Chapter 12 ~ Time and Travel

Dee is put in command of the QETS and takes Istanna and the Star Lord to, Kveyka, the forest city in the woods. Dee plans to take the two Shadow Mage back to London, but changes her mind and takes Sasshi to Atlantis.


[SpaceDog]   Sidrat, you've already read my mind but I'm going to reiterate. Dee will be in charge after we are taken to the forest city of Kveyka date 2121.170Vana. You will return on date 2122.171 and make it appear like a half-moon to Dee. Is that understood? 

[Sidrat]        Yes Commander. Dee will be completely in charge for two weeks in ship time. I will obey her command instructions unless they conflict with the Paradox Matrix. Is that correct? 

[SpaceDog]   Bang on! However, use logic if she asks for something unreasonable.

SpaceDog, Sidrat, and Istanna walk to control room six and note it has not been used in a while. SpaceDog glances at Istanna.

[SpaceDog]   We are going on a little vacation and you are about to learn something not usually taught to young dragons. There will be a lot of training and studying. You will also collect mana from the forest trees on Vanaheim.

[Istanna]      One full cycle and we will be away from the QETS? What will we do upon our return? 

[SpaceDog]   After your training is complete, you will be taken to your home on the opposite side of Alfheim. We will part company until your guardian angel is once again required; unless something else happens. You will be dropped off less than an arn after you were actually sent to Midgard by you know who...

The dragon in cat-form looks intensely at the Star Lord.

[Istanna]      Is that why we are spending so much time in Kveyka? 

[SpaceDog]   Istanna, if it were up to me, and unfortunately it's not, we would never part. But, you are The Air Spirit Dragoness of Alfheim and have a role to play as a deity. The surprises I have in store for you on Vanaheim will be well worth the trip. I'm going to need your magic to help me create something. We will not discuss this again until we arrive at my home on Vanaheim. Okay? 

The lovely little furry-eared creature with a ribbon on her tale hugs the lord of the stars and does not let go for what seems to be an eternity.

[Sidrat]         What are your plans for 'those' two?  

[SpaceDog]   I thought about it and my brain still hurts. I've decided since they followed Dee in, I will let her deal the cards. Sasshi knows loads more then she reveals and Notakill does not have much time to live, so...  

[SpaceDog telepath] 'Dee, control room six as soon as you finish whatever you're up to.'

[~~Dee~~ telepath'Papa? I will be there in a couple of moments. Is that okay?''

She replies with her newly discovered telepathy.

[SpaceDog telepath'Make that one captain. Understood?'

[~~Dee~~ telepath]    'Yes, papa. In a moment, I will be at your side, Commander. Shall I bring Sasshi and Notakill or...?'

[SpaceDog telepath'No! Come alone.  On second thought, bring Diane with you and have her relinquish the book she has been reading.'

Dee enters the control room followed by Diane who is clutching a book.  Istanna and SpaceDog are reviewing an Information Station entry.

[ ~Dee~ ]     What's up, Papa? This room is usually out of bounds. 

SpaceDog points to the screen and Dee begins to read, while shaking her head in disbelief. Diane puts the book on SpaceDog's lap.

[ ~Dee~ ]     No freaking way! How? When was she able to do that? 

[SpaceDog]   The problem is, she has not done it, yet she already has. You have a paradox on your hands. Those mages are a lot more trouble then they let us to believe. Istanna and I are going on vacation and will be gone a week. During that week, you are going to solve the Paradox problem of how she can be there and not there at the same time. After you come up with the solution, YOU will take them where they NEED to be. Don't worry, this is the only control room isolated out of the others, with the exception of you, Captain, and Sidrat. Sasshi will never know if she is using her telepathy to listen in. Is that understood?

Dee sits down in a chair, scratches her ears and thinks for several moments. She swings the chair around in circles; looks at the screen, pulls on her short skirt, takes out a knife, pulls a large gem from between her breasts and cuts the tip of her thumb. The blood drops on the gem and Dee licks the blood off both the gem and her thumb. Nothing happens after licking the blood off the gemstone. She returns the gem to its former hiding place, stands up, scribbles something on the screen and walks away, leaving the control room with Diane following behind her. SpaceDog ponders what Dee wrote as Istanna reads the scribbles.

[Istanna]      The blood of the half will energize the 2 gems. At'Land-Tiss - volume 42, page 69. 

Shaking his head.....

[SpaceDog]   I don't want to know but I guess I'll find out when I return. Let's assemble the crew. 

[Sidrat]        Yes Commander.


[Sidrat]        All companions and guests to the main Gathering Hall on level 16 for a change of commend!

Soon Dee, LeeZee, Panda Kitti, Sasshi, Notakill, and all the cyborg dachshunds have gathered as Istanna and SpaceDog are followed in by Sidrat.

[SpaceDog]   The last few weeks have been full of challenging adventures, mysteries, fun, and laughter. For a short while, I will be leaving Dee in charge while Istanna and Me, Myself, and I go on a journey of our own. Call it a vacation, or holiday if you wish. 

[Istanna]       Where we are going, you cannot follow. Maybe one day, you will find out why. For now,  my dear Star Lord, Commander SpaceDog and I, the air spirit dragoness Goddess of Alfheim, will be in his home away from homes and will return in a half-moon. So be good, be safe and be yourselves. Whatever you do, don't be normal.

Istanna hugs Panda Kitti first and they wrap tails around each other. SpaceDog hugs the Cat saying under his breath,

[SpaceDog whispers]   Don't you dare let anyone in on our little secret, okay?

[Panda Kitti]  Meow, purrrfectly my cat and dog and dragon and elf and succubus people lover, Meeeowww!

Istanna walks up to LeeZee, gives her a big kiss and breathes out giving her enough Chi to last her a lifetime.

[Istanna]     Use that wisely.

Captain Lindsey Smith, with her eyes closed, smiles. Then with open eyes, looks to Istanna in all her glory.

[LeeZee]     Wow! I will never get used to the feeling of being kissed by a dragon goddess in cat's pajamas.

LeeZee turns to SpaceDog, hugs him, punches him jokingly on the chest.

[LeeZee]     We still need to talk about my true parents when you get back, capisce? 

He kisses her on the hand.

[SpaceDog]   So, you are learning Italian now? Of course, we will Godchild.

[Istanna]       Sasshi, Notakill, be good if you can or if not be good at it. Dee? 

Dee steps up to Istanna and they lock heads together while passing on a brief amount of information that Istanna knows will help Dee on her quest. She hugs the cat woman and bows to the dragon cat goddess of Alfheim.

[ ~Dee~ ]     I will see you when I see you. Have a safe journey.

Turning to her papa she hugs him and lifts him off the ground like he was a stuffed toy.

[ ~Dee~ ]     Papa, time loves a hero, but only Emit can tell if it's real, was it made up in heaven, or if not, it was sent up from Hel. I shall see you in a half-moon. 

[SpaceDog]   Oh! So, you cracked the next piece of the puzzle... Keep the motor running till our return, but take this with you. Only read what is on the last page. You will know what it means. 

SpaceDog hands Dee the book, 'Rainbow Bridge Mechanics'. On the last page, he wrote: 'keep this and give the copy, in the Atlantis library, to the paradox'.

Istanna gets down on her knees and all the dogs come over and lick her face making her giggle and finely,

[Istanna]      Okay, okay. Thank you for all your lovin', all your hugs and kisses too. Never knew cats and dogs could get along so well, did you? 

[Trixie]        Commander, is there anything we should know or do? 

[SpaceDog]   Sierra Oscar Oscar Tango and Kuala ten.  

All the dogs sit up looking straight at Dee not moving a muscle, except for Marina who plops herself down on the floor. Rosemary-chan Bon puts her snout on Dee's boot and rubs her ankle.

Istanna pulls Sidrat aside.

[Istanna whispersGive SpaceDog a goodbye he will never forget. 

Sidrat strolls in front of SpaceDog, bends over revealing her cleavage, and in her sexiest Russian accent so the whole group can hear for the first time.  

[Sidrat]        Commander, if you may, I just might, let you dream about me tonight.

She kisses SpaceDog on the forehead and everyone (with the exception of Istanna) appears to be in shock when Sidrat pulls the Lord of Stars and Quantum Entanglement close. She gives him a hug rubbing her chest all over him before leaving the room. Once Sidrat has left the room,

[Istanna whispers]      Perfection! 

~group hug~

[SpaceDog]   We leave you in the captain's care and depart from control room six where only a select few; I, Istanna, Dee and Sidrat may enter.  

[Group]    Happy journey and have a wonderful vacation! 

SpaceDog speaks to himself and Istanna as they walk away from the group.

[SpaceDog whispers]   If they only knew...

Star Lord SpaceDog and Istanna enter control room six where Sidrat is standing next to the control panel.

[Sidrat]        Event-horizon portal 24 is ready, Commanders!'  

[Istanna]      Thank you Sidrat.

Istanna turns to SpaceDog.

[Istanna]      Oh, can you tell me Kitti's secret?

[SpaceDog]   If I did that it wouldn't be a secret now would it? Entangle!


Stepping through the portal, they emerge through a door on the side of an enormously wide tree, in a forest so tall, that some trees are literally touching the clouds. They do not notice the tree figure that exited the event-horizon with them.

Across the valley, long rows of tall pillar mountains stand at almost the same exact size. Carved into the mountains granite pillars, buildings lay crumbling in ruin on one side of the valley. The forest of immense trees takes up the other side.

SpaceDog guides Istanna through the forest and points to a tree that has a front door and many windows. They do not notice the Barker following behind them. Freyr is home for the first time in 600 cycles, He opens the huge main door and glances inside at the collected grunge collecting on everything while wiping his finger across a dusty surface.

[SpaceDog]   Looks like we've got a lot of work ahead of us Luv. Should be some wild vegetables and fruit growing out back as usual. There always is. Pick something we can snack on before we do some hardcore cleaning. Then we commence digging up the artifacts I buried.

~~ continued in book 2 ~~


Sitting in control room three, Dee sits in the captains' chair. Everyone has puzzled looks on their faces. 

[ ~Dee~ ]     Well that was NOT what should have happened. Something is missing... 

Dee mumbles to herself and then turns her attention to LeeZee, Panda Kitti, Sasshi and Notakill, all looking in her direction.

[ ~Dee~ ]     What??? What? 

They are looking at her chest. Dee looks down she sees the gem she put her blood on, glowing green and pulsating with her hearts.

[ ~Dee~ ]      Oh stink-wads. No, no, no, that was not supposed to happen now, or ever. What the Freck!!! 

Removing the gem and holding it up, she tries to figure out what to do with it.

[Sasshi]        Buuka nos andik Moos 

Sasshi tries casting a spell but nothing happens.

[Sasshi]        I knew it, I fucking knew you had it!!! Where did you get the Princess Atlántida Vastu power stone? How did you activate it?

Notakill pulls out a small bag and while reaching into it, brings out yet a larger bag and reaching into that, pulls out an identical gem that also glows green to the beat of Dees' hearts.

[ ~Dee~ ]     Atlántida was my mother.

Sasshi tries to grab the glowing gem from Dee's hand.

[ ~Dee~ ]     Sidrat LOCKDOWN, K9's ENGAGE.  

Lead Zip Line bites Sasshi on the ankle and she stops in her tracks, unable to move from the electrical surge coming from the cyborg dachshunds teeth. Frank Zupar jumps up and snatches the other gem from Notakill in a blinding streak.

[Sidrat]         'Lockdown gravity restraints have been placed around both shadow mage, captain. Shall I toss the dead one into a sun?'

[Panda Kitti]   Meow? I think this one is a "real dead thing" now, meow. 

Panda Kitti notices as the body of Notakill is it starts to slump over...  LeeZee walks up to the body of the zombie husk and pushes it over.

[LeeZee]        Cleanup on aisle three! 

She looks at Dee waiting to see what she will do next.

Pink Flood pokes his head through the dog door, looks around and sees the dead thing on the floor, shakes his snout and disappears. A half moment later he whizzes through the main doors with a two-meter long floating cart and stops it next to the zombie husk that was once Notakill. He presses a button on his collar and the dead thing floats to the cart and sets down.

[Pink Flood]     Dead thing floating...

The cart floats out the door with Pink Flood making a face and pulling down his eyelid while sticking out his tongue at Sasshi...

[Sasshi]         Where did you get the Princess Atlántida power stone? I've spent more than half my lifetimes in search of that bloody gem. 

[ ~Dee~ ]      My mother and my blood. Atlántida was my mother and she gave me that gem when I became an adult just before she vanished. 

Dee gets up out of the chair and walks over to Lead Zip Line.

[ ~Dee~ ]       Good boy. Your masters are proud.

Frank Zupar drops the second pulsating gem into Dee's hand. Looking Sasshi in the eyes,

[ ~Dee~ ]     I put my blood on the stone earlier after reading an ancient script describing the gems beating as one. I just happened to find you listed amongst both the living and the dead. Atlantis is the land where my parents were born and it sank into the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Do you care to explain how you happened to be there 12,000 cycles ago? 

Sasshi gives Dee the silent treatment. Dee sits back into the captains’ chair, turns the monitor display so Sasshi can view it and taps the screen a few times. Looking at Sasshi then back to the screen, she says,

[ ~Dee~ ]       Sasshi, Sasshi, Sasshi... You are the paradox. I ought to send You into the closest sun to try and alter fate, but since you seem to know so much more about my mother's Vastu gem than I do... I've changed my mind. We are going back in time to Atlantis. LeeZee, would you like a light snack?

[LeeZee]          Dee, are you suggesting I weaken this dream-snatcher shadow mage or should I obtain more information from her while she's immobilized by the lead poisoning. I mean Lead Zip Line's power of persuasion? 

[ ~Dee~ ]       Just feed off her energy as she did with the living corpse we had a moment ago. She is not neutral, but she can be neutralized. Be careful, she could poison you. 

LeeZee absorbs most of Sasshi's Chi, but not all. Lindsey Smith still cannot get any information from the stronger mind residing in the weakened body...


[ ~Dee~ ]       Dee to Sidrat. 

[Sidrat]          'Yes, Captain'

[ ~Dee~ ]       Would you rather be called Sid or Time or something else? 

[Sidrat]          'That topic recently crossed Commander SpaceDog's mind also. The hounds call me Mum so you may also call me Mum if you wish'

[ ~Dee~ ]       Mum it is! Mum, kiss my... never-mind. 

Trying to make a joke, Kitti and LeeZee both laugh hysterically.

[Sidrat]          'Dee, I'm not sure where your never-mind is, but I already know what you want. I have made the time-matrix calculations just fractions of a moment ago.'

[ ~Dee~ ]       Mum, entangle to the Atlantis Library. Sink-day minus one!

[Sidrat]          'Yes, Captain'

[LeeZee]         Wait. How do we dress appropriately in this place? What do Atlantean people wear? 

[ ~Dee~ ]      That's easy, we can look in the Atlantean archives outside that door. Or, we can look in the wardrobe labeled {M13525EBC}. It is next to the [EMO2050] room on level 18.

They all get into the lift. Stepping off the lift; Dee, LeeZee and Panda Kitti drag the weakened Sasshi into the room marked as M13252EBC.

[LeeZee]         Kitti, can you change into an Atlantean with that collar bell?

[Panda Kitti]    Meows can try, meow. 

Kitti places her paw upon the bell on the collar hanging around her neck.

[Panda Kitti]   Meows - not a Cat - meeow be Atlantean - mee - now!

The cat begins to transform back into a full human, sporting a bizarre outfit that looks Egyptian. It flows in places, outlining a slim, well-shaped body and flatters her dark-complexioned figure.

[Kitti Panda]   Me, me, Oh! I'm feeling a bit sick.

She turns her head away from everyone after speaking with an acquired accent she has never used and starts looking green.

[Sasshi]        I could have changed you back faster than you could... 

LeeZee pulls tight the invisible control collar around Sasshi's neck.

[LeeZee]     You only speak when we ask you to. Now, look for something a slave or servant would wear. 

Sasshi finds plain yellow clothes with aqua trim, short sleeves and long skirts, sandals and very light drawstrings. She walks over to the wardrobe, grabs a handful of odds and ends then awaits for the others to finish while LeeZee casts a Watchful Eye on her.

[Sasshi whispers]  'Where in Hel did she get a Watchful Eye from?'

Sasshi pouts to herself as the Eye on the table peers directly into her eyes and restrains her from moving unless she is spoken to.

[LeeZee]     What do guards wear in Atlantis? 

Sasshi points to another area of the room where light blue short skirts and tank top bustier wrap-a-rounds are connected with teal leather straps and gold loops & green metal hooks. There are mid-thigh leather boots and teal leather fingerless gloves. Lindsey tries them on and the second pair fits her like a glove. Sasshi clears her throat looking at Lindsey.

[LeeZee]      What? 

[Sasshi]       That is a captain's uniform. I heard you called Captain Lindsey in your head at one point. Just call yourself Captain Lidi and you will fit right in. 

Kitti turns to Dee while speaking in her Atlantean accent.

[Kitti Panda]  What did you find? You look absolutely gorgeous, just like a princess!

[ ~Dee~ ]      I once saw a portrait of my mother wearing something that resembled this dress. I think… this may have been mothers. Are we ready? Sasshi, change into those clothes now, if you don't mind. If you behave like my servant, I might even let you live. 

Sasshi knowing she is outnumbered, weak and without someone to suck the life out of, bows her head.

[Sasshi]        Yes, mistress.


Once outside the QETS portal, they find themselves in a room full of books and scrolls. Some scrolls are in Latin, some in a language of the Gods, some in ancient Elvin and other languages nobody communicates with, except Sasshi and Dee who say it's Atlantean. Dee steps back in the doorway of the QETS while asking Sidrat,

[ ~Dee~ ]        Mum, do we have a room that will fit this library?

[Sidrat]           'Wait... We do now. The Atlantean archives can accommodate room 420 or next to the current ancient library. That would be room 42'

[ ~Dee~ ]        Hmmm... 42 keeps popping up a lot and I don't think it's a coincidence. Hounds! You are moving this library. Take everything and put it in room 42. 

A door opens and all the cyborg dachshunds are standing upright on a floating stretcher that still has the zombie husk of Notakill and is followed by Pink Flood. When it passes Dee, all the dogs keep looking straight ahead with the exception of Pink Flood, who grins madly at her. They pass Dee going out the door to the Atlantean library that would otherwise become lost when Atlantis sinks.

[Pink Flood]   Just taking the body someplace where it will 'stink', I meant sink along with the rest of Atlantis. 

Pink Flood snickers. Dee shakes her head and returns to the Atlantean library. The dogs have already unloaded the body and stacking books on the floating stretcher.

[LeeZee]        So what's the plan? 

They exit the main library and walk calmly down the hall towards the librarian. Dee places a book in LeeZee's hand.

[ ~Dee~ ]       Captain Lidi, we are going to put this servant on trial for attempting to steal my power gem and the book you have in your hand. She may somehow escape and if the ancient scripts are correct, take the stone away from Atlantis despite the catastrophe when the plate tectonics' shift. We will rescue my mother, my sister and myself, for we are still babies in mothers womb. Yah, I had a vision and it scared the living worms out of me.

[Sasshi]           It's not going to happen that way will it, because I'm not going to... 

[ ~Dee~ ]       GUARD! Seize her!

[Librarian]       What's going on here?  Your highness! I didn't see you go into the library. 

The librarian bows.

[ ~Dee~ ]        Gag her! 

A piece of duct tape magically covers Sasshis' mouth while LeeZee ties a cloth wrap camouflage to cover over the tape.

[ ~Dee~ ]        I caught this 'servant' trying to steal this book. When I attempted to stop her, she grabbed at my power gem.

Dee takes the glowing green gem from between her breasts which distracts the male librarian. 

[ ~Dee~ ]        I don't know what became of her but I'm taking her to court, now

LeeZee, utilizing her succubus power, takes the librarian by the arms and plants a suggestion, pointing at Sasshi.

[LeeZee whispers]     You will lock the library after we leave, go home to your family and take them on a long boat ride east. Now go, never remember what happened today, except for the attempt to steal the gem from the princess. 

After everyone leaves the library, the librarian locks the door and runs home. Two guards from the library follow the group.

A princess walks beside an Atlantean follows a private guard and two Atlantean guards with a bound and gagged thief along to the courthouse.


Inside the courthouse, several people bow to Dee and address her as "Your Highness" when she enters.

The three adjudicators sitting at the table in the back of the room stand and bow. The middle adjudicator is a tall man with a long white and silver beard, who addresses the princess,

[adjudicator]   Your Highness. What brings you to the court on this Moon Day? 

[ ~Dee~ ]       First, I am not who you think I am, even though I wear clothes resembling hers and I look like her, because, we are family. My name is Dee and my friend here, 

points to Kitti,

[ ~Dee~ ]        is Kitti Panda. 

pointing to Sasshi,

[ ~Dee~ ]        That one's name is Sasshi. She tried to steal a book when we were in the library and then tried to take my power gem.

Dee pulls out the glowing gem.

[ ~Dee~ ]        I would like Sasshi exiled... never to return to Atlantis. I trust the court will agree to my request! 

Dee returns and hides the glowing gem between her breasts when the adjudicators are seated. She scribbles something on a piece of papyrus and places it into a bag where the second power gem is located. She hands the bag over to one of the runners and tells her,

[ ~Dee~ ]        Locate Atlántida and give her this. 

In a very low voice that only the runner can hear, 

[~~Dee~~ whispersGo quickly and take yourself, friends and families off Atlantis as fast as you possible and head east. One more thing. Write down or leave some record that this one, the thief known as Sasshi, was never in the courthouse on this Moon Day. Now go and may the Goddess be with you! 

Dee places two gold coins into the runner's hand. The runner bows and leaves the courtroom taking the small bag.

The adjudicators talk between themselves, raise their heads and the lead adjudicator asks,

[adjudicator]  What proof do you have?

[LeeZee]        If it may it please the court, I am Captain Lidi. I was alongside Lady Dee's friend, Kitti Panda. We will both testify that she tried to steal the power gem. 

Kitti shakes her head, YES, and again the adjudicators speak amongst themselves,

[adjudicator]   Take off her bindings and tell us what happened.  Your name is Sasshi? 

LeeZee takes Sasshi by the arm and plants a succubus suggestion in her head that she will not say anything sensible and state bluntly that Atlantis will sink in the ocean.

[Sasshi]          Yes, No, I didn't not take the stone, the gem, the Vastu is mine, to kill as I see fit. Atlantis will sink with everyone... and and... will fall into the shadows... 

[adjudicator]   Bind her mouth. I believe we've heard enough. 

The three adjudicators talk amongst themselves for a short while and finally all stand up.

[adjudicator]  Lady Dee, the court finds the action of the servant Sasshi irrefutably guilty. We will respect your wish to exile her from Atlantis. This Moon Days court session will now break for tea. 

The adjudicators are followed by the court attendants. They all leave the room by a back door.

Dee looks at Kitti and then at Captain Lidi, who is leading Sasshi out of the courthouse along with one of the two Atlantean guards. Dee looks at Sasshi,

[ ~Dee~ ]     You know I cannot kill you. There is more to your story then you lead us to believe, so get the freak off this island before it sinks tomorrow and take as many with you as possible! Okay? 

Dee removes the binding from Sasshi's mouth and hands. She hands Sasshi the book and takes the non-glowing gem from between her breasts and hands it to a puzzled Sasshi who accepts both. Dee turns to the guards,

[ ~Dee~ ]     Take her, your family and as many of your friends and their families as you can find and get off this island now! As your Highness, I demand you do this.

Atlantis begins to have tremors and moments later shakes violently. Dee, LeeZee, and Kitti run back to the Atlantis library.

At the library, the doors remain locked. When LeeZee hits the door, it opens and they find the inside void of all books; scrolls, tablets, and artifacts. There are a dozen sets of glowing eyes peering at them and a dead thing sitting in the corner of the room.

[Pink Flood]   That took longer than we expected, mistress. 'We' can all feel the ground spreading. This place sits on the middle of two tectonic plates. No wonder it's sinking. Bark to the QETS. 

Everyone runs into the open portal as the buildings begin to shake violently apart ... 

Princess Atlántida gets the message from the runner and takes her husband, Prince Harri, and a large time capsule off the island of Atlantis.

The stories continue...

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