Chapter 2 - Refuge

The Vanir Lord and Lady are transported to Machu Picchu in a quasi-dimensional ship known as Skithblathnir captained by the Father of Time. Njord, Star Lord SpaceDog and Lady Istanna explore Midgard in the magic ship and discover families thought lost in a world with many wonders.

Pigs Can Fly

SpaceDog places his middle finger on the tip of his mouth and imprints an image of the Helm of Awe in Roots mind. He rolls up his sleeve and presses a pink gem on the quantum entanglement device that looks like a gauntlet and both SpaceDog and Root disappear.

Less then a moment later they reappear with Root holding the Valknut.

[Istanna]    "What type of key is that?"

[Njord]       "That my lady, links to the Skithblathnir, best ship ever made. To call the ship, just touch the rune on your palm while holding the Helm of Awe.

SpaceDog takes the Valknut from Root and touches the rune on his palm. A small box appears suspended mid air in front of him.

[Njord]       "Let's take that outside. It will take us anywhere at any time we want to go. HOME, lockdown when we close the door."

SpaceDog plucks the suspended box and notices it has no weight. Root, Toot, SpaceDog, Istanna and Njord step outside and when Njord closes the door, the home changes into an older tree with gold colored leaves. 

[Istanna]    "I get the feeling we are going on a long trip back in time? Am I correct?"

[Njord]       "Your Vanir instincts are kicking in and you will find out sooner then you think. But first, we need to decide what our ship will look like and how it will sail. Son, you are in tune with Midgard technology, past, present and future. What do you think? Airships like those in Atlantis, air foils, a flying tea cup and saucer? Istanna, mind trip with SpaceDog and put your heads together, literally. Then whatever you come up with think of it as real and we are passengers in or on it."

Istanna and SpaceDog put their heads together for a brief moment exchanging ideas and memories and they both say at the same time,

[Istanna & SpaceDog] "If pigs could fly!"

The small box in SpaceDog's hand starts to change shape, unfolds again and again surrounding them. The Skithblathnir takes the shape of a large pig and they, are in the belly of the beast, sitting on comfortable pigskin chairs looking out transparent sides.

[Njord]       "You have got to be kidding me. A flying pig? You two are geniuses and have one Hel of an imagination when you put your heads together. If you don't mind... can I take the helm? Since you called it, just tell the ship my name and that I am captain."

[SpaceDog] "Skithblathnir, give Father Time, Njord,  helm as your captain. Give him command NOW."

[Istanna]    "How in the 9 realms are we going to get from here to there and when will we be going in time?. I've not herd of this type of magic before and it feels all wrong and mystical."

[Njord]       "Don't worry Istanna. This ship is also quasi-dimensional like the QETS and exists in non-linear time. In other words, it's built on ancient alien magic and Ymir build it.  Skithblathnir your name is now PIG. PIG, show me a 4 dimensional map of Midgard NOW."

A 1 square meter, 4 dimensional map of Earth appears in the pigs nose with constantly shifting tectonic plates. Njord places his hand on what looks like a time scale and adjusts it to Earth year at approximately 200 BC. Many of the names on the map change as he spins the globe and re-adjusts the linear timeline.

[Njord]       "This is how we are going to get where the Vanir are after the exodus when I took most of them to Midgard at the beginning of the Ęsir/Vanir war. PIG, set course to Midgard colony 13.72 realm 5, 222EBC day 149.5, location code name Machu Picchu and hold in Sol/Luna pattern. Entangle, then hold position for 20 moments. Apply NOW."

The entire ship structure becomes semi-transparent and the brightest stars in the heavens begin to move in mysterious ways. A milliarn later, most of the ship becomes transparent again and hovering around the top of a mountain creating an odd shaped flying pig shadow from the sun and moon directly overhead. Below, a green beacon pulses into the sky from the top of one stone structure striking the belly of the flying PIG. An Atlantean voice says,

[Voice]        "Unidentified flying pig. State your identification and intention."

[Njord]       "I am Njord, your former Lord and this flying pig is the Skithblathnir, now called PIG. I have the current Lord and Lady of Vanaheim with me and we will be groundside in 19 moments. Prepare for our arrival. Do you need confirmation of intent?"

[Voice]        "I will accept confirmation from the Lord."

Njord points to the glowing green light looking at SpaceDog.

[SpaceDog] "I am Star Lord SpaceDog, and rightful ruler of Vanaheim. Gather everyone who is not on duty on the southern end of the main courtyard before we arrive. On your knees now. To whom am I speaking?"

Voice falls to his knees. A guard at the door also drops to her knees and both bow prostrate.

[Voice]        "I am Voice at your command sire. The guard and I have both confirmed your identification from your command to drop to our knees. We will gather all not on duty as you have requested. May we stand and return to duty, my Lord?"

[SpaceDog] "You may stand Voice as may the guard."

[Voice]        "Sire, welcome to Machu Picchu. Is there anything else you desire?"

SpaceDog looks at Istanna and nods his head to the glowing communication device.

[Istanna]    "Voice, I am Istanna. Let everyone know that we are not to be addressed as king, queen, sire or your majesty. All will address my husband as Star Lord SpaceDog and I will be addressed as Lady Istanna. And one more thing... We have a BIG surprise for all who have come here in fear of the Ęsir. We will address everyone shortly."

[Voice]        "As your hearts commands Lady Istanna, it will be done."

Njord waves his hand over the green light and it turns amber.

[Njord]       "PIG, land on the north end of the courtyard and deploy all passengers as soon as everyone outside has gathered."

[Istanna]    "I don't know what just came over me, calling myself Lady Istanna. Do you think it's acceptable for your wife and goddess?"

A huge grin comes over the faces of SpaceDog, Njord, Toot and Root. All nodding YES in agreement.

Machu Picchu and the End of Exile

Moments later, the giant flying pig descends and lands at one end of the courtyard before a group of Vanir standing with their heads bowed. The Skithblathnir begins to change shape and 5 figures appear as it folds back into a small box that suspends itself in front of Njord. Njord puts it in a small bag tied to his trident. SpaceDog looks at the faces in the crowd, trying to recognize his mother, son or Rosemary, but does not recognize any of them. Njord steps forward and Toot stands by his side.

[Njord]       "Citizens of Vanaheim, raise your heads.  I am Njord. Many may remember me as the Vanir who helped you escape Vanaheim at the beginning and during the war with the Ęsir. Others may remember me as your former Lord. On this day, I am honored to introduce my son Freyr and his wife, the Air Goddess Dragoness of Alfheim, Istanna. Voice was instructed to tell you that your new Lord and Lady do not want to be addressed as your highness, your majesty, sire or anything that would hint of their position amongst the Gods and Goddesses. I now present to you Star Lord SpaceDog and Lady Istanna."

[SpaceDog] "Greetings Gods and Goddesses. I will give this command only once to prove that I am your true Lord. Lady Istanna will follow with a command to prove that she is my wife and partner for life. You will now look at my father Njord, hold down your right eyelid with your right middle finger and stick out your tongue at him for giving me this position as your ruler. Hold that position."

Everyone in the group looks a little startled but follow SpaceDog's command and pull down their eyelid while sticking out their tongue at Njord and many try not to laugh.

[Istanna]    "You are all released from the position SpaceDog commanded you. Now please relax."

[SpaceDog] "For countless solar cycles,  our race was hated by the war Gods of Asgard, the Ęsir, and many perished in the Ęsir-Vanir war. That war is over and we wish to give you the chance to rebuild your homes on Vanaheim. The Bi-Frost Rainbow Bridge on Vanaheim or our ship will return you there when you are ready. If for some reason you do not wish to return, we have alternative options, but you can't stay here."

[Istanna]    "Some of you already speak Atlantean or Latin and we can take you to meet your brothers and sister in Atlantis. We would need to place you further into the past because you already know Atlantis sank when the tectonic plates in the Atlantic Ocean spread apart Earth year 12,525 EBC when the glacial ice field cracked and released the water causing sea levels to raise 100 meters. That option may be a short lived but will allow you to rescue many of the refugees before Sink-Day."

[Njord]       "Another choice is a place called England. I will be spending a few hundred Earth years there tracking down a renegade God that has appeared many times in Earths history and the only known Vanir who lies. I would like some company and trusted God children as my eyes and ears when I go there after I return most of you home on Vanaheim."

[SpaceDog] "The last option, we offer to masters of mysticism, will first take you to the plains of Nazca on this continent. We would like to set up a temporary holding depot for plants and animal on this planet that will go extinct at the hands of the humans. They will be taken to a wildlife refuge planet in the 10th realm. When we leave Nazca, a mystic mystery will be left for the people of Earth to ponder centuries into the future. No matter what you choose, when you leave here, you will only leave buildings and no trace as to who you are, or how long you have been on Midgard. If you have any questions or concerns, you may come forward. For those who already know your intended place to live, you may start packing on this exceptional Saturnday at Machu Picchu."

Njord strikes the ground with his trident signaling the end of the meeting. Some of the Vanir come forward to speak to the new Lord and Lady of Vanaheim while a few return to their homes to pack all their belongings for the trip they have already chosen. They, like all Vanir, have the power of prognostication but many stay for another reason.

Root stands between SpaceDog and Istanna while Toot stands between Istanna and Njord. Lines form in front of each of the royal family.

[SpaceDog] "Please, no ques. Everyone will get a turn to ask questions and I will let Root the Barker, pick who asks the questions. Your questions and our answers are important and everyone should hear them."

Root picks the first citizen by touching his hand.

[Citizen Cain]   "It's an honor to meet you Star Lord SpaceDog on this exceptional day. I am Cain. Njord said you are his son, Freyr, yet you call yourself Star Lord SpaceDog. I'm slightly confused and why give up the royal title and salutation?

[SpaceDog] "I was born some 16 millennium ago and have had many names in my lifetime. Freyr was the first name given to me by my mother and father. Only my immediate family have ever use it. Let everyone know I am simply SpaceDog, or Star Lord SpaceDog and, if you need my Godly powers, call me Commander SpaceDog. The title Star Lord was given to me by our former enemy and king of the Ęsir, Odin, when I removed all traces of an event he was never proud of before he became king. The reason why we don't use royalty salutations is because unlike most who hold power, we have no wish to change the lives of other by our status. We respect everyone's wishes and only work for the good of all peaceful Gods, Goddesses, humans, Fea, magical and all living creatures. Thank you for your Question Cain."

Root picks the next citizen touching her hand.

[Citizen Ruthr]   "Lady Istanna, I am a truth seer named Ruthr. I sense you have not been a Vanir for long and was addressed as the Air Goddess Dragoness of Alfheim. Please explain."

[Istanna]     "Good question Ruthr. It is true I am Istanna and was the Air Goddess dragoness of Alfheim. I have been a friend of SpaceDog for over 5000 cycles. I became a Vanir, your Lady and wife of SpaceDog when he handed me what we thought was a simple artifact he found 600 cycles ago. It was in fact Bodn, the first soul binding Vanir device created 25,624 cycles ago with the blood and magic from the very first Alien/Vanir contact, Ymir. It changed my DNA-s-t&a to match SpaceDog's genetic makeup, soul, telepathic and abilities with only some minor exceptions. My dragon blood remains in me and I'm 100% female."

[Njord]        "Bodn was supposed to create 2 bound rulers, a king and queen who would have the ability to control the Vanir if ever needed. When I used the device with my wife, Skadi, she let go of it and refused to let it change her or bind us. However, I became bound to the land of Vanaheim instead. Is Skadi still living here?"

[Citizen Ruthr]   "Skadi left right after she arrived. Said she wanted to live on the tallest mountain range on Midgard and suspect that's where you may find her."

Root once again picks a young looking male from the group.

[ ~Luke~ ]          "This may shock you Star Lord, or should I call you Freyr, for I am Luke. My given name was Fiolnir, son of Gertrude and Freyr. Does this mean you are my father, the Vanir I never met because mother took me away from you after I was born?"

~~~~ there is total silence as the sun, eclipsed by the moon, begins totality phase ~~~~

Vanir Reunion

Njord, also being Father Time, planned this day as an event all would remember. A short time before the flying pig arrived, many of the citizens of Machu Picchu were already off work duty and gathered for viewing the total eclipse of the sun. This made all the Vanir easy to assemble for the arrival of the new Lord and Lady. What nobody had taken into consideration, was the reunion of father and son starting at the beginning of totality.

SpaceDog and Istanna look at the crowd of Vanir watching the eclipse. They both grin noting Father Time's perfect timing of this event. SpaceDog looks at Luke and motions for him to join them. He then addresses the crowd.

[SpaceDog] "I see we came on a day of an event we should all enjoy. We will reconvene in one arn."

[Njord]       "The eclipse will only last 2 moments so be mindful not to loose site."

Luke walks up to his father and then looks up into the heavens with tears in his eyes.

[ ~Luke~ ]   "Why did it take you so long to find me and why could I never find you? Mother is going to be shocked when she hears you are on Midgard, here at Machu Picchu flying around in a pig.  And, you are the Lord of the Vanir. Rosemary is with 2 of our children in Peru reproducing the construction prints for the Giza ether power plant that quit working 10,000 years ago."

[SpaceDog] "I'm still in shock. Give me half a moment... First, when your mother left me, all she said was, I'm leaving you. Good Bye! and I never heard from her again. Second, every time I've tried to go back in time to the day she left, or find a clue as to what happened, I run into a time paradox and can never get past it. I thought the ancient ones had cursed me, but now I think it's all the results of your grandfathers intervention."

SpaceDog looks at Njord who is quietly ignoring that last comment and looking at the eclipse when the sun begins to reemerge from behind the moon. Istanna steps up to Luke, takes his hands and looks back and forth between SpaceDog and Luke.

[Istanna]   "Luke, I'm Istanna. Guess you can call me your step mother. Your father has never lost the desire to be part of your life. Everywhere we have traveled in the past, he always asks if anyone has seen or know your whereabouts. Have faith in your father."

[SpaceDog] "What have you been doing with your life son?"

[ ~Luke~ ]   "I've been a mason since I was young and read most of the books in Atlantis before it sank. Rosemary and I skipped back and forth in time with the help of grandfather and I'm here because he told me to be. Rosemary is my mate. She and I have 4 children. 2 are architects, one is a healer and the last is a mystery surrounded by a paradox caught in an enigma. She is also an architect and teacher."

[Njord]       "There is a time and a place for everything in the universe. Today is the day the enigma ends and a new world is born. I see the light at the end of a tunnel and the puzzle pieces falling into place. I will soon be going back for the next phase of my journey. SpaceDog and Istanna will bring the Vanir race home to a time when we can live in peace with the other realms. I will come back to Midgard and pursue something in or around 300 EAD. Luke, want to help rebuild the cities of Vanaheim first?  Sure could use your help and you can spend time with your dad."

[ ~Luke~ ]   "It would be my honor grandfather.

[SpaceDog] "We've got a lot of catching up to do."

[Istanna]    "Did you hear that my love? You have grandchildren! Want to start out our own family? Hint, hint!"

The End of Machu Picchu

The day after the eclipse, many of the families were packed and ready to return to Vanaheim. Njord, now captain of Skithblathnir changes it into a flying disc large enough to carry everyone plus as many stored supplies as possible. After consulting with SpaceDog it was decided they would visit Cusco first and give those living there a return ticket to Vanaheim. Njord places his hand over the communication beacon.

[Njord]       "Voice, this is Njord in PIG and I am changing the ships name to SAUCER. We will be departing Machu Picchu for colony 13.71 Cusco in 2 arns time."

[Voice]        "Njord, your request to chance vessel identification is noted and will inform Cusco of your Arrival. Last of the guards and myself will be departing with you as we abandon colony 13.72 and help cleanup and rebuild our homes back on Vanaheim. Your intent has been noted."

[Njord]       "Be sure to get everyone onboard before we sterilize colony 13.72 of all Vanir technology."

Njord passes his hand over the communication light just as Luke, Istanna and SpaceDog enter the control panel.

[ ~Luke~ ]   "Did I hear you say sterilize Machu Picchu?"

[Njord]       "Not like kill everything, just remove all Vanir technology with a locate and collect spell. It will locate and collect things left behind, then deposit them in a Lost and Found/Recycle display or container onboard and then on Vanaheim. It will not remove, move or touch any stone structures so your handiwork will remain a mystery to the humans in the future."

[SpaceDog]  "We have a lot of those mysteries to lay down before we move off-world. Isty! Did you dream last night? I keep getting the strangest feeling like something magical is going to happen before we know it, I mean something special neither of us is expecting or can predict."

[Istanna]     "Now that you mention it, I remember twins but not our children. Strange I can't remember anything but us together snuggling."

[Njord]       "You both realize I see the future in my dreams, don't you? All Vanir and some humans do as well. It's not always reliable but has gotten me out of many near accidental experiments, rune writing, magic and sorcery done badly. Keeps me on my toes."

[ ~Luke~ ]   "What happened to those living tree creature you had when you first arrived? What are they?"

Istanna, SpaceDog and Njord look up and point to the three trees hanging upside down decorated with toys, tools and packages hanging from the ships cabin roof.

[SpaceDog]  "I get the feeling we should  be calling you Father Christmas.... Luke, those are sentient beings created with magic and seed pods from the world tree on Alfheim. Most call them Barker because almost everything they say is based on tones and the 3 words 'I am Barker', They are very adaptable to a lot of situations, and when one of my adopted daughters, Dee, turn alcohol into magic and gave it to Root, it made him super fast."

[ ~Luke~ ]   "You're telling me I have step daughters? Anything else I should know?"

[Istanna]     "You also have 2 twin step brothers from other mothers, Ruu and CeFuu. They are also adopted and siblings to Cyn and Dee who are also twins. Dee is currently taking care of a time paradox it seems she is part of. The rest of our family is on Alfheim at The Gallant Tree Inn and bath house that your father owns. His sister lives on Alfheim too in a place called Tree Fort."

[SpaceDog]  "I have many homes and places of residence but spend most of my time traveling the realms in this contraption your grandfather built and I now possess called the QETS, short for quantum entanglement time ship.  It works a lot like the Bi-Frost Rainbow Bridge teleporter but has so many more uses like food storage enough to last a city for 10 cycles and places to store all the things I've collected over my lifetime. Is it time yet Father?"

[Njord]       "Voice? Is everyone on board?"

[Voice]        "Yes sir. All Vanir, pets, livestock and belongings are stowed and ready for the trip to Cusco."

[Njord]        "In half a moment, everything will be sterilized outside."

A very short time later, they depart Machu Picchu completely clean of technology.


[Njord]       "Okay SAUCER, produce the 4-D map of Midgard with present linear time line and coordinates displayed."

A globe of Earth 1 meter in diameter appears on front of the captain. Njord then makes a slight adjustment on the time scale back 2 arns and 60 milliarns.

[Njord]       "SAUCER, take us to colony 13.71 at the time plotted. Make our arrival unnoticed in invisible mode. Apply NOW!  Voice, you are about to hear yourself from 2 arns ago on the communicator. Do not say a word. We are at Cusco 60 milliarns before you made that transmission and now here we are.

[Voice past]  "Cusco control. This is 'Voice' from Machu Picchu. You will soon be visited by a ship called SAUCER. The ship will be taking everyone back to Vanaheim after visiting Nazca."

[Cusco Control] "Did I hear you correctly Voice? A Ship called SAUCER will be arriving to take us back to Vanaheim?"

[Voice past]  "That is correct. The new rulers of Vanaheim will be visiting to tell you the situation. Rest assured, they are Vanir and not Asgardian."

Njord places his hand over the communication beacon and it turns amber.  He motions for Voice to announce their arrival as he removes his hand from the communication link and it again glows green. He then adjusts the SAUCER so it is no longer invisible.

[Voice]         "This is Voice onboard SAUCER you should be able to see it in the sky above you. We will be landing on the playing field and wish to address as many Vanir as possible. The new rulers are not what I expected and they do not want to be recognized as royalty of any kind. Everyone is to meet them in one arn's time and this is not a request. Their plan is to return everyone to Vanaheim or Atlantis with only a few exceptions. They will explain everything."

[Cusco Control] "That was a fast turn around time Voice. Does SAUCER have time jump capabilities?"

[Njord]       "This is captain of SAUCER. If there is anyone else in listening range of my voice, like the guards at the door, I wish they remain silent about the capabilities of the ship currently called SAUCER. Is that understood Cusco Control?"

[Cusco Control] "The two guards and I all agree to keep your wish. Is there anything I need to prepare for the rulers arrival?"

[Njord]       "I will be announcing the names of your new rulers and they will tell you about the end of exile from Vanaheim. As your former King, a title I never deserved,  it was my duty to create a ruse to hide the Vanir from the wrath of the Ęsir and their king. This ship will soon be planet-side and we will meet everyone on the North end of the playing field. See you all in less then an arn."

[Cusco Control] "Understood. I will have as many of the Vanir as I can meet you at the playing field."

Njord passes his hand over the communication device and it once again turns amber in standby mode. He looks as SpaceDog and Istanna enter the room dressed a bit different. SpaceDog has his normal black wool tuxedo but is clad in shorts and sandals instead of his normal knee high blue boots. Istanna, on the other hand has a blue silk blouse with puffy sleeves and a very short leather skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination.

[Njord]       "Somehow I feel like time is repeating over and over... Istanna? Is that your new look? It's very stunning and if you were not married to my son I would ask for your hand in marriage myself."

[Istanna]    "I know this is a bit risky, but I have my husbands approval. As you can see, his eyes have not left my body since we walked out of the dressing area. Root, Toot and Soot. I hope you can put your toys away for a little while and join us when we address the Vanir. I want to make a good impression and if you see a child with any doubt or worried look on their faces, give them a present. Okay?"

Just under an arn later, the total solar eclipse catches up to Cusco and everyone once again is looking to the heavens when SAUCER suddenly appears as the sun returns from behind the moon.  Njord looks at SpaceDog and Istanna and does a Thumbs Up to them both. They all emerge from the portal on the SAUCER and into a very large group of Vanir who just moments ago were looking at the eclipse. Njord addresses the crowd.

[Njord]       "This is a day to be remembered by all. The Vanir from Machu Picchu just saw the eclipse just moments ago and I, Father Time and your former king, planned this event to be a day of days for all to remember. Today, your new leaders, my son and his wife, will lead you back to Vanaheim where you will rebuild your lives. Let me introduce to you Star Lord SpaceDog and Lady Istanna."

The crowd of Vanir are very restless after seeing the total eclipse and now stand before their new leaders. Many are in awe of the fact they have a new set of leaders and many others wonder what it would be like to return home to Vanaheim after being refugees in exile for so many cycles.

[SpaceDog]  "Greetings on this exceptional day. My father, Njord once used a device to help him and his wife become leaders of anyone living on or from Vanaheim. That device contained the blood of the race of Gods that created us 25,624 cycles ago. That device is called Bodn.  600 cycles ago, I found Bodn but had no clue what it was or did, so I put it in a safe place until just a few days ago when I returned to Vanaheim and handed it to my best friend of 5000 cycles, the Air Goddess Dragoness of Alfheim, Istanna. Bodn bonded us as husband and wife and since we were the only couple on Vanaheim, it bound us to be the supreme rulers of the land. I introduce to you Lady Istanna, my beloved wife."

[Istanna]    "As The Air Goddess Dragoness deity of Alfheim, my powers come from my true blood, that of a dragon. When Bodn bonded us, it united my DNA-s-t&a to match SpaceDog's genetic code. I am no longer a Dragon Goddess but still have dragon blood in me. I am now mostly Vanir and have the same powers as my husband, plus a few that my dragon blood has yet to revel. One thing is certain, we both can control the hearts and actions of anyone on or from Vanaheim. However, That is not what we wanted but have accepted."

[SpaceDog]  "As your new leaders, we do not want to be treated like royalty or special in any way. We may be asked to make a decision that effects our entire race, but, I want to release most of that type of power to a governing body of Vanir. We are not your King and Queen. We are Vanir just like all of you. With that said, I have good news. The Ęsir no longer consider us a threat. The war between our 2 races was the result of my greedy sisters misbehaving when she tried to hoard all the gold on Asgard. She is no longer a threat to them and lives as an elder of the Village of Elder on Alfheim. So, your exile has been lifted and SAUCER can take you, your families and all your possessions back to Vanaheim."

[Njord]       "As your former King, I have  released my power to these 2. They will now give you a small demonstration as to how they can control you all. Istanna, this time you go first. By the way, you may all get to see the eclipse for a second time when we go to the picnic planned at Lake Titicaca in a short time."

[Istanna]    "Everyone start to laugh hysterically till Star Lord SpaceDog tells you to stop."

Everyone within the sound of Istanna's voice begins to laugh hysterically, even the young children. SpaceDog steps down and starts to mingle with the crowd making really bad faces that would scare the Hel out of anyone.

[SpaceDog]  "Stop and bow to the person closest to you but never bow to either me or Lady Istanna."

When SpaceDog gives the command, there is a bit of confusion as to why nobody is to bow to them, but soon they all realize this was part of the test to see if their command spells were real.

[SpaceDog]  "Okay everyone. Get all your possessions together for a trip. You may be taken to another locations before we return most of you to Vanaheim. Some may want to stay here, but this place will be sterilized of all technology just as Machu Picchu was an arn ago when the Vanir living there were vacated and placed in SAUCER. Those residents got to see the Eclipse for the second time just like you will at our next location."

[Njord]       "SAUCER is a lot bigger on the inside and is quasi-dimensional, so you will be able to take all you have on your return journey, however, this must be completed within 3 arns, then we sill sterilize colony 13.71 and all things Vanir will be removed from this location, just like we did at Machu Picchu. For those who have not guessed our next destination, it's colony 15.69 and Lake Titicaca for a large picnic lunch and then Nazca."

So many Vanir and so little time to clean up and remove all their belongings. But 3 arns later, through teamwork, the task was completed and all the refugees were packed and ready to move on without a doubt in their minds....

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