Book 2 - The Vanir

 Chapter 1 ~ The Forest City Kveyka

Vanaheim is in the third realm and home of the Vanir. It's hidden from Odin, king of Asgard, when he sits on the all seeing throne, Hlidskjalf. That chair was created by the Vanir using science, sorcery and a type of ancient magic lost shortly after it was created. That same type magic now keeps Vanaheim hidden from all except a Vanr.

Stepping through the event-horizon portal from the QETS, SpaceDog and Istanna emerge through a door on the side of a huge tree in a forest so tall and wide, some trees are touching the clouds. They don't notice Root, a meter tall Barker, exiting the portal behind them. The door disappears when the portal is closed and programmed to reappear once the planet completes one full cycle around the binary suns of Polaris.

Across the valley of forest trees, long rows of tall even granite pillars, almost all the same size, stand as mountains taking up the south side of the valley. Some of these pillar are crumbling buildings from the former Vanir civilization.

SpaceDog hugs Istanna and points to a tree with a door and many large windows. They walk at a leisurely pace not noticing the Barker following them. SpaceDog is home for the first time in just under 600 solar cycles, He opens the door to his home, steps inside and looks at the dust collecting on everything wiping his finger across the surfaces and begins to remove the covers on the furniture.

[SpaceDog] "Looks like we've got a lot of work ahead of us love. Should be some wild vegetables and fruit growing out back. Pick something we can snack on first and then we can get to the really hard core cleaning before we dig up the artifact I buried." 

He goes to the cleaning supply cupboard and takes out some cleaning items, bucket, dusters and notices that some supplies are missing. When Istanna returns, she is carrying a basket of fruits, vegetables and Dodo eggs from the back and returns to the kitchen were everything seems to be in working order.

[Istanna]    "Except for a few new bird nests and Dodo caves, this place looks like it has not changes in all the time we were gone. Did you just clean the kitchen? I could have sworn it was dusty when I walked out back a few moments ago."

SpaceDog walks into the kitchen with empty bucket and duster in hand. Istanna looks past him and points.

[Istanna]    "Root the Barker. Where did you come from?"

[Root]         "I am BarkeR"

[SpaceDog] "You came through the portal to help and get trained? What type of training do you need and how did you get into that control room?"

Suddenly Root disappears as does the dust in the room. He reappears with the buried artifact and hands it to SpaceDog.

[Root]         "I AM BaRker"

[SpaceDog] "I can see that you learn quickly and could learn almost anything. How did you get so fast?"

[Istanna]    "Root cleaned the kitchen and the yard now looks tidy."

[Root]         "I aM BarKer"

[SpaceDog] "Dee gave you the left over drinks last time you were at The Gallant Tree Inn, turned the unconsumed alcohol into magic and gave it to Root.... She is getting dangerously creative. I may have to whip her behind one of these days. What do you think Isty?

[Istanna]     "And the magic made him fast and Sidrat let him in the control room? Talk about a new use for alcohol. Guess we can try to figure out the artifact now."


The object looks like a light green jar with a papyrus scroll inside, a crank at one end and a slot in the base of the other end that's meant to hold a Valknut key. The marking on the scroll inside has no pattern or indication what the artifact might be or do.

[SpaceDog] "What do you think? Do you have an identify rune or magic you can use to figure out what this is?"

SpaceDog hands the artifact to Istanna.

[Istanna]    "Ouch!

After touching it she immediately puts it on the table, looks at her hand bleeding green light.

[Istanna]    "What the Hel is that thing? It just bit me!"

SpaceDog takes a close look at Istanna's hand and notices a rune symbol on her palm. He makes the same rune using his wand on her hand and the symbol disappears and reappears. He then tries to write the rune on the object but nothing happens, at first... then writing in ancient dragon shows up on the artifact. The writing stops with a Valknut symbol of 2 kissing dragons.

[SpaceDog] "I have that Valknut someplace but don't recognize either the rune meaning, or the writing. Any ideas Isty?"

Istanna not touching it again pushes it over with her knife, reads the writing and shakes her head several times.

[Istanna]    "I'm not sure what just happened but I think you just proposed to me and I accepted. If we put the Valknut in the base plate, we will find out either who this was meant for, what this rune means or we may be companions for life. The wording is all wrong, sort of like the way you write."

SpaceDog's palm begins to itch and starts to bleed the same green rune that was on Istanna's palm. More writing begins to replace the original text on the artifact.

[Istanna]    "Looks like we need to put the Valknut in place within one moons cycle to complete the bonding, or we both die. Wonder how this thing can kill a God or Goddess?"

[SpaceDog] "Root, did you see, or could you find the key that looks like this and bring it to me?"

Root turns his head to one side looking at the 2 dragons kissing. Root disappears. 1/4 moment later he returns holding the Valknut and presents it to SpaceDog.

He places the key in the artifact and the words change again. Istanna reads the new inscription on the artifact...

Father & Son, Lord & Lady

[Istanna]    "Beloved couple. You have been bound by Bodn and Father Time, Nj÷r­r. You both now share each others DNA-s-t&a. As a couple, you are married with no way to retract this contract bound by Vanaheim law and the creator of the Vanir. This is 100% binding in every way and will help you both live forever as God and Goddess, Lord and Lady of Vanaheim. May you both live long lives full of love and adventures as fertility Gods."

[SpaceDog] "What in Hel has my father done now? I know he did this, expected us to return here and he has got to be around here someplace watching in the shadows. Shall we send Root on an errand to find him?"

Root begins to grin and before anything else is said disappears. Both Istanna and SpaceDog look at each other shrug their shoulders together, reach for the same piece of fruit, then ask and complete a question together.

[SpaceDog & Istanna] "What in the heavens has that thing done to me?"

They are 100% synchronized.

[Istanna]    "You"
[SpaceDog] "have"
[Istanna]    "got"
[SpaceDog] "to"
[Istanna]    "be"
[SpaceDog] "kidding"
[SpaceDog & Istanna]    "us."

A man appears alongside Root at the front door looking a bit unshaven with matted white & silver hair, a long beard, a pointed hat that looks like he took it from a witch, and a thick white robe while holding a trident staff. His piercing cobalt blue eyes look in at the 2 standing in shock.

[Njord]      "Not kidding this time son! You might want to pull the Valknut out of Bodn so you have your individualities back. Your Barker tells me you are Istanna, and Freyr, you now call yourself Star Lord SpaceDog? Freyr, I can tell from your handy work you created 'Root' from the world tree seed pods that fell a fortnight ago."

[SpaceDog] "How did you know that? Where have you been all these cycles? Have you seen my son or Gerda? What ever happened to Rosemary after you left with her, Raskle and the Little Fancy bitch?"

[Istanna]     "You are SpaceDog's dad? It's an honor to meet another living Vanir."

Istanna bows her head waiting for the eldest known Vanir to acknowledge her.

[Njord]      "It's my honor to meet my sons latest partner and I should be bowing to you since you are now the rightful Lord and Lady of Vanaheim. Istanna, just call me  Njord, Merlin, Poseidon, Father Time, Dad or.... Son, you talk to the world tree just like I do so we both should know things going on around us that nobody else knows. I've been working for ages trying to hide the families of the Vanir ever since the Ăsir decided to exterminate our race.  I sent many of them to Midgard or the other side of Alfheim. Tell you about that, maybe. I have not seen Gerda, but your son, Fiolnir, he and Rosemary went to colony 13.72 during the exodus."

[SpaceDog] "So there are more of our kind? How the Hel did we become Lord and Lady? Freak! I'll have to change my title from Star Lord to what... just Lord? Goddess, that sounds too weird..."

[Istanna]    "What's with this rune on our palms?"

[Njord]      "That device was created from the blood of Ymir, the ancient alien who created the Vanir. It binds 2 souls as rulers of Vanaheim. So yes, you are now the rulers of Vanaheim and became husband and wife when you handed it to her. The fact that it's working and didn't kill you both is a miracle since its over 25,624 cycles old. The runes on your palms will let you control anyone from or on Vanaheim."

[SpaceDog] "So if I tell you; Merlin, bow prostate!"

Njord suddenly finds himself on his knees unable to move and bows to his new family...

[Istanna]    "Never bow to us Merlin. You are now family and I will appoint you to chief advisor of Vanaheim, the oldest, but maybe not the wisest."

Njord finds himself once again able to move, stands and thinks out loud with a puzzled look on his face...

[Njord]      'Not the wisest? Hmmm... If you call me Merlin, then your commands will still work, but if you call me Njord, you do not have complete control over me... Awkward but workable.' "Looks like you will need to be careful with what you say since your new powers are absolute. I think the last Lord, me, pissed off Odin by making him do something unthinkable before he became king... You got the title Star Lord by helping him to remove all history of that event?"

[SpaceDog] "Now that you mention it, yes... So is that's where his hatred of our kind comes from? I always thought it was because you hid Vanaheim from his all seeing thrown or the fact the Rainbow Bridge can't teleport directly to here unless it's operated by the current gate keeper, Heimdallr, who I always suspected to be a Vanir."

[Njord]       "Not really. At that time, Heidor, your gold greedy sister by another name, went to Asgard and robbed the castle and caused trouble pushing the Ăsir aside. They tried to kill her by setting her on fire. She returned from the ashes 3 times. That, caused the Ăsir to hate the Vanir. Odin came to Vanaheim to confront her and me because I was Lord at the time. I used the power of Bodn, that so called artifact, to reshape his will and forged a truce in exchange for the life of my family. That is when I sent you and Freyja to live on Asgard so many cycles ago. Odin doesn't remember a thing about why he came here or what I did to him. And your sister changed her name and forgot about how much she loved gold."

Istanna looks at SpaceDog and then at his father.

[Istanna]   "I remember hearing a truce was called and exchanged your family for Hoenir and Mimir, who were thought to be wise advisors." 

[Njord]       "Turned out Hoenir was an idiot who agreed with anything anyone said. That pissed me off. I beheaded both and sent the head of Mimir back to Odin. But, I still had power over Odin because Bodn contains the blood of the first and that has power.

[SpaceDog] "Odin used magic to keep Mimir's head alive and is still an advisor to that retched king."

[Njord]       "After that, I denounced myself as Lord and sent the Vanir away. Tell me about the QETS. How is it working for you and have you discovered all it's little secrets yet? I know you've had it in your possession since you found the Valknut that gives you ownership. I designed and built it after building the 2 Bi-Frost Rainbow Bridges. You found it like I planned. Did you repair the time keeper?"

[Istanna]   "You built the BiFrost, QETS and Sidrat?"

[Njord]       "I'm a GOD. I can build anything! You're a Goddess and can do wonderful things using magic and your infinite imagination, so why not? I tried to make the time keeper automaton look like Gerda, but left her unfinished so you could make her look like whoever you wanted. Can you call her? I want to see what you did to her. You did keep it looking female didn't you?"

[SpaceDog] "Yes, she is still female. She and the QETS are not supposed to reappear for a full cycle. I wanted to spend some time with Istanna and teach her some ancient magic, but now that she is my wife and Lady... we've got all the time in the many realms. How do I call Sidrat here?"

[Njord]       "She was built & born on Vanaheim so the rune on your hand lets you call or command her."

Before SpaceDog can give the command, Istanna presses the rune on her hand.

[Istanna]    "Sidrat, entangle yourself to Vanaheim now."

Sidrat instantly appears and scans her surroundings.

[Sidrat]     "Commanders, maker, how may I be of service?"

[Njord]      "My Goddess! She looks just like your mother... Skadi. What did you do with her eyes? They are gorgeous!"

[Istanna]   "Sidrat, give Merlin, your maker, a greeting he will never forget."

She winks at Sidrat who walks up to Njord kisses him on the forehead and then gives him a twisty hug rubbing all over him, puts her long arms around him, up his back and kisses Njord for a long time on his lips.

[Istanna]   "Thank you Sidrat. Return to where you were and whatever you were doing."

Sidrat vanishes and Njord stands there in a state for a moment with his eyes closed, wishing that memory would never end...

[Njord]      "Wow! If your mother kissed or acted like that and didn't love the cold mountains so much, she might still be..."

Njord stands there thinking .... finally shudders and opens his eyes saying,

[Njord]      "Your mother was one of the first transported to Cusco with the second BiFrost."

[SpaceDog] "Mother is on Midgard? I thought I felt her presence when I went to Niflheim and thought her dead. I guess not. Sidrat's new eyes are made from slices of a stone that can control the Vastu stones."


[Njord]       "Wow! I would have never guess you had the knowledge to slice one of those and make eyes out of them. Son, Fiolnir calls himself Luke now and is at colony 13.72, better known as Machu Picchu and married to Rosemary. Raskle and Little Fancy bitch have both passed on and planted in your garden out back."

[SpaceDog] "That does not surprise me at all. Maybe we should visit there and get reunited. What do you think my love."

[Istanna]    "I think we need to do what we came here to do in the first place. You said there is ancient magic I need to learn. Where and what is it?"

[Njord]       "Before you get into that ancient magic, Istanna, you might want to crank the handle on Bodn. It will not bleed you again, but what it will do to you might surprise the Hel out of you.

[Istanna]   "I don't like the sound of that, but if you're going to be my advisor, I guess we should take your advise... Here goes!"

Istanna picks up the artifact and it does not bite her. She holds the crank on one end and is about to turn it when Njord interrupts.

[Njord]       "Wait! I almost forgot. SpaceDog, I like that name. It suites you. Put the Valknut back into the slot and hold the base."

SpaceDog does as instructed and hangs onto the base while Istanna turns the crank handle at the other end. After turning it twice it hits her with an electrical shock.

[SpaceDog] "I thought you said it will not hurt her. What was that?"

Slowly Istanna begins to change: her tail shrinks to nothing, kitty claws turn into full long fingers, her second set of cat ears disappear, her eyes get a little smaller, and her hair turns black with red highlights.

Njord pulls out a device from his pocket and scans her looking a bit puzzled at first and then grins. He puts the device back into his pocket and takes her hand, feels her neck and his grin gets bigger.

[Njord]       "I said it would not bleed her. Didn't say anything about shocking her. Not sure how long this is going to last or if she can be changed back, but you are no longer a dragon. Istanna, you are now a Vanir and your DNA-s-t&a matches SpaceDog's with just a few exception, mostly your dragon blood and sex."

[Istanna]   "Thinking about sex, what is this feeling that coming all over me? I'm hot but not sweating and just looking at Spacey makes me want to melt and get into bed with him and..."

[Njord]      "I think that's my clue to leave you two alone for a while. I live the tree with the white bark. Just come in when you two get hungry. I'm going to make us something delicious. Root, come with me. I might need you to fetch a few things."

Njord and Root leave and close the door behind them walking towards his home in the forest. SpaceDog and Istanna look each other in the eyes and start to strip leaving a trail of clothes all the way to the bed chamber.

Between the Sheets

[Istanna]   "What are all these sensations I'm having? I want to be touched here and here and down there, licked, kissed and licked some more. Not only that, but I want to do that to you too, touch you, kiss you, lick you and then play with your magic wand."

[SpaceDog] "In all my lifetime being a fertility god, I have never felt the need to be with another living creature then I do now. When that artifact engaged, the feelings for you went through the roof. You know I've always loved you, always wanted to have you by my side or in my chamber, but the only bed you have ever been in with me is the recovery bed. Why is that?"

[Istanna]   "Oh shut up and kiss me, lick me and touch me all over... My Lord!!! OH MY LORD!!!"

For the rest of the day and night, the new fertility Lord and Lady of Vanaheim made love over and over...

A Different World

After making love all day and night, the two love dragons slept most of the next day and in the late afternoon. Hunger pains struck both at the same time and they wake instantly. The two looked at each other not quite used to the fact they are a couple as well as being Lord and Lady of the whole realm of Vanaheim.

[Istanna]   "I wonder if your dad is still waiting for us. Is he a good cook?"

SpaceDog and Istanna keep touching one another in places they never expected feeling new sensations, power and the need to be close to one another.

[SpaceDog] "I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've even seen him. So really, I haven't a clue what his cooking is like. Can't be that bad since he's lived this long. Kiss me again like you did last night. That was truly an amazing feeling. Have you gotten used to being a Vanir yet?"

[Istanna]   "As a dragon I could sense things, but as a Vanir I know what you want before you say anything and that pushed my feelings over the edge several times. It's a different world and yet, I still have most of the magic inside this tall curvaceous body. I almost exposed some of my magic while making love to you. That was both exciting and scary at the same time. Will I be able to make you babies?"

SpaceDog gets a bit faint for the moment thinking of children and what that would mean or do to his life. He shakes his head YES and looks deep into Istanna's eyes. Then he takes in the whole picture of her long hair, ears, golden eyes, nose, full lips on her smiling mouth, down her neck, stops looking at her abundant chest and swallows..

Istanna too is still feeling hot all over with some very new feelings in places she never realized existed. Looking back at SpaceDog, she too notices the shiny bald head, white beard, deep green eyes, slender neck and looking down to his chest she wants to press her chest against his.

They closes their eyes at the same time and feels a surge of magic pass between them stronger then any growth spurt she passed as a dragon and in unison say,

[SpaceDog & Istanna] "If this isn't love, then what is it?"

After washing each other and getting dressed, the newlyweds walk hand in hand to Njord's home in the tree in anticipation of a meal. When they walk in the door, the smell of food is more then what they expected. 

[Istanna]   "Wowwwww! I can't believe what I'm smelling. For the first time in my life, all my senses are exploding. This is a really nice place you have here. Wait, am I seeing double or are there 2 Barker in the corner?"

[Njord]      "You are not seeing double Istanna. This is Toot along side Root. Made him a fortnight ago same time my son made Root. I also made another named Soot, but delivered that Barker to Machu Picchu while you 2 were engaged exchanging magic together."

[SpaceDog] "Is your Bi-Frost also a time machine?"

[Njord]      "No, but it can teleport to the QETS and link to a portal in control room 6. He he he... Bet you never expected that, now did you. I had to see Sidrat again too. She is a masterpiece of science, organic technology and magic. Did you know she is now a 100% sexually functional automaton?"

[Istanna]   "No way! You mean she's going to be chasing after my husband?"

[Njord]      "Slow down little lady. She may be functional but she was never placed in the active mode so she is not going to bend over without the command code and currently, you are that command code since you commander her to entangle here. Ever wonder why you are always one step ahead of SpaceDog when it comes to Sidrat? After we eat, I've something to show you two, so eat up and enjoy the meal."

[Istanna]   "I was wondering about that..."


Sitting around the table, the food laid out before them is truly fit for a king and queen. Root and Toot wait on the three hand and foot, filling their cups when only half empty and bringing in anything they ask for. After the meal has ended, the 3 gods sit relishing the smells, the tastes and the many fascinating tales and adventures over the ages. They talk about dreams, ambitions and what the future may hold for the race of gods called the Vanir.

[SpaceDog] "So what you're saying is, you've spent thousands of years on Midgard in Atlantis and now want to go to England as Merlin?"

[Njord]       "I am already a god and king of the sea. Citizens of Atlantis know me as Poseidon and I have spent a lot of time there. I was there on sink day and acting as an adjudicator for the court making sure the time paradox fell into place. Dee is a genius figuring out the clues you left for her."

[SpaceDog] "You mean to tell me you've been behind all parts of my life and never showed yourself?"

[Istanna]    "Even I thought something was fishy seeing the clues and the presence of that sorcerers stone Dee keeps buried between her girls. She will tell us about it and we will already know what happened. She might be shocked. But she is a smart girl and will figure it out."

[Njord]       "Root, Toot, time to get going. Clean and place the put everything in stealth mode. Son, do you have the Helm of Awe with you?"

[SpaceDog] "It's on the QETS in my chamber, or did I leave it at The Gallant Tree Inn... Wait a moment while I fetch it. Root, hold onto me. Since Sidrat was able to entangle here we should be able to go there."

SpaceDog places his middle finger on the tip of his mouth and imprints an image of the Helm of Awe in Roots mind. He rolls up his sleeve and presses the pink gem on the quantum entanglement gauntlet and disappears.

Less then a moment later they reappears with Root holding the Helm of Awe Valknut.

[Istanna]    "What type of key is that?"

[Njord]       "That my lady, calls the the best ship I ever made, the Skithblathnir. To call the ship, just touch the rune on your palm while holding the Helm of Awe.

SpaceDog takes the Valknut from Root and touches the rune on his palm. A small box appears suspended mid air in front of him.

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