Chapter 3 - The Mysteries of Peru


The Vanir are masters of Mystery, Magic, and Prognostication (knowing something before it happens - Time Keepers) but their roll is hidden from humans by a shroud of mystery. Did Gods once roam the lands commonly called Peru? Could the lines on the plains of Nazca really be a blueprint to the Giza power plant that stopped working during the flood of Earth year 12,525 EBC when the North Pole glacial ice sheet shifted dumping water into the oceans causing a 100 meter rise in sea levels? Or did the power plant stop working when all Vanir technology was stripped from Earth?

Lake Titicaca Picnic

What would life be like without a good picnic? After Machu Picchu and Cusco were evacuated and sterilized of all Vanir technology and existence, the homeward bound traveling Gods and Goddesses find themselves on their way to yet another solar eclipse and a picnic at Lake Titicaca. SAUCER now has traveled in less than a blink of an eye from colony 13.71 to colony 15.69 and Lake Titicaca where the Vanir from Machu Picchu will witness the same solar eclipse for the third time and the colonists from Cusco will see it for a second time. Captain of SAUCER makes an announcement that startles the passengers but keep them in awe of all the many splendors of technology yet realized by the Gods and Goddesses.

[Njord]       "Greetings to all of you Gods and Goddesses. At this time, we are cloaked over Lake Titicaca about 22.5 clicks above Earth. You all have a choice to witness the eclipse from lakeside or onboard SAUCER. As a quasi-dimensional non linier time vessel, you can view the eclipse through it's transparent walls, and watch the eclipse as it crosses Midgard. If you choose to go lakeside, make your way to the blue side of SAUCER and we will teleport you there using quantum entanglement."

About 1/3 of the occupants go to the blue light side of SAUCER. SpaceDog and Istanna both use the quantum entanglement gauntlets and transport the waiting Vanir to Lake Titicaca in the blink of an eye.

After transporting 1/3 of the passengers, SAUCER remains suspended above the lake and all still aboard watch the solar eclipse as it crosses the Earth over the next arn.

[Istanna]      "For those who remained onboard, we have an extra special job for you. First, think of all the things you would like to have at a picnic under the eclipse once again. I will scan your minds and find a way to gather everything you are thinking of. We will make a grand feast for all 900 souls that are here on this exceptional day. If you choose not to be scanned, stick your fingers in your ears and I will skip your thoughts. There should be enough communal provisions for everyone to feast."

[SpaceDog]  "If there are any exotic requests such as Dodo curry, or fruit not found in this area, let me know by raising your hand and I will come by and gather what you want after collecting your thoughts."

Istanna and SpaceDog both scan the Vanir and find most of what they want already onboard. There are a few items that require some work getting, like fresh tuna and salmon for sushi and SpaceDog finds everything requested. Istanna has her work set out as well. She finds several men and woman able to cook and set up food for a large number and appoints them as lead chefs.

[Istanna]     "Njord, can you set SAUCER down on the west side of the lake just before dawn? I want to watch the sun rise as it comes over the mountain. We will start the fire pits there. After dawn has broken, we will light the fires."

[SpaceDog]  "That's a great idea.  Cooks and able bodies who want to help set up the picnic area, you get to be extra special today for providing a grand picnic for all 900 or more. You know we can make this a fun day with food, drink and a setting that will leave everyone breathless.

A moment later, SAUCER opens and all the needed supplies are set outside including 2 large pigs sacrificed for the din. The fire pits are dug and shortly after the sun has risen over the mountain, the fires are started to produce the charcoal needed to cook the pork and potatoes.  Several large pots are made ready for cooking corn, chili, rice and some native Peruvian dishes as well. The four traditional staples of Peruvian cuisine are corn, potatoes, tubers, legumes (beans and lupines) and a variety of over 20 native fruits. One of the huntsman/butchers quickly tracks down a wild lemma and makes assorted cuts of meat for the cooks.

After the smoke begins to rise, it arouses the locals in colony 15.69 who come out asking what's going on and then offer to help. All is going well and news spreads quickly about the large picnic. Some games are set up for the children and young adults. A few science experiments are also set up to teach what happens during a solar eclipse for their curious minds.

[ ~Luke~ ]     "Well this is something I would not have not expected in 1000 year... Most of our family together for the first time plus our dad, his dragoness wife and an eclipse that some of us have already seen a time or 3. And a picnic for the Vanir refugees who are homeward bound. Rosemary, is Freyr really your dad as well? I would never have expected, seeing you have elf ears and our 2 of our children also have Elvin ears."

[Rosemary]    "We are only half blood of father and don't need to worry about bad bloodlines in our children. This picnic idea is sounding better and better. I hear dad makes a delicious Dodo and black rice curry. I remember it as a child and I'm sure he has made some improvements. What do you think about the move back to Vanaheim?"

[ ~Luke~ ]     "I think it will be a lot of hard work getting the place back in order since the ∆sir made waste of a lot of the building looking for us. Little did they know we had already exited the lands before they arrived. I am still having a hard time believing that dad and us are reunited. It doesn't feel real."

[Rosemary]    "Think the move back will answer a lot of questions and give you work as a mason. Jessi and Genni may soon be joining us but I can't locate Ruffi or Buffi. I suspect Buffi is up to his neck in trouble, like always. But you know, if food is involved, they will all be here sooner then later."

[ ~Luke~ ]     "I bet that if you make some of that wonderful chili chocolate cocoa drink, they will be here in an instant. Are you ever going to tell me your special recipe for making it so special?"

[Rosemary]    "If I told you that, it may not be so special to you anymore.  Just kidding! Okay, I add a little bit of this, a bit of that, a gluey butterbean and French fries fat.  Satisfied? Wait, that's all wrong, well not really but I can change the names of things so I am not lying. Hearty Har Har! When will the picnic start?"

A huge boom in the background gets everyone's attention... Something happened under water and all the little parasites start to float to the surface of the lake along with a few large fish. Another 'boom!' sounds and a big splash in the center of the lake. From the top of a hill in the East, a large rolling stand descends down the mountain trail followed by the beating of 2 large drums like those at a Japanese Festival. On the East side of the lake, a large bonfire starts to blaze and the beating of the drums continue. There are over a dozen large Vanir using polls to carry the drumming platform and it makes it's way down to the lake. Once at the lake, the sound of drumming stops. Suddenly, the sky becomes dark as the sun is eclipsed by the moon.  Firework are set off at the peak of the Eclipse and they are highlighted by the darkness.

Father Time, Star Lord SpaceDog, Lady Istanna, Root, Toot and Soot sit back in a field of grass watching the eclipse and note SAUCER is on the trailing edge of the eclipse with 600 or so Vanir watching the eclipse from 22.5 clicks above the lake. SpaceDog points out,

[SpaceDog]  "That's us up there watching the Lake and the eclipse. What a paradox and an enigma at the same time. I guess it's okay as long as we are not in the same vicinity without a null field generator.  Dad, you will tech me more about your ancient knowledge about the aliens that made us who we are, right?"

[Njord]        "There is not much to tell, really. By now the Atlantis Archives should be aboard the QETS and you should be able to read them yourself."

[SpaceDog]  "What?"

[Njord]        "You heard me. Dee and the other misfits retrieved the entire library before Atlantis sank and ... guess you will find out more from your adopted daughter when you get back. By the way, you will not be gone a whole cycle as planned but for a different reason and you are going to surprise the Hel out of the group you left behind. But, I'm not going to tell you anything else. That book you wrote for Dee on Rainbow Bridge Mechanic was brilliant and I could not have worded it better."

[Root]          "I am Barker"

[Istanna]     "You tell um Root. Just be quiet and enjoy the show you two."

For more then 2 moments, the eclipse seemed to last forever. The sun finally emerged on the trailing edge and the sky once again began to lighten up. Being called 'you two' by Lady Istanna, her command words take full effect on both Vanir, they are forced to comply to her demand and remain silent.  SpaceDog and Njord look at each other puzzled at first, then accept what happened as something left unsaid. With the end of the eclipse, their stomachs both begin to rumble when a large explosion happens in the middle of Lake Titicaca, water well up from the center and a large wave slashes the shoreline. Everyone looks on and wonder who or what did that. Njord gets out an instrument from one of his many pockets and takes a reading from the blast area.

[Njord]        "That, was not my doing... but it was not natural either. I think that was someone planned the start of the picnic. Who's hungry?

Njord and SpaceDog's stomach both rumble again as does Istanna's and several other Vanir in the area. The drums begin it's methodic beating and everyone heads towards the picnic area. The feast begins and continues into the night along with dancing, singing and fireworks that brighten up the sky full of stars.

Nazca and The Holding Depot

Before returning to Vanaheim, the next destination for the Vanir is the Plains of Nazca and a mystery for the humans to discover. Why are there lines and the pictographs in the middle of a desert? Who made the lines and why? Only the Vanir can tell you... The Vanir race left Vanaheim to avoid being hunted down and a war. They went back in time to escape the wrath of the ∆sir and moved to Midgard. To avoid detection, the Vanir took up many locations that could not be found by humans due to the lack of oxygen at the high elevations of these colonies. The Asgard also lost interest in the Vanir having no clue where to look for them. After 222BC, the new rulers of the race of Gods and Goddesses, Star Lord SpaceDog and his wife Lady Istanna, found those refugees living on Earth and wanted to bring them home.

[Njord]        "So the plan remains the same. We haul all our people to Nazca and those who want to stay on Midgard make pictographs large enough not to be recognized  from the ground but can only be seen viewed from above the mountain tops? Why a contest?"

[SpaceDog]  "Maybe you've been isolated on Vanaheim for too long. The idea is to only let the worst artists stay, not the best. If the best stayed, the humans would figure out who built all the buildings with interlaced monolithic stonework bases. I want it to be a mystery and let them see Luke's stonework on all the land masses. This little contest will still be an enigma that will mystify the humans many years into the future until they learn to fly."

[Istanna]     "Have you asked Luke about his handiwork? He has been here most of his life. I don't suppose he's already made his mark like he did at Cusco and Machu Picchu, or has he?"

[SpaceDog]  "He already has. Said he wanted to do the building bases for all the great projects even though most of the main building were washed away from the great flood 10,000 cycles ago. Last night we chatted for a long time about our past and what we have planned for our futures. He talked with Rosemary and they want to move to Vanaheim, help DAD rebuild the stone city of Barra Hold and live in the Forest City of Kveyka until Barra is ready to be occupied again. I've still got a project I want to complete and the best place to do that is Nazca. Don't ask why... I'm still not sure but something is driving me there."

[Njord]        "Speaking of Nazca, did you know that Genni and Jessi have been building a huge replica of the plans for the Giza power plant that stopped working after the flood? Humans will have no clue what the lines in the plains are till they see it from space. You two might try to be here when they do figure it out. That would be interesting. Will humans put the 3 power plants at ground zero back into action or keep thinking it was built by Egyptians?"

[Istanna]      "I like my husbands plan for setting up a refuge camp for animals and plants. On this planet, those plants and animals will go extinct when humanity fails to live in peace with all the wonderful things found here on Midgard. I had that dream again."

 [SpaceDog]  "You mean the twins? Yes... I had the dream again too. Think the answer we are looking for will be found in Nazca."

 Luke and Rosemary walk into the control room in SAUCER and looks around. Rosemary goes over to her dad and gives him a big hug.

[Rosemary]   "We just overheard you talking about a dream about twins. Are you thinking about your adopted children, having some or something else? I get the impression something is blocking your senses until the right moment in time when you both need them. Yes momma Istanna, I'm talking about you too."

[Istanna]      "Funny how I can read Luke's mind, but I can't sense your thoughts at all Rosemary. Do you have the ability to block telepathy or is it the elf in you?"

Rosemary smiles and blows Istanna a kiss then wiggles her ears.

[Rosemary]  "These ears are both a gift and a curse of my non-∆sir Valkyrie mother. I can read almost anyone's mind if they are close. But what dad and you are blocking is not what you think it is. Luke, what do you know about twins?"

[ ~Luke~ ]    "I could tell you a lot about human twins, elf twins and Vanir twins, but almost nothing about Dragon twins. Read a lot of books in the Atlantean Archives, but there were a few pages that looked like they were missing and translated into an ancient elfish or alien script unlike anything I have ever seen."

[SpaceDog]   "Yes... I had some dealing with that book only a moon cycle ago.  One of the white witches I met on Alfheim, Angela, conjured up the book trying to find out about dragon twins. Isty, I know what you're going to ask but I can not answer that question. It was not the twin dragons that I have been dreaming about."

[Istanna]      "That sounds suspicious, Spacey! Not even a little clue?"

[SpaceDog]   "Nope!"

Voice steps into the control center and clears his throat.

[Njord]        "I think we are almost ready to depart for Nazca. Is there something amiss Voice?"

[Voice]         "No sir. I've come to tell you everyone is onboard and the few who remain, will sterilize the area before they move on in their own airship. We found out what those huge explosions were just before the picnic. A student named, Jeff the Dip, was playing with a timed release of Sodium in the water and also dropped a payload of Potassium from a Hydrogen balloon he made in his science class. Njord, you might want to take him on as your student."

[Njord]        "Is that the 14 cycle young boy who built a working miniature version of the Giza power plant and also fixed the beacon at Machu Picchu? Brilliant kid that one is. He would make a fine apprentice. If you don't mind, will you bring him to me."

Njord makes some adjustments on the 4-D map located in the control center, looks around the room. Makes a hand signal on to the communication device and changes it from amber to green.

[Njord]        "Hel on Earth fellow passengers aboard SAUCER. Captain Njord here welcoming you on the next leg of the journey on the ride home to Vanaheim. Our next stop is the Plains of Nazca where you will decide your final destination of either Atlantis, Isle of Man (for those few I pick to join me), or Vanaheim. We will be arriving yesterday morning when the eclipse started at colony 13.72 when the flying pig first came to Midgard. Thank you. We have arrived and soon you will be herded outside where nobody is expecting us. We will be here for at least 2 to 4 solar days so let's be useless and have some fun."

Njord smiles and presses several controls and slowly the SAUCER begins to open up and deploy the inhabitants. Several Vanir begin to set up tents for sleeping quarters, a kitchen and command center. Using a matter manipulation device, SpaceDog builds holding pens for the animals he plans to collect and makes a long list of plants, birds and other animals that will go extinct when humans begin to take from the Earth more then what they need.  A while later...

[Istanna]      "Of all the things that will go missing from Earth, why a list of only 31 animals when there is a whole lot more? Did 31 Vanir really think they could mystify the humans or is there something else?"

[SpaceDog]   "Luke said there are or were 32 colonies where he made monolithic building bases but can't remember where the 32nd one is. I will assign each place to a group of Vanir and see if they can come up with pictographs to represent the data I give them."

[ ~Luke~ ]    "I have suggested that each place be represented by something that will go missing from Midgard. Size of the pictographs, location in the plains have already been calculated but the objects and designs are still up to the 31 groups. I've given them more then enough information."

[Istanna]     "Wait, doesn't the QETS have 32 levels and only 31 are accessible by... What? Spacie!"

[ ~Luke~ ]    "Talk about a freak accident or did you plan this into your calculations dad?"

[SpaceDog]  "You know, I was thinking of naming the different levels in the QETS and I could use these pictographs to represent the levels. What do you think Njord? Hmmm... where did he go?"

SpaceDog does a quick scan of the area and notes that SAUCER  and Njord are both missing.

[ ~Luke~ ]    "You keep talking about this QETS. When do I get to see it?"

[SpaceDog]  "It's on a paradox mission at the moment and you will get to ride in it. It's got lots of space and can be made bigger like SAUCER can. It's quasi-dimensional, not multi-dimensional. Your grandfather can explain it to you, after all, he built the damned thing. Me wonders... Where did that old geezer run off to?"

Rosemary walks up to the group and states,

[Rosemary]   "That goofball of a grandfather left about 5 moments ago. Said something that sounded a bit peculiar, 'I forgot Veronica!' and then buggered off in SAUCER after making it look like a PIG."

[SpaceDog]  "No he is NOT bringing that Valkyrie here. Damn him. She will take over this place and take control of all the activities here. She will most likely bring Valerie and your mum, my ex lover, Victoria the Destroyer with her along with Lucinda."

[Rosemary]  "Wait, did you just call my mother Victoria the Destroyer?"

[SpaceDog]  "Yes I did. She had many names, most were good. Each name was for one of her personalities that cropped up, She is multi-polar and it shows in her mood swings. One day she would be sweet and kind, another day lustful and flirtatious with everyone, another day constantly depressed and worried about everything and then... her destroy everything in her path mood."

[Rosemary]  "I always wondered about those mood swings. Thought it was her erratically diet and what she was eating."

[SpaceDog]  "Her father was an Asgardian and mother a light elf. That is why she has multiple personalities. There is a lot more to her then what she showed on the outside. When I first met her, it was lust at first site and she was in her lustful moods. It lasted for an entire moon cycle. That is when you were conceived. After that she stayed in her 'Grand Adventure' mood while she carried you inside her."

[Istanna]      "When were you going to tell me all this Spacie?"

[SpaceDog]  "Isty my sweetheart, I rarely talk about past lovers. There is always good times, but then something happens and we split. With her, she found another lover while in one of her lustful moods and left me for him. But before that happened, we were a family after Rosemary was born, had fun for about 15 cycles and lived in Alfheim. Don't you remember the Unicorn Shadowfax and the Dragoness Goddess Istanna?"

[Istanna]      "That was me before I turned into a Vanir a quarter moon cycle ago."

[Rosemary]   "Oh my Goddess! I do remember you. Thought I recognized your voice. It has not changed but you sure look different now. Wow, what a change. Can you still transfigure into a dragon or cat woman?"

Using her hands, Istanna tweaks Rosemary on the tips of her ears sending her into another world of emotions and memories of having that done as a youngling.

[Istanna]      "You remember that, don't you? I'm not sure if I can change back. It's only been a short time since I turned into a Vanir and have no need to change back at this time."

[Rosemary]   "You've always had magic hands. That always sent me to another place in my mind and could put me to sleep when I couldn't."

[ ~Luke~ ]     "You will have to teach me how to use your magic hands Lady Istanna...

[Istanna]      "Come over here and let me see if I can share that information like Spacie and I do."

Istanna pulls Luke close and places her forehead on his. She concentrates her thoughts of making her hands reach out and touch another's mind when placing her fingers on their ears. A light blue spark occurs between there heads and the magic spell is transferred.

[ ~Luke~ ]     "Was that? How long have you been casting that spell my lady?"

[Istanna]      "Learned it as a youngling when I met Wind Walker, mother of Shadowfax. The head transfer technique I learned from your dad."

[SpaceDog]  "Don't look at me that way... I learned the head transfer spell from Wind Walker when she was young. I wonder how she's doing. We should check up on her next time we go to Alfheim. Now, I've got to get my things together and start collecting the animals I plan to rescue. Who's with me?"

[Istanna]      "You know I'm not leaving you any time soon. What are we getting first and how are we going to get them?"

SpaceDog points to the wrist gauntlets, pokes one and makes one that would really look nice on his wife's forearm appear and hands it to her. She smiles and looks at him flashing her eyes while making a purring sound. They walk away from the group and SpaceDog waves goodbye at them.

[SpaceDog]  "I haven't got all day you know. There are animals to corral and people to find, and I don't want to be in the vicinity when dad brings back a bunch of Valkyrie. He better have a good excuse for bringing them here. I assume that's what he will do. Let's go look for my ex Gertrude. You can do with her what you like but I want some answers from her about what she did taking Luke from me."

Half a day later, all the animals and most of the plants he knows will go extinct in a few thousand solar cycles, have been collected and ready to be transported and in the holding depot.

Prints of the Giza Power Plant Pyramid

SpaceDog sends several runners to go find Gertrude, Jessi and Genni. A short while later all three show up. SpaceDog's jaw drops when he sees the two woman that look like twins except one has pointed ears. He recognizes Gertrude right away and stops in his tracks.

[Gertrude]  "You sure are a sight for sore eyes. I never expected to see you again, especially since I abandoned you like that and took Fiolnir with me. Wait, did my spell finally fail. How is it you are near me?"

[SpaceDog]  "Jessi, Genni, I'm your grandfather. I understand you are both helping her with the Giza Ether power plant prints. How is it going?"

SpaceDog completely ignores Gertrude as if she is not there.

[Istanna]     "Hello. I'm SpaceDog's wife, Istanna. I am the other ruler of Vanaheim like your grandfather. We are very new to having found relatives and didn't even know there were any Vanir left except for Freyr, Freyja and Njord until 1/4 moon cycle ago."

[ ~Jessi~ ]   "My oh my. So you are the traveler that Gerd keeps a watchful eye out for. How did you break her spell? She has mentioned you a few times and regrets what she did, but a spell is a spell and can't be broken that easily."

[Gertrude]  "I just want to say..."

SpaceDog places his finger on his mouth, points to Gertrude with his other hand and she stops talking. She tries to say something to him and she can't open her mouth.

[ ~Genni~ ]  "Hi, I'm Genni. How did you do that? I didn't think anyone could get her to shut up."

[SpaceDog]  "Let's just say, that we are the rightful rulers of Vanaheim and anyone living on or that has visited there is under our control. Gertrude, go back to work and forget you saw us here."

Gertrude looks at the holding depot and then walks back to the plains where she was working on the Giza power plant illustration in the desert unaware her memory was just changed.

[Istanna]     "Don't worry. Our commands do not hurt anyone but can be a bit frightening first time and cause a momentary lapse of reason. So you are 2 of the 4 grandchildren. It's a pleasure to meet you."

[ ~Jessi~ ]   "Does that mean we will inherit the thrown one day?"

[SpaceDog]  "It's a bit more complicated then that. We are bonded by an artifact your great grandfather made, something called Bodn. When we were dropped off on Vanaheim, I dug up the artifact I buried 600 cycles ago when I found it and the damned thing bonded us to the land and made us the rulers. Then my dad showed up."

[Istanna]     "I was the Dragoness Goddess of Alfheim and Bodn changed my DNA-s-t&a to match his and made me a Vanir." 

[ ~Genni~ ]   "Wicked! How cool is that? I hear dragons can morph into other creatures and disguise themselves. Is that true?"

[Istanna]     "Yes and no. A dragon can camouflage themselves when in danger and can change shapes, but it take a lot of magic and not always possible. Although once they change, they can become that shape again without using much magic. I still have dragon blood in me but I'm not going to change any time soon."

[ ~Jessi~ ]   "Why not? Is it dangerous?"

[SpaceDog]  "I don't think its dangerous as much as she would loose a lot of the powers that a Vanir has and..."

[Istanna]      "And loose some of the emotions and sensations that a fertility Goddess has! There are things a Vanir can feel that a dragon just can't."

Istanna lightly strokes SpaceDog's cheek and rests her arm on his.

[SpaceDog]  "So tell me about the illustration for the power plant. Why is it being made in the desert and who thought of the idea?"

[ ~Genni~ ]   "It was fathers idea. He found the prints in a book in the Atlantis archives, made a copy and gave it to us as a graduation present when we completed our engineering degrees in Atlantis city. He said there was a note on the print from someone called Princess AtlŠntida and it was meant for us but he never showed us the note."

SpaceDog's jaw drops again for the second time.

[ ~Jessi~ ]   "Why that look. Do you know who this Princess AtlŠntida is?"

[SpaceDog]  "Princess AtlŠntida of Atlantis, wife of prince Harri, my best friend until he died a while back and left me in charge of his 2 sets of twins, Cyn, Dee, CeFuu and Ruu and gave me The Gallant Tree Inn and Bathhouse on Alfheim."

[Istanna]     "Do you think it has anything to do with the necklace paradox?"

[SpaceDog]  "I'm not sure but I'm going to spend some time speed reading once back on the QETS."

[ ~Jessi~ ]   "Quantum Entanglement Time Ship that grandfather time built and you found... Was I not supposed to say anything about it?"

Jessi looks around as if searching for someone hiding in the shadows. Genni shakes her head no.

[ ~Jessi~ ]   "Gerda is not here and it's been a long kept secret that she is jealous of the fact you got the QETS. She thought she would get it and started looking for it. When she found out you got to it first, she stopped and never said a word about it again."

[ ~Genni~ ]   "She is still jealous and pissed and a whole lot of other negative emotions that she keeps bottled up inside. Wish there was something you could do for her."

[Istanna]     "Well there is something we, him or I can do. You know what I'm thinking, don't you?"

[SpaceDog]  "Goddess, we think almost exactly alike so of course I know what you're thinking even without reading your mind. Let's sleep on it and let it manifest itself out in the morning at second breakfast. Jessi, Genni, be sure she is at second breakfast and let her know there is a surprise waiting for her."


The night before, plans were made so that at second breakfast, many of the people would chat with the new rulers of the Vanir race. Several of the group leaders had already made the calculations and rough drawing of the pictographs to be placed on the floor and walls of the Nazca Plains. SpaceDog and Istanna would then approve most of the plans and set things into motion letting the groups proceed.  But at morning light, SpaceDog and Istanna wake to a startling discovery.

[Istanna whispers]    "Spacie? We have visitors."

SpaceDog wakes up slowly and sense but can not feel something on his lap. When he looks down, a baby 5 tale fox is sleeping there. When he looks at Istanna, there is another identical baby fox curled up next to her neck.

[SpaceDog whispers]  "Are these the twins we've been dreaming about? They look identical. I wonder what their names are. I can not read their minds."

Suddenly, both foxes open their eyes and vanish.

[SpaceDog]  "Those are the twins we have been dreaming about. I think there is another set from the vibes they gave off but not sure what they are."

[Istanna]     "They are spirit guides. Air spirits like the Cheshire cats and fairies. Seems like somebody sent them to us but not sure who would do that or why."

[SpaceDog]  "More questions and more to think about. Let's get an early second breakfast so we can meet the groups, make final preparations and see if my dad is back with PIG so we can continue this journey.

Both get dressed quickly and notice they are dressed almost identically with dark leather jackets and trousers. Istanna picked out a dark green short sweater and SpaceDog had picked a dark blue one. They look at each other, smile and head off to the dining area where a group has already gathered waiting for them. At the long table, Gertrude, Genni, Jessi, Voice, Njord and Luke sit eating breakfast. At a second table, four Valkyrie glair at SpaceDog and Istanna as they enter the room.

[SpaceDog whispers]  "Shall I drop the command bomb here or wait and see what the deal is?"

[Istanna whispers]     "Let me handle this if you don't mind my love."

[Istanna]     "I see most of the family has decided to meet with us for breakfast so everyone, stand up, put your right index finger under your right eye, pull your eyelid down and stick your tongue out at Voice, just for shits and giggles."

Everyone in the room does exactly what she says except for Voice because he can not stick his tongue out at himself while doing what she commanded. Even those who do not know who Voice is followed her command.

[Istanna]     "You will now stop and go back to enjoying your breakfast because one unlucky person may never eat breakfast again. After we have finished eating, we will go over the pictographs the groups have submitted and discuss the results. After that... we shall discuss other matters of interest. Valkyrie, behave yourselves because nobody is going to die here today. Is that understood?"

The Valkyrie all nod in agreement and some even begin to smile noting that her words are a dragon spell and they recognize her power to command. SpaceDog stands and notes that Victoria is still standing.

[SpaceDog]  "I got some mixed emotions when we entered the room, so, after we go over the zoomorphic geoglyphs, we will clear everything up."

Victoria stays standing with a blank expression on her face staring at SpaceDog. Gertrude walks up to her, slaps her hard across the face.

[Gertrude]   "Get a grip Victoria. That's both yours and my ex with his gorgeous wife. Behave yourself and I will give you something special later."

[Victoria]     "Did your spell fail Gertrude? I thought he could not find us with that enchantment spell."

[SpaceDog]  "That spell is now null and void since we have power over anyone who has ever lived on or come from Vanaheim. Gertrude, you will now forget and forgive me for finding the QETS before you did and you will live happier lives from this day forward. I forgive you for taking our son Luke away from me, but, no more spells of that nature.  Do I make myself clear?"

Gertrude smiles and shakes her head YES. Victoria sits with a blank expression on her face and then smiles.

[SpaceDog]  "Now lets finish up here and have an exceptional second breakfast. After that, we will approve the best pictographs to mystify future generations of humans."

After breakfast, the pictographs are scrutinized over noting the mathematics that would point to key ley lines and locations of the former pyramid power plants. The best are picked and 2 days later, 70 zoomorphic designs would be completed and sat un-noticed until 1927 when a small aircraft flew over the plains. In 2012, the Giza Pyramid power plant design was discovered and still baffles the human buffoons.

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