Chapter 13 ~ Recovery and Time

With Dee having solved 1/2 of the Paradox Matrix puzzle, she becomes captain of the QETS for a short time while. SpaceDog helps Istanna recover and once more become the Goddess she is. In the mean time Dee and Sasshi prepare for a sparing match and the outcome changes there destiny...


[SpaceDog telepath] 'Sidrat. How is the Morris Stone working out and how is Istanna doing?'

SpaceDog keeps tabs on the brains of the QETS.

[Sidrat telepath]     'Both are doing fine but I still can't understand why you wanted me to put it on my...'

[SpaceDog telepath] 'STOP! I had my reasons. Why are you only at 1500%?"

[Sidrat telepath]      'Commander, I can maximize at 15000% but then you would not need the QETS, just me. I stopped at 1505% for a reason.'

[SpaceDog telepath] 'Okay, tell me later and if anything destabilizes, let me know right away. I'm going to join you and sit with Istanna till she wakes.

Sidrat is sitting next to Istanna laying on the bed when SpaceDog opens the door and walks into the recovery room.

[SpaceDog]    "Tell me, exactly what did you do with the Morris Stone when you got it?"

[Sidrat]         "When the stone suddenly appeared on my chest, I was only at 82.54%. I summoned Diane to help me install the stone as we had discussed earlier. She did an exceptional job of cutting and slicing the stone. She shaved both sides and installed them into my sensor array. I put the rest in the place you created for it under my breast and I instantly reached 101%. We then took it out and placed it in the Minds Eye. Diane helped install it into the QEGOD realm energy transfer A.I. and together, the QETS is working perfectly with our Minds Eye linked."

[SpaceDog]    "In other words, the QEGOD and you are fused through the Morris Stone and working in perfect harmony as the ME. Does that mean I need to change your name again?"

He looks at Istanna and then at Sidrat a bit puzzled. Sidrat giggles and says in a very sexy Mongolian Russian voice she only talks to him with,

[Sidrat]         "Call me ... TIME, The Intelligent Mind with Eyes only for you, or just call me .... whatever you like Star Lord."

[Istanna]       "Can I call you you both over here and and put SpaceDog in the middle so we we can both hug hug him?"

The tiger brings her paw up to the gem on her ear and slowly morphs into a human sized cat she was just before she gave her magic to Shadowfax.

[SpaceDog]    "I was not expecting you to recover so soon. How do you feel luv and why are you repeating words?"

[Istanna]   "I feel like I got kicked kicked in the stomach and had had the wind wind knocked out of me, drowned in ice ice water, set on fa fire and then buried alive. Let me, no get me some fa fo food and a bottle of Sake to wash this bad taste out of my ma mouth. Have I been eating dirt? Blah..."

Istanna grabs SpaceDog and pulls him and Sidrat down on the bed beside her, hugs them both before falling asleep.

[Istanna]   "Zzzzz..."

[Sidrat telepath] 'Trixie, Istanna will need some recovery food in a couple of arns. Could you make her some rice porridge with fruit to settle her stomach?'

[Trixie telepath]  'As you wish Mum. Shall I will bring some food for the commander as well?

[Sidrat telepath]   'SpaceDog has fallen asleep with his arms around the cat on the recovery bed. I will notify you when they wake up.' 

[Trixie telepath]   'Yes Mum.'


While resting, SpaceDog has a dream about riding on the back of a gold dragon with his wife Gerd while traveling in Jotunheim when he was only a millennium old. Freyr became in lust with Gerd after he snuck into King Odin's throne room and sat in the kings chair, a chair that lets you see everything in 8 of the 9 realms. The Vanir and Frost Giants were enemies but this did not deter Freyr's obsession with finding love, so he sent a servant to persuade Gerd to meet with Freyr. But the servant used a magic staff to force her to comply and Gerd told the servant she would meet Freyr in 9 days because she already had everything she ever wanted and wanted to think about it. After finally meeting with Gerd, Freyr found out his servant used sorcery and threatened the princess of the Frost Giants to meet with him. Although they got married, the ride on the dragon Wind Walker, the mother of Istanna, was when Freyr returned Gerd to her home. Gerd was not in love, she only respected Freyr's power, thinking he had asked the servant to use force and meet with the princess. Frost Giants respected power over love...


In the sparring room, LeeZee and Sasshi take bamboo staffs from the wall and face off. They bow, stand straight and position their staffs. Both staffs crack in half with the first blow.

[LeeZee]      "Well that's not going to work. Lets try those."

They toss the broken bamboo staffs to one side and LeeZee points to the  metal staffs next to the hardwood staffs. They bow, stand straight and position their staffs again.

[Notakill shouts]     "HOLD!"

Notakill at the doorway and takes a bite of some fruit in his hand, looks around the room, finds two face shields and gives one to each,

[Notakill]     "I don't want to see either of your faces damaged with those."

Reluctantly, both put on the face shields. Again they face off with Sasshi making the first hit with the blunt end as a spear to the middle of LeeZee's chest. She quickly retaliates with a blow to Sasshi's ribs and a leg that flips Sasshi over.  Sasshi recovers on her feet runs and jumps over LeeZee, spins around hitting her in mid back almost sending her to the mat.

[Sasshi]       "Okay this is boring. I want to use those."

Pointing to the the row of cold steel katanas on the other wall.  

[LeeZee]      "Now we're talking. I suspect this is your weapon of choice Sasshi."

Sasshi nods her head YES, picks up the lightest blade she can find and checks the edge of the blade. She tests it by splitting one of her hairs in half.

[Sasshi]       "Hell yes! This is a Zombie Killer. Notakill, can I test this one out on you first?"

Notakill protests.

[Notakill]     "No way. I don't want to become full dead yet. "

[Sasshi]       "Ready to try again?"

LeeZee tests the weight of several swords and picks a slightly shorter sword then the Zombie Killer katana Sasshi has. When she swings it, its sonic vibrations can be felt but not heard as it cuts through the air.

[LeeZee]      "Are you sure you want me to cut you in half with this thing?"

[~~Dee~~]     "Wo wo wo wo, hold on a moment you two! Shields first, I insist, if it's those blades!"

Dee stops standing in the doorway. Both Sasshi and LeeZee shake there heads NO and face off by swinging at each other. Dee slaps on a field generator, runs between them and grabs both swords with her hands, stopping them in mid air.

[~~Dee~~]     "Now, do you want to fight each other or will you both fight me?"

Dee shatters both swords with her hands and yells out,

[~~Dee~~]     "Clean up on aisle 2. Damn, I liked both those blades."

2 of the cyborg dachshunds come out of a small opening carrying powerful magnets picking up the shattered sword pieces and snatching both broken swords out of the hands of Sasshi and LeeZee before they can blink. Both dogs disappear back into the opening. Sasshi and LeeZee look at each other and start laughing...

[~~Dee~~]     "Sword play. Isn't nice against each other when you're friends. Are you a friend Sasshi?"

Looking at Sasshi who shrugs.

[~~Dee~~]     "Why did you follow me into the metal red box knowing I was a magic user elf? What did you think you could get from me?"

Dee looks at the katanas. Getting no reply she hands one of the blades to Sasshi and picks another for LeeZee. Then she picks one out for herself.

[~~Dee~~]     "These swords give us the same opportunity making us equal. New game rules! Targets fly out of the walls and come at us at 100 meters per second. Avoid being hit and send them back to your opponent. Get hit three times and you lose. Agreed? If I win, you tell me the truth."

Dee says looking at Sasshi. She looks at LeeZee.

[~~Dee~~]     "If you win... you get to sleep with Kitti naked, and if you win,"

Looking at Sasshi again,

[~~Dee~~]     "You can have the Chi I'm about to give to him."

Pointing at Notakill.

[~~Dee~~]     "Agree?" 

[ Sasshi ]       "Agreed." 

[LeeZee]        "Agreed."

Dee walks up to Notakill and kisses him on the lips, ears and then licks his forehead before placing a rune there and instantly he perks up.

[Notakill]     "What did you just do?"

[~~Dee~~]     "I'm not a succubus or dream snatcher like your friend, so I used an Elfin magic energy transfer and not my own personal Chi. That's what I did. Let the game begin."

All unsheathe their katanas.

Dee tosses the shield generator to one side outside the match boundary. LeeZee before the game begins,

[LeeZee]       "Did you know she is Fay?"

All three begin to get the feel of their particular weapon by swinging it about.

[~~Dee~~]     "Yes, why do you think she keeps him around? He is the candy she sucks the life out of in her sleep. She's a dream snatcher alright. I didn't feel her until she uncloaked. That's what Shadow Mage do, they hide in the shadows. They are outmatched in direct magical combat with their magic-using peers, but instead, they channel their energies into devastating mle attacks. You would not have survived her next attack. Despite her offensive power, the corruption in her soul has begun to adversely affect Sasshi's health."

Sasshi getting impatiently blunt.

[Sasshi]       "Notakill knows he's being used. Are we ready or not."

Dee using a command word starts the mle,

[~~Dee~~]     "BEGIN"

There is a loud bang from an opening in the wall and 3 rubber bullets fly in the direction of the 3 sword carrying opponents. Dee jumps toward one bullet and slices it in half sending pieces towards Sasshi and LeeZee simultaneously. Sasshi stops the bullet coming toward her from the wall with her katana but is hit by the half sized piece of rubber on the leg from Dee. LeeZee avoids being hit from the attack coming from Dee but gets hit by the bullet coming from the wall.

[~~Dee~~]     "0, 1, 1... BEGIN"

Another loud bang and three more rubber bullets come from the wall. LeeZee tips a bullet with the end of her blade and avoids being hit but misses sending it to Sasshi, her intended target. Sasshi jumps out of the way from the bullet LeeZee sent her but misses deflecting the bullet from the wall. Dee catches the bullet from the wall and it imbeds on the tip of her sword. She flings it at LeeZee and hits her on the right hip.

[~~Dee~~]     "0, 2, 2... BEGIN"

Another loud bang and Sasshi slice the bullet in half hitting Dee in the hilt of her sword making Dee miss the bullet but missing LeeZee completely. Dee having her sword hit, misses the bullet coming at her and turns her head away in time not to be hit. LeeZee stops the bullet coming at her with her blade and hits Sasshi in the back.

[~~Dee~~]     "1, 3, 2"

Sasshi is out and starts to walk off the floor looking extremely disappointed and goes through some blade exercises. LeeZee holds up the arm that she is not carrying the katana in,

[LeeZee]      "HOLD! Stay here Sasshi. Nobody has won the game yet and your still in this. I want to try something before we continue. With your permission of course!"

She looks at Dee who shrugs while facing her. She puts her hand on Dee's shoulder and makes the suggestion that both can move slowly in time in a way they see everything in slow motion till the end of this round.  Dee has a big grin on her face that changes to a grimace when she looks as Sasshi.

[Sasshi]       "Not fair! Whatever it is your planning. It's can't be fair."

Sasshi gets into a defensive posture.

[~~Dee~~]     "BEGIN"

What both Dee and LeeZee see in slow motion is 3 rubber bullets leave the openings in the wall. They step aside while 2 hit Sasshi who somehow manages to redirect the 3rd bullet that hits Dee.

[~~Dee~~]     "2, 5, 2... BEGIN

Since the last round just ended, Dee no longer sees in slow motion, however LeeZee does, cuts 2 bullets in half and changes the course of the 3rd so it hits Dee who looks on in disbelief,

[~~Dee~~]     "3. 5, 2... What just happened?"

LeeZee shrugs and with a big sheep grin points out to Dee,

[LeeZee]      "I only did that for one round so I get to sleep naked with a naked Kitti!"

She dances around the sparring room like a woman gone wild. 


Watching over SpaceDog and Istanna sleep in the recovery room, Sidrat opens the door just as Trixie is about to enter the room. Looking in at the commander, Istanna and Sidrat, she places a pot of rice porridge, 2 bowls and 2 spoons on the table beside the bed. It smells of mango, red currents and golden raisins. Both the Star Lord and the dragon in cat form catch a whiff and open their eyes.

[SpaceDog]   "How long have we been sleeping?"

Sidrat steps out of the room and looks back in.

[Sidrat]         "Almost a full 20 arns. Trixie, come with me. Commander, Istanna, control room 2 when you finish eating. I'm taking us all home but only you two will stay there."

As the door shuts behind Trixie and Sidrat, SpaceDog and Istanna look at each other. 

[Istanna]   "I wonder what that's all about?"

[SpaceDog]    "It's time for you to grow into the fully mature magical female that you are.... and I think we are going to the forest city of Kveyka on Vanaheim so we will not be disturbed for a full cycle."

[Istanna]   "I vaguely remember doing that a few times before. Old wood tree that smells like the world tree? Yes that place is magical if it's still the same."

Istanna bats her head with her paw trying to remember...

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