SpaceDog to give them a command. Thor comes through the portal next and is about to give his father a hug when Odin raises his hand in protest pushing him aside. SpaceDog is followed by Istanna, an infant dragon, Lady Robin, LeeZee, Panda Kitti and lastly Tanna, a slightly smaller version of Istanna. Odin says bluntly.

[King Odin]  "Star Lord SpaceDog. Did you retrieve what I sent you after?"

[SpaceDog]  "No sire, I got more then what you sent me after."

SpaceDog with his head bowed slightly.

[King Odin]  "Explain yourself. Why did you park that contraption in my throne room?"

[SpaceDog]  "Dragons sire. I wanted to explain my actions right away."

With his head still down.

[King Odin]  "Stand up straight you Buffoon. I command you to relinquish the necklace."

[SpaceDog]  "Sire? That's the second time I've heard the word Buffoon in the last 2 days."

Odin grips SpaceDog by the hand, then puts his hand out. SpaceDog turns to Lady Robin, who removes the necklace from around her neck and hands it to Odin.

[King Odin]  "Well done Star Lord. You know this belongs around my wife's neck. Who is this human? Why have there been 2 humans in my palace in such a short time? Thor? SpaceDog?"

[ Thor ]     "Love!"

[SpaceDog]  "Witness and companion!"

[King Odin]  "And why is there a succubus and a, what are you? You look like a panda that's turning into a cat... SpaceDog, where do you find such divine creatures?"

SpaceDog motions for both LeeZee and Panda Kitti to step up next to Robin and meet King Odin.

[SpaceDog]  "Odin, king of the Ęsir, may I present to you Lady Robin. Yes, she is a human but she has this unique ability to remember everything in minute detail. This is Captain Lindsey Smith, also known as LeeZee and she is my godchild. She is a succubus, but her powers have only recently woken and she is not dark Fay. She was very helpful obtaining the necklace and last is Panda Kitti. We gave her that name after she found a Cat alien mater organizer she currently wares around her neck and turned herself into a cat. Kind of cute, don't you think? Sidrat found all 3 on Midgard. The male dragon is Tanna." 

[King Odin]  "Who and where is this Sidrat?"

[SpaceDog]  "Well that's a long story but the short story is, Sidrat is the Artificial Intelligence that controls the Quantum Entanglement Time Ship you call my contraption. And, there is one more part of this story I hope you will accept, that you may or may not know anything about."

The commander pushes on with the story after Odin agrees to listen.

[King Odin]  "Go on."

[SpaceDog]  "Inside the necklace is a hidden chamber that contained a Morris Stone. That was the reason why the necklace was stolen in the first place. I hope you will let me keep the stone if you accept a unique gift in return."

[King Odin]  "I'm listening but not sure if I'm going to like this. Go on."

[SpaceDog]  "You remember the Air Goddess Dragoness of Alfheim, Istanna? This is Istanna since she was reborn and still only days old. She hatched with a twin brother. Normally when a dragon egg splits, both carry the same memory, but when they split as opposite sex, there is conflict and they try to destroy each other out of jealousy fighting for that memory. So, I had Tanna's memory wiped and he will remember almost nothing of his sibling. If you accept the magic dragon, Tanna, as a gift in exchange for the Morris Stone, he can be trained in the ways of magic, chivalry and even help Heimdallr guard the BiFrost."

SpaceDog looks at Odin and waits for his reply that seems to take forever. Odin looks at the human sized cat and dragon. He chuckles.

[King Odin]  "Can I keep the cat as well? Tanna seems to like your kitty."

They laughs aloud.

[SpaceDog]  "You realize she is a human in cat form and will only live a hundred cycles. But a dragon needs someone who is immortal and help as a guardian angel when needed to regenerate 600 cycles from now. Istanna is bonded to a unicorn named Shadowfax and I am their guardian angel. However, Tanna has neither. He will need both a guardian angel and a magical creature to exchange power with at the right time. Will you be able to find both for him?"

[King Odin]  "Done deal. I have both already. Heimdallr will be his guardian angel and I have something else in mind for the magical creature. You can keep the cat and the piece of stone. I'm hungry. Lets eat."  

SpaceDog, Lady Robin, LeeZee and Panda Kitti get invited to sit at the same table as Odin and Thor. However the photos Robin tries to take with her phone at the feast never turns out. After the meal is over, Tanna walked away with his guardian angel Heimdallr and never looked back...  

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