Chapter 11 ~ Return to the QETS

Having returned the necklace and completed the assigned task given him by the king of the Ćsir, Odin, SpaceDog and his companions offer Gax and her family a new home after giving them several choices.


On returning to the QETS, Lady Robin, Panda Kitti, and LeeZee find themselves wondering what's next? Will they continue to travel with Commander, Star Lord SpaceDog or return home on Midgard - aka Earth?  Not wanting to make a rash decision, they find suitable clothing and find the Olympic size pool on level 14. Gax and her family decide clothes are not necessary and jump in the water naked. Gax questions to no one in particular.

Gax  ]        "Why does the water taste like brine, yet it is so clear?"

Her siblings and husband just keep swimming in circles around her but are all too quiet for most of the journey.  LeeZee wears a one piece body suit, dives off the platform and makes a perfect 3 turn back flip. When her head pops out of the water she says,

[LeeZee]      "Wow! This is not like the hot tub at The Gallant Tree Inn, but it sure feels great! Gax, to answer your question, where I come from, Earth or Midgard, over 70 percent of the planet is covered by a salt water ocean. It feels and tastes just like this pool."

Lady Robin enters the room and rinces in the shower on one side of the pool before she gets in the water and floats on her back. A small door opens on the other side of the room and 6 hybrid dogs come out running and jump into the water and disappear under the surface. For almost 4 minutes, the dogs do not surface and both Lady Robin and LeeZee begin to panic when all 6 dogs surface simultaneously with something in their mouth that look like respirators or SCUBA breathing apparatus of some kind. They continue to dog paddle around the pool several times and then disappear.  A few minutes pass and all 6 dogs come out of a small opening on the edge of the pool, and all shake off in unison and disappear again through the small dog door.

[Lady Robin] "Must be pool maintenance day. Gax, any idea where you want to live. SpaceDog was talking about Svartalfheim. Is that home of the Dwarves as well as Dark Elves? How did you and your Family get to be living in the underworld of Hel?"

Gax  ]        "My family and I were sent to Hel as slaves when my dad got into debit from gambling. When I found out about the power in the necklace, I assumed it would help us get out of that situation and volunteered to get it if my family could come with me. I'm sure the Fence Keeper will send someone after us when we don't return."

Gax turns towards the door that just opened and sees SpaceDog enter the room.

[SpaceDog]  "Well Gax, I've come up with several options.

  1. I could go to Hel and pay off the Fence Keeper and that would set you and your family free.

  2. Could take you to someplace the Fence Keeper could never track you like Fornax Prime or Fornax Santé but you might never see any of your kind again if we did that.

  3. I could always take you back to Alfheim and let you live in the Village of Elders and work at The Water Works or The Gallant Tree Inn for a cycle or two while you decide what is best for your family or take you to the land of fairies and home of the Unicorns.

  4. I could take you to Svartalfheim and the Gate Keeper would never find you amongst the many dwarves and dark elves who live there. "

[SpaceDog]  "Take your pick or come up with a completely different plan."

He drops his robe and jumps into the pool naked.

For a long time, Gax and her husband talk together, look at their children and talk some more. The children at one point, stare down at SpaceDog and then talk with their mother and father, turning back looking at SpaceDog smiling. They continue swimming around and around enjoying the cool salty water but stop when they see mother Gax shake her head NO. The Gax family finally decide to get out of the pool and rinse off in the warm shower before they shake dry, put on clothes and return to the family room assigned to them.

Lady Robin swims a bit closer to SpaceDog and then turns away realizing he is still naked in the water.

[SpaceDog]  "Girl, you have something to say?"

Lady Robin swims around to his back and puts her arms around his chest.

[Lady Robin] "Can you take me home? I miss my old job, my friends, and my Manx cat and two Yorkies."

[SpaceDog]  "Hmmm... not what I was expecting to hear, but thy will be done. Going to Earth as we are now in the heavens... Sidrat? You heard the request but I will let Gax and her family decide where they want to go first. Then I can set The Way Back Machine to return you to the spot you were picked up from and the time will also be a moment after you first entered the QETS."

[Sidrat]    'I will make that request our second priority, Commander. You will need to make several Realm adjustments if... Wait, no you won't. Calculations and updates are complete and since I've got that new power source linked to the Minds Eye. We can now jump between realms and time without any delay.'

[SpaceDog]  "I thought you might be able to use that Morris Stone, but never expected it to be this soon. I will come visit you in a short time."

He swims over to the side of the pool while Robin is still hanging onto him.

[Lady Robin] "Visit Sidrat? Is Sidrat a computer, machine, robot, android or something else?"

[SpaceDog]  "All the above and then some..."

With a sheepish grin on his face that does not go away no matter how hard Robin tries to poke and prod him. LeeZee makes a big splash cannon ball right next to SpaceDog and Robin before she gets out of the pool seeing the look on SpaceDog's wet face. 

Going Home

SpaceDog is sitting on the big couch in control room 2 when Gax and her family enter the room. All 4 dark elves kneel down in front of him and bow their heads.

Gax  ]        "Star Lord... SpaceDog? We have made a decision. We choose option three with one modification."

Gax states matter of fact and then lifts her head.

[SpaceDog]  "Okay... If it's within my power, thy will be done."

SpaceDog waits for the decision.

Gax  ]        "As a family, we would like to live at The Gallant Tree. Todd, my husband, said he could help with night duty, cleaning and guarding the front entrance giving Dee the chance to travel with you. I overheard her saying she wanted to visit all the Realms. We all took this into consideration while talking about the options. My children think it would be nice to stay and learn the ways of the light elves and get guidance and or schooling from one of the elders."

SpaceDog thinks about this for a bit.

[SpaceDog]  "Sounds reasonable. Anything else? What will you do?"

Gax gives a big sigh and continues.

Gax  ]        "I've spent some time at The Water Works and would like to help out there and give the new owner, Jon Morris, a helping hand for whatever he needs... be it cleaning or bar tending, or bouncing or..."

[SpaceDog]  "You've really thought this one through. I was expecting nothing less from someone crafty enough to steal from King Odin."

Everyone begins to laugh.

[SpaceDog]  "Okay. Is that your final decision? Going once... going twice... sold to the family of 4 dark elves. It's a new home!"

The family jumps up and start to dance around the room while SpaceDog sits grinning at the decision he knew would happen.

[SpaceDog]  "Sidrat!"

[Sidrat]    'Yes commander.'

[SpaceDog]  "Are we there yet?"

[Sidrat]    'The portal is the tapestry in room 6 commander'

[SpaceDog]  "Gax, children, Todd. Welcome to your new home."

The portal opens to the inside of the room.

Room 6 is the second largest guest room at The Gallant Tree Inn. It is long and spans half of the building closest to the world tree. It has one large bed and 2 small carts, each just the right size for a child 15 cycles or younger.  There is a room divider that splits 2/3 of the room leaving an open side next to the windows facing the world tree. The children quickly claim a cart and Todd looks the room over from top to bottom, noting the warm floor and running hot tap water in the sunken basin on the opposite side of the room.  A large wardrobe fit for 2 adults sits next to the large bed and two smaller ones beside the carts. A door opens onto the landing at the top of the stairs and another small door leads to a balcony outside.

A knock on the door startles the family for a moment. SpaceDog comes out the portal and slowly opens the door a fraction.

[SpaceDog]  "Who is it?"

Cyn squeals with delight.

[~~Cyn~~]    "Daddy, daddy, daddy! What are you doing in here?"

[SpaceDog]  "We have a new family living with us and will be helping with the chores and I'm going to take Dee for a trip in the QETS. Any objection? No? Good girl! Now go wake Dee and tell her to get her bag packed for a short trip. Tell her the trip will last at least a full moons cycle."

Cyn opens the door wide, sees Gax and her family bow,

[~~Cyn~~]    "If there is anything you need, just ask. I will be at the front desk and have your keys ready when you come down. Good seeing you again Gax and welcome to The Gallant Tree Inn."

Cyn then grabs SpaceDog, does a spin and hugs him with all her might almost knocking the wind out of him before closing the door and heads down the stairs. Runs back up the stairs to Dees room and says in a loud voice at the door,

[~~Cyn~~]    "Delta Alpha Delta ~ Tango Romeo Indigo Possum ~ Moon 1 Charlie."

Immediately Dee pops her head out the door looking around and sees Cyn pointing to room 6.

[~~Dee~~]     "Really? Really really?"

Dee heads back into her room and a moment later comes out with SpaceDog's spiked space-bag on her back and walks into room 6. Dee looking at Gax.

[~~Dee~~]     "Are you going to be my replacement?"

Gax  ]        "No, my husband Todd will be your replacement for at least the full moons."

Dee takes Gax by the hands and then Todd's and kisses them both before running into the portal. After SpaceDog steps back through, the portal disappears.

[Cyborg Dogs] "Greetings mistress!"

Say all the hybrid dachshunds as Dee enters through the event-horizon and SpaceDog throws a device in her direction. She catches it, looks at it and turns it on noting the green, blue, red, maroon and fuchsia dots on the map to the inside of the QETS.

[SpaceDog]  "I see you remember how to use that thing."

[~~Dee~~]     "Yes, yes but where is Sidrat?"

[Sidrat]    'I'm right here but not on your map because I'm on level 32 and out of bounds for a bit longer.'

[~~Dee~~]     "Why?"

[SpaceDog]  "Only AC/DC and I are allowed on level 32 until the Morris Stone stabilizes, young lady. Now take your things to your room and come back tout suit."

[~~Dee~~]     "Yes Papa Spacey Commander Star Lord."

Dee gets in the lift and goes to level 13 where her room and collection of cloths, armor, weapons and toys wait. What she unloads from the space-pack is small and she quickly changes into something Gothic and dark. She toys with the idea of putting on a masquerade mask but puts on a hat of unusual design that offsets her pointed ears instead. She finally pulls up a pair of stripped leggings and black laced platform boots that make her a bit taller and notes the knife trigger in the toe still works perfectly.

[~~Dee~~ whispers] "One can never be too cautious..."

She heads back to the control room 3. Lady Robin, LeeZee and then Dee enter the room.

[SpaceDog]  "Where is Panda Kitti? Sidrat are you ready?"

[Lady Robin] "She fell asleep crying her eyes out when she heard I was going home. She thought about going home too but decided she could do that at any time. She thinks there are more wonderful things she would like to explore with you commander."

[Sidrat]    'Set for Realm 5, Sol, Midgard/Earth, United Kingdom, London, Camden-sub, market district, North 51°32'28.71" - West 0°08'37.94" - Elevation 101 ft ~ time and date set for 1 moment past exiting this point last with Lady Robin onboard.'

SpaceDog asks for the last time.

[SpaceDog]  "Are you sure you want to return my Lady?"

[Lady Robin] "Yes. This has been one hell of an adventure I will never forget. But I have things I need to do before I go on another adventure like this one. I recorded the events the best I could remember in your Journal so read it and see if I left anything out. I might even write a book called, SpaceDog and the Stolen Necklace."

Lady Robin, wearing the same business suit she had on for work weeks ago, goes over to SpaceDog and gives him a hug and a kiss on his bald forehead. She then hugs LeeZee who takes away some of the sorrow she is feeling for leaving the group.

[LeeZee]      "Be safe and remember you can call us at any time to come pick you up or just pick on you."

Panda Kitti runs into the room and wraps her tail around Lady Robins neck one last time so the cat can feel all the good emotions she is feeling even though she is leaving.

[Panda Kitti] "Meow, me will miss you meow!"

The cat woman gives Robin a big cat hug. When Robin goes over to give Dee her hug, Dee puts her arm around Robins waist and pulls her out the door onto the London street through the red British phone booth.

[~~Dee~~]     "Will you look at this place... what's that smell? You live and work here? May the Gods and Goddess forgive you."

[Lady Robin]  "Look, it's not that bad, it smells of fish and chips and automobile smog, but once you live here for a while, it grows on you and you don't notice the bad."

Dee looks around not being noticed with her elf ears out.

[~~Dee~~]     "Just look at these people. I've never seen so many different humans scurrying around."

[Lady Robin]  "Yes, they do look like termites running from an aardvarks tongue. I best be going or I'll be late for work."

Robin gives Dee a hug and last look goodbye as she rounds the street corner. She is confronted by 2 thieves who demand she give up her belongings. Robin remembers the choker she has on her neck and touches it. Her command word activates the protecting device. When the 2 men grab her, they instantly drop to the ground on their hands and knees. She touches both men on the head and plants a suggestion in their minds:

[Lady Robin]  'In one minute, you will both bark like dogs for a full minute not moving from this spot. You will forget who you are and never remember me or try to rob anyone again.'

Robin takes her hand away, looks back around the corner and sees Dee looking at some of the clothes for sale; boots, tattoo parlors, shops and Gothic style clothes on people walking the streets. She is about to say something to her when Dees phone howls. Lady Robin turns back towards work looking for donuts and coffee and half a moment later hears 2 dogs barking... she smiles remembering everything that has happened to her.

[~~Dee~~]     "Damn, I've got to come back here and cause some mischief..."

[SpaceDog]   "We need to go now before Istanna explodes in another growth spurt."

Dee re-enters the event-horizon portal. She is followed in by 2 figures...     

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