Book 1

The Stolen Necklace

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  1. The Stolen Necklace
  2. The Vanir
  3. Gods & Goddesses of Japan
0 Script Preface Background concept of this unique online book Read first the concept of how this book is being created and more
1  Lady Robin What happens when an A.I. hijacks a human by luring her into a Quantum Entanglement Time Ship, QETS, and the adventures to find a stolen necklace begins on the event horizon
2 Recruits and Strays New crew members Panda Kitti and LeeZee join SpaceDog as he recalibrates the QETS for a jump to the 3rd realm and the land of light elves on Alfheim
  • Taking on a Stray
  • The Galley
  • LeeZee
  • The Power Source Controls
3 Companion The QETS is pulled off course and a BiFrost transmission comes out of a category 5 hurricane depositing Istanna
  • Visitor
  • The Eye of the Storm
  • Music Reunion
  • Patient
4 Ljosalfheim Forest

Departing in the QETS they arrive on Alfheim and meet Shadowfax who accepts the destiny of Istanna. Fontana witnesses the rebirth ceremony, meets Shadowfax and agrees to take SpaceDog and his companions to the Village of Elders and the group meets 2 white witches

  • Alfheim

  • Ljosalfheim Forest

  • Guardian of the Forest

  • The White Witches

 5 The Gallant Tree Inn First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is a mountain along side the World Tree. The group visits The Gallant Tree Inn and Bathhouse. We meet SpaceDog's children and sister while LeeZee finds hidden powers within
  • First There is a Mountain
  • The Village of Elders
  • Bath House and The Awakening
  • The Bath
6 The Village Elders  After LeeZee has awoken, everyone sits and eats while waiting for the elders of the Village of Elders. LeeZee is attacked by an elders who was influenced by a dark elf
  • LeeZee awake
  • Talking and Lesson
7 The Water Works Thor shows up on Thorsday and drinks with Dee before getting  briefed by SpaceDog's on his progress. Magic locates the necklace and it's location is explored. The dark elf asks for help after a short struggle. Returning to the inn at dawn they find a big surprise and later return to The Water Works.
  • Twin Moons
  • Helper
  • The Water Works
  • Raid
  • Breakfast
  • Return to the Water Works
8 We Have Dragons Istanna hatches with a twin brother. There is a problem and the twin dragon. After Tanna has his mind wiped and is placed in Odins' care on Asgard after SpaceDog returns the necklace and gets to keep the Vastu stone until...
  • Twins
  • Leaving The Village
  • Asgard Throne Room
9 Return to the QETS Gax and her family are taken to the realm of choice and Lady Robin returns to Midgard.
  • The QETS
  • Going Home
  • Lady Robin Goes Home
10 Istanna and Shadow Mage Dee is followed into the QETS after returning Lady Robin to Midgard and they get more then what they bargain for when confronted by 12 cyborg Dachshunds, a Vanir and a dragon who keeps doubling in size. Dee and her new friend figure out the time paradox answer
  • Shadows
  • Niflheim, realm of Ice and Fog
  • Sidrat, the Artificial Intelligence
11 Recovery and Time Istanna has morphed into a tiger and recovers to full Goddess status when she and SpaceDog plan for a journey to his home world. Dee and Sidrat take a trip to Earth and while there discover what the Shadow Mage were after.
  • Morris Stone
  • Dream
  • Mêlée
  • Plans


12 Time and Travel Dee is put in command of the QETS and takes Istanna and the Star Lord to Kveyka, the city in the woods. Sasshi tries to steal the gem Dee has that is now glowing after she put blood on it, Notakill dies and Sasshi is taken to Atlantis to undergoes trial while the dogs take the Library.
  • Paradox
  • Departure
  • Vanaheim
  • Time
  • Atlantis
  • Library
  • Court
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