Chapter 4 ~  Easter Island and the Cataclysm of 12,525BC

With all the plants and animals that will go extinct on Earth collected, SpaceDog and Istanna get ready for the next leg of their journey.  Rosemary and Luke plan with Njord to rebuild the stone city of Barra Hold and the two spirit guides continue to produce dreams for the new rulers of Vanaheimr. What are the 7 Valkyrie visiting Earth plotting and when will the Skithblathnir take the Vanir home? The story continues on the Plains of Nazca in Peru in the Earth year 222BC.

Spirit Guides

After second breakfast, the pictographs are looked over. The best are picked and 2 days later, 70 zoomorphic designs were completed and sat un-noticed until a small aircraft flew over the plains in 1927.  The Giza Pyramid power plant design was discovered in 2012 and it still baffles the human buffoons. Gertrude and Lady Istanna sit at the dining tent table alone after everyone else returned to their duties.

[Gertrude]  "Istanna? I know you are new to being a Vanir and I'm a frost giant from Jotunheim. We have a bit of magic in both of us, but do you get the impression that there is something mystical or strange about this valley and not just magic? Having not seen Freya in so long, I'm confused and a bit baffled why I'm having momentary lapses in time over the past few days."

[Istanna]    "There is no need to worry Gertrude. Although he was born under the horn of war, SpaceDog has no ill feelings towards you or anyone else who wishes to live in peace. It was he that set things in motion so King Odin no longer see the Vanir as a threat and has helped many others along the way. Most recently was a dark elf and her family, who now reside at The Gallant Tree Inn under his protection spell."

Gertrude looks at Istanna and the animal that is perched on her shoulder. Istanna had not noticed.

[Gertrude]  "Istanna? What is that fur ball on your shoulder?"

Istanna slowly turns her head and sees a baby 5 tail fox staring at Gertrude.

[Istanna]    "I'm not sure... We, Spacie and I, have been dreaming about twins for about a week. They appeared in our bed this morning, but so far, they have not spoken to us or given us their names, but I get the impression they were given to us as gifts. Can you sense them?"

[Gertrude]  "Y e s... They have almost the same aura as... this valley... mystical, magical and mysterious."

Suddenly the vixen fox vanishes only to reappear 1/2 a moment later with it's counterpart. They intertwine and run up Istanna's arm, across her neck then down the other arm and vanish again.

[Istanna]     "Now that was curious!"

SpaceDog appears at the doorway with the two air spirits sitting on his head.

[SpaceDog]  "Am I interrupting anything? You look like you're getting along splendidly. What are you two looking at? Can't be a cowlick since I don't have any hair on my head."

[Istanna]     "I think we need to make names for the twins. How about Chepi and..."

[SpaceDog]  "Zenko. Yes, Chepi and Zenko sound right. How about it? Do those names sound okay?"

SpaceDog looks up, not seeing, but feeling the air spirits for the first time as they fully materialize as kit and vixen.

[ Zenko ]      "You really are a dog for naming a fox by it's Japanese name. But it's acceptable since you didn't call me a Kitsune like you wanted to."

The vixen jumps across the room and lands lightly on Istanna's shoulder then licks her ear sending shivers up and down Istanna's spine.

[ Chepi ]       "Have you figured out who sent us to you and why he/she/it would send you two very powerful fairy spirit guides?"

[Istanna]     "Goddess almighty! I thought only Spacey could make me quiver like that! Think we need a bit more time to figure who sent you two and why. I don't suppose you could give us a clue."

Both Kitsune fly across the room in opposite directions so Chepi lands on SpaceDog's shoulder and Zenko lands on Istanna's head. Gertrude looks pleasantly surprised and about to speak up when both baby foxes look straight at her.

[Chepi & Zenko] "No you don't! Don't say it or you will be in BIG trouble!"

[Gertrude]  "I've got to get back to the power plant drawing and finish it in 2 days, before you four run off to Easter Island. There, I didn't tell them now, did I?"

[Chepi & Zenko] "We thinks it could be the power of this mystic valley that is keeping you both synced but out of tune and soon will be out of time. We will return when you find the answer you are looking for."

Both fox spirits vanish.

[SpaceDog]  "I will have the answer by the end of the day."

Both fox spirits reappear.

[Chepi & Zenko] "No you won't."

[Istanna]     "YES WE WILL!"

Both Kitsune look at Gertrude, then Istanna and lastly SpaceDog and then put their heads together and broadcast a telepathic thought to all three and vanish just as four Valkyrie enter the dining hall.

[Istanna]     "We will figure this dilemma out without your help Gertrude. Ladies, how can we help you?"

[Veronica]    "Hail Lady Istanna. We don't need you. We need him."

[SpaceDog]  "And how may I help you, battle witch Gunnr? You don't remember our last encounter, or do you? I have changed a bit, but you look as deadly as ever. My lady. I can handle these four with no problem. Why don't you go down to the valley and see what Gertrude and the grandchildren are playing with today."

Istanna kisses SpaceDog on the cheek, lightly fingers his ear and then takes Gertrude by the hand.

[Istanna]     "I know you can Spacie. Shall I disarm them first?"

SpaceDog shakes his head NO. All 4 Valkyrie look at Lady Istanna a bit shocked not knowing her true intention or power, but still bow their heads to her as she leaves the tent pulling Gertrude the Frost Giant by the hand.

[SpaceDog]  "What's this all about ladies? Did I do something wrong?"

[Valerie]      "Commander. You don't know me but I know you by what your dad, Father Time, has told me. My name is Eir but you can call me Valerie.  On a prior mission, one of our sisters went missing in time, then the rest were slain by Odin's first born, Hela."

[SpaceDog]  "So do you need my quantum entanglement time ship or what?"

[Vickie]       "We've met before and I remember you visiting Odin's castle recently with two baby dragons on the normal time line. The un-named one who transported Istanna a moon cycle ago when she needed to regenerate, also transported,  Lucinda, who is also called Kara the wild stormy one, to someplace called Easter Island at the same time. What can you tell us about the place?"

[SpaceDog]  "Damn. I knew things were going round in circles for a reason... YES! I'll help you get her back. Did you say Hela, Odin's first born was a female? We had already made plans to go to Easter Island to look at some of my son's mason work. We will all meet up in that flying PIG in the morning and be back a moment after we left, if that's alright by you four. "

All four Valkyrie nod there heads in agreement.

More Guides

The sun comes over the horizon a brilliant fiery red as if it was a warning for the sailors about to board a ship for uncharted waters. 11 Gods and Goddesses stand with 3 Groot ready to embark on a mission with 2 objectives. The first, finish making the stone figures to represent all the Vanir who died before the remaining Vanir escaped to Midgard. The second objective was to find the missing Valkyrie taken out of time by the un-named one. At the last moment, 2 others run up to the group panting for breath...

[Njord]       "May the lords of time have mercy on your heathen souls. Look what the cats dragged in. I told your grandmother to get you both here before the sun came up."

[SpaceDog]  "Do you know these two? Wait, are these the other 2 grandchildren we have not met?"

Istanna steps away from the Valkyrie she had been talking to and comes face to face with the female panting for breath and places her hand on the woman's head. She mutters something inaudible and the woman stands straight breathing normally.

[Istanna]      "I see my healing magic still works and sense you're a healer too. You want a piece of me boy or are you relying on your sisters ability?"

The youth still panting for breath holds up his hand motioning Istanna to stay back.

[ Ruffi ]       "Don't think we've met. Grandmother told us our grandfather is here about to go on a trip with Father Time but she didn't tell us when."

[ ~Luke~ ]    "That has got to be the worst introduction I've ever heard daughter. Buffi, what have you two been doing the past week? Never mind, tell me later. Star Lord SpaceDog and Lady Istanna, let me introduce to you my 2 youngest children and troublemakers, Ruffi and Buffi."

SpaceDog and Istanna walk around the 2 younglings and circle them like vultures looking at something almost dead. The 2 fox spirit guides appear, Chepi on SpaceDog's arm and Zenko on Istanna's neck. Buffi stops panting and looks like he's about to pass out but stands tall. Both Ruffi and Buffi bow their heads and 2 Raccoons appear on their shoulders.

[Istanna]     "Ruffi, Buffi, I'm your great aunt, I think... He is your grandfather. How long have you two had spirit guides?"

[ Buffi ]       "It's an honor and pleasure to finely meet you both. We were told you are now the rightful rulers of fathers home world, Vanaheimr. Is that true? Are we moving again?"

[ Ruffi ]       "We have been dreaming about these twin spirits for a quarter moon, but this is only the second time they have appeared. First time was yesterday when we woke up with them in bed with us."

[ ~Luke~ ]    "It's all true and we will be moving again soon. Want to come with us for a short trip?"

[SpaceDog]  "Are you sure you want to take two troublemakers with us?"

After Istanna and SpaceDog step away from the younglings, the 4 Valkyrie quickly surround the 2 and glare at them. Vickie gets out her sword, holds it up and then sets it on Buffi's shoulder. The weight of the heavy metal sword begins to pull Buffi down, but he refuses to yield and keeps standing straight.

[Vickie]       "This one will be no trouble. He has a strong spirit and will be victorious at Ragnarok. I see it in his destiny."

Buffi then surprises everyone by lifting Vickie and her heavy sword off his shoulder and off the ground using telepathy.  He then sets her next to the other 3 Valkyrie before he passes out. Ruffi goes over to her twin brother and casts a healing spell on him. He opens his eyes and looks around.

[ Buffi ]       "I thought we were going for a ride. What happened?"

[SpaceDog]  "We are. Njord, ready the PIG, no don't. Make the PIG into a Viking ship complete with oars and a dragon for a figurehead, and name it DRAGHORN!"

[Njord]       "As you wish Commander Star Lord."

Njord changes the configuration of Skithblathnir and it turns into a first class Viking ship complete with oars. It sits on the sand but does not tilt. A plank drops down forming a gang way for entering the ship. Everyone looks upon it as another work of art and Njord is the first to set foot onboard just as a bosons' whistle sounds.

[Njord]       "All aboard all those not staying on shore. We way anchor in 2 moments."

SpaceDog takes Istanna by the hand and step up the gang blank followed by everyone else. As they climb aboard, they noticing the intricate woodwork and carving on the hand rails and mast. Below deck is a galley, head, and hammocks for about 30 people all with the same stately carvings. On the deck below, there are 20 oars-men benches and 20 long lightweight oars ready for use. The last to board is a youngling with shoulder length brown hair that covers his eyes. His many pocketed waterproof jacket looks like a lab coat except it's black color and hourglass emblem on the back. His Viking helmet also stands out with it's horns that make sounds when the wind blows and the Elf symbol for Earth. He stops when he sees Njord and makes a left hand solute.

[ Jeff ]        "Permission to come aboard Captain."

[Njord]        "Permission granted. Did you bring what I asked for?"

[ Jeff ]        "Yes Sir!"

Jeff pats one of the many pockets and then spins his helmet around revealing an animated hourglass with sand going up. Njord smiles and motions for the boy to take the helm. SpaceDog watches the whole scene and winks at the boy.

[SpaceDog]  "I will guess you are the little dipper who loves to use raw potassium and sodium for displays of a volatile nature. Has my dad taken you on as his apprentice yet? Before you answer that, answer this: 25 or 6 2 4?"

[ Jeff ]        "That's the paradox code and yes. Is it true you can rule the will of anyone who came from or visited Vanaheimr?"

[SpaceDog]  "Yes and what's in your pocket?"

[ Jeff ]        "A secret."

Istanna steps up listening to the conversation between her Star Lord and the youngling. She walks up to the boy and shows him the small bag he was hiding in that pocket and hands it back to him.

[Istanna]      "Captain, helmsman? Are we going or are 2 moments longer then the 5 we've been waiting? You need to hide that thing better, Jeff the Dip."

[Njord]        "No Lady Istanna and yes my Lady."

Jeff holds out his hand and takes the bag Istanna drops in it.  She also winks at him and he turns red in the face. Half a moment later with both Njord and Jeff at the helm, the ship lifts off the sand and turns in the direction of Easter Island, slowly at first and then faster as the ship climbs over the mountain range with the Pacific ocean in full view. Jeff takes a small gem out of the small bag and places it in the eye of the dragon on the steering paddle. Njord says an incantation and DRAGHORN goes forward in time 665 years.

Easter Island 443AD

Between the Earth years 443EAC and 1266EAC, the masters of time and mystery, created 887 giant stone figures on the island of Rapa Nui. Later, a Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen "discovered" the island on Easter day in 1722 and renamed it Easter Island. He marveled at the stone heads and wondered what Gods these represented. The Vanir once had a small colony on the island and used it as an observation post, but later abandoned it when Earth settlers arrived on the remote 63.2 square mile island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When the Viking ship DRAGHORN arrived on the island, it had a lush population of trees and animals including the tallest palm trees on Earth.

[Njord]      "We have arrived safe and in the sound on the sandy beach on the north end of the island and will be using airships stowed away to travel around the island. There is a listening post on the mount South West of here at one click. Enjoy your Stay."

[SpaceDog]  "Isy, is it me or do you sense a dragon or Draconian on the island?"

[Istanna]      "That's a Draconian we sense, I'm the only dragon here. I also sense the Asgardian Valkyrie in close proximity to it. Shall we bring the other Valkyrie? It is their sister." 

[SpaceDog Shouts] "Valkyrie Vickie, Victoria, Veronica and Valerie, to the bow of the DRAGHORN now. We have located your sister, Lucinda and think she is fighting a Draconian. Any ideas what that's all about?"

All the Valkyrie step up to SpaceDog with hope in their eyes.

[Veronica]   "We think she may be going through the last phase of becoming a Valkyrie, making a weapon from either the tooth or claw of a dragon."

[Istanna]     "Wait, that was old tradition. The new way of getting a dragon sword is much different. You first earn the respect of a dragon, not a draconian, and if you can best the dragon in battle, he or she will give you a tooth that he or she makes into a sword."

[Vickie]       "I told you that book we were studying from was too old. We lost our instructor many cycles ago when Odin asked us to imprison Hela, his first, who went on a rampage for power and wanted to rule over all the realms and not just the 9."

[Valerie]     "We were off world training and never got the summons. When we got back, all but one Valkyrie was dead and she disappeared into the shadows after Hela was locked away."

[Istanna]    "So you know nothing of the traditions and only had the one book to go by? I take it was an old training manual. Let's go get your sister and then straighten this mess out. SpaceDog my love. Take us to where those 2 are."

[SpaceDog]  "Anything for you my love.  Njord, take the rest of these people to the first platform area and let Luke start his magic. I want to see a finished project before I see how he does it. Ladies, stand here and hold onto me."

Once everyone was holding onto some part of SpaceDog, he presses his gauntlet and they instantly appear between the Draconian and the lost Valkyrie. SpaceDog then stops time in their immediate surrounding and notes that the Draconian is guarding it's eggs and the Valkyrie is trying to sneak up on it.

Note: Draconian's look like dragons but have no sex and are self reproducing by laying eggs without fertilization. They can not change form and are a lot stronger then magic dragons. A small cluster of eggs survived alongside a volcano vent after the dinosaurs lost their position of top predator after the commit hit earth and Draconian's survived in small clusters.

[SpaceDog whispers] "Oh for the of the Goddess! What is Lucinda doing?"

[Istanna]      "I don't think she knows what she is doing. Help me out here Vickie. Is not the final hunt a game of skills to see if the Valkyrie can steal an egg and then exchange it for a tooth or talon?"

[Vickie]         "The book is unclear and we assumed we have to fight the dragon. Didn't think of it as a game of wits. I got my sword in a fight with an off worlder and she lost."

[Veronica]    "Then how do we get a dragon sword? All of ours are made from heavy metal but not from a dead sun like Thor's hammer. We 3 still only have trainers."

[SpaceDog]  "Ask for it. But don't ask a Draconian because they have not got the magic needed to make a sword from a talon. Istanna, you will not hear what I'm about to say."

Istanna suddenly looses interest and walks out of the suspended time towards Lucinda and stops.

[SpaceDog]  "This may be cheating, but, if you want a true dragon sword, one that will never break or go dull, you need to get it from a magic dragon or one of her recently hatched offspring by either asking for a tooth or you fight a dragon and break a tooth to win. The dragon will grow a new tooth and then make a sword out of the old tooth in any shape or size you desire as a reward for winning a battle of skills or strength."

[Valerie]      "I think I did hear that when I first joined. Do we need to stop this here and now?"

[SpaceDog]  "Nah! Let's just play it by ear and see what happens."

SpaceDog presses a button on the gauntlet and time continues to flow normally. 



Cataclysm 12,525EBC



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