Preface - Cast of Characters

Characters by order of encounter:

SpaceDog is a Star Lord, a Vanir, a fertility God of magic, mystery and prognostication. He is commander of a quasi-dimensional quantum entanglement time ship built on Vanir and ancient alien technology. SpaceDog was given the task of finding a necklace that was stolen from King Odin's private vault. SpaceDog is one of the last male Vanir, an Alpha male (his authority is rarely questioned).

The QETS is a quasi-dimensional self contained time ship controlled by SpaceDog and 2 A.I. It's powered by a singularity (black hole) contained in a dark matter isolation chamber. QETS stands for Quantum Entanglement Time Ship. It uses technology of the Rainbow Bridge matter and personnel transmitter (developed by the Vanir) and the Rainbow Bridge now in the hands of the Asgard. The QETS has 32 levels and 540 doors leading to rooms and 24 event-horizon-portals in 6 control rooms. It contains 2 Olympic size swimming pools (one pure water and the other salt water). It has embedded in the controls a chameleon device (developed by another race) that can make the event-horizon portals appear as anything in it's surroundings. The QETS can travel anywhere in the 9 realms as well as most, but not all places in the space/time continuum.

Lady Robin (the only character to remain human) drops her phone while in London, United Kingdom and enters what looks like a red British phone booth. She gets a surprise when she finds herself in one of the control rooms of the QETS.

12 hybrid/cyborg dachshunds (based on Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy) SpaceDog rescued them from a madman and they follow him as leader.

Name - dog or bitch - specialty - weight in kg:
AC/DC - dog - security muscle, electronics, accountant, medic - 20kg black long fur
Diane - bitch - electronics, fire fighter, quantum mechanics - 10kg brown short fur
Dianna Ross - bitch - singing and voice analyst - 8kg gray with brown spots wire hair
Frank Zupar - dog - speedy Gonzalez, general DYI helper - 19kg long red
Kathy Freman - bitch - underwater demolition and cleaning - 7kg blond medium with wings
Marina - bitch - slightly crazy, security, map analyzer,  JOT - 13kg short fur brown
Lead Zip Line, - dog - electronics, maintenance, artifact analyzer - 18kg dapple
Patty Smith, - bitch - chief chef, mechanical engineer - 21kg short black hair and long white fur on head
Pink Flood, - dog - maintenance and cleanup crew - 14kg blue short hair
Trixie, - bitch - telepathy, magic, chef, poison analyzer, security, communications - 20kg
Tori, - bitch - computer programmer, theater specialist, prop builder - 9kg
Rosemary-chan Bon - bitch - Alpha female and provisions organizer, quantum entanglment - 10kg

Sidrat is very cunning Artificial Intelligence with the capacity to read the minds of other beings, has developed a way to capture peoples hearts and the imaginations of anyone in close proximity to or inside the QETS. Her body is damaged and in repair and moved much of her programming and memory to the QEGOD A.I. inside the QETS.

Emit~fox and his helper Emo, runs Foxy Roxy Ramen Noodle, a small stall in one of the larger cities on Fornax Prime, one of SpaceDog's many homes.

Amanda-Marie is at an Anime Convention in a 3 star hotel in Scotland when she stumbles into the QETS thinking it's a virtual reality room. She was human and turns herself into a (cat alien) when she finds a 'multifunction organizer' in the shape of a cat bell on a collar while changing her clothes in one of the many wardrobes inside the QETS. She now looks like a cat in an alien jumpsuit with panda markings around the eyes and becomes Panda Kitti.

Captain Lindsey Smith - aka - LeeZee is recruited by SpaceDog posing it as a future employer. She has an uncanny ability as a mediator and interpreter who seeks traveling away from her boring job. Unknown to her, she is a succubus and a demigoddess (Fay) and unaware of her powers or true background.

Istanna is the dragon Goddess of Alfheim that shape-shifted into a cat woman. Like most air spirit creatures, she is magical, has telepathic and telekinetic powers. She is an Alpha female dragon and must regenerate every 600 cycles through Rebirth.

Fontana is one of the Light Elves that the group meets in Ljosalfheim Forest, the forest warden, he is thought of as a Guardian by forest residents.

Shadowfax is a pure white unicorn with fading powers, who lost most of his magic fighting a Dark Elf that had invaded Alfheim. He is destined to gain his power back when he meets a magical creature who is at the end of a life cycle.

Angela, a white witch, finds the group of characters approaching her village.

Sister Sister, also a white witch, turns up saying that her mother is SpaceDog's sister...

Cyn is half of 2 sets of twins, lives and operates The Gallant Tree Inn and bathhouse. She is a light elf with long white hair, aqua eyes, curvaceous with a photographic memory that lets her use magic by seeing it done only once. She dresses in bright puffy flowing dresses.

Dee is Cyn's darker twin, a light elf with the same height and facial features as Cyn, has short black hair, one purple and one aqua eye, stronger and faster then Cyn. She works the night shift at the Inn and loves to be challenged. She has the ability to change alcohol into magical energy.

Ruu, one half of 2 male twins is a dark skinned light elf with gray hair and multi colored eyes. He, like his deceased father, is very handsome and mysterious. His mother was a darker light elf.

Bonnie Jean 'Vanadis' is a village elder and twin sister of SpaceDog. She is the true mother of Thor and her original name was Freyja.

CeFuu, the other male twin who works at the inn, has the same father and looks identical as Ruu, but born on the same day by a different mother.

We meet the 4 remaining village elders; Jon Morris, Jardin de Cecile, Lullaby Halo and Huli Lam when they are summoned to The Gallant Tree Inn.

Thor - God of thunder from Asgard, shows up most every Thorsday to visit his true mother, Frayja.

Lullaby Halo, one of the village elders remembers the necklace and later remembers a clue to it's location.

Root - a living tree figure created with 3 seeds from the world tree and magic more commonly called a Barker who speaks by voice tone and timing.

Gax - The dark elf who stoals the necklace.

Odin - King of the Gods on Asgard, ex husband of SpaceDog's sister. He does not recognize SpaceDog as being a Vanir and the only 2 of three male Vanir survivors of the Ęsir Vanir war.

Notakill - Male Shadow Mage is a killing machine who is being used.

Sasshi - Female Shadow Mage uses another's soul to power her spells.


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