Why did I write this book.

Greetings, I'm Jefferson. This is my first adventure in writing, so, it might be all over the place. Many ideas came from dreams and my slightly twisted mind. I hope to make a mark on those who read it. It is written in script form to make it easy to write and later produce into a manga, graphic novel, movie or anime series.

The first character started as a lord of time looking for the mysteries of past civilization on Earth, his lost children, and the race known as the Vanir fertility gods. Because it resembled a TV series, I was asked politely by the BBC to stop writing or join the writers guild. I chose option three, change my character. In my first year writing, I got ideas watching You Tube, reading books, viewing movies, reading emails, talking to friends and watching Japanese anime.

In my writing, there are very few true evil characters, no good versus evil, no gossip and no pointless drama. There is a lot of emotional scenes between characters and a bit of erotica that has been toned down.

If you like Science (how the universe works with applied physics and mathematics), Magic (using the elementals; wind, water, earth and fire, with spirit energy), or Sorcery (magic and science combines with zero point energy) then you will like this book.

Now, add creatures with special powers who use more then 10% of their brain, telepathy, telekinesis and prognostication., tree hugging strange life forms, loving creatures, fertility gods and goddesses found in Norse mythology, dragons, light and dark elves, unicorns, alicorns, and Pegasus, this book has that and more. Add machines that can transverse time and space instantly, quasi-dimensional ships, what happened to Atlantis and the great flood 12,500 BC when the sea levels rose 1000 feet after the northern polar ice sheet cracked, then you will want to continue reading.

Many of the characters were created using names of friends, myself now and in my childhood, names from Norse legends and a few people I have met online.

Enjoy it while it's online and FREE.

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