Chapter 5 - Plans and Surprises

After looping through time on Easter Island and creating 887 statues honoring the fallen in combat while the rest of the Vanir escaped to Midgard, the group returns to Nazca to continue on the journey. The plan is to return the Vanir to their homeworld of Vanaheim.

The Vote

Inside DRAGHORN, the Vanir return in time to their origins at Nazca base camp Earth year 222 EBC a moment after they departed. SpaceDog walks over to the helm and squats down blocking Jeff from moving and holds out his hand.

[SpaceDog]   I know Sidrat better then you might think. She gave you something when she kissed you and the kiss was a distraction for everyone to watch while she was putting something in one of your many pockets, didn't she?

Jeff slowly pats each of the pockets on his black leather coat till he finds what should not be there. A puzzled look comes over his face. SpaceDog puts his hand down.

[SpaceDog]   Whatever it is was meant for you, but in time, you may use it to contact her when you need help. Do me a favor and don't look at it, only feel it and tell me what you think it might be.

[ Jeff ]       It's soft and squishy like her boobs but also seems to be a hard ring when I touch it...

[SpaceDog]   Like a nipple? Wait... don't answer that. Please put it someplace where Istanna won't find it. Okay, it's time to get back to work and do not tell anyone about what you have. Now tell me, what do you think of my dad as your tutor?

[ Jeff ]      He is still testing me and my abilities but he has not offered me to be his apprentice. Since I don't know who my parents were and I'm not sure about a lot of things I should have learned by now. Was Njord strict when you were young?

SpaceDog shrugs his shoulders.

[SpaceDog]   He was never around; always exploring, in his lab, working on stuff he learned from his dad, Ymir, a traveling alien who came to Vanaheim looking for something or more of his kind before he disappeared. But while Ymir was here, he left so many unique and interesting magical creatures that now reside on Alfheim.

[Njord]       And that is where most of the alien powers, like magic and the ability to control time and space came from.  Ymir left clues for us to discover in his ancient writings and things he left behind.

Jeff and SpaceDog both look in the direction of Njord's voice as he's walking away and inspecting something he found on Easter Island. Istanna comes out from below deck and raises her arms as she stretches. Both SpaceDog and Jeff see her perky nipples and they look at each other before giggling shamelessly. They look back at her standing with the cool morning breeze. When she notices them looking at her budding breasts, she sticks her chest out like a proud hen attracting a rooster. In ancient dragon, SpaceDog attempts to say 'I Love You' but it comes out all wrong.

[SpaceDog]   Jeff, does that remind you of something? Istanna, Bok moth se'kac to-ke Volaree-chan...

[Istanna]      You did not just call me that...

Istanna pouts her lips and then with a big smile says in proper dragon,

[Istanna]     Boke muth kac'see te-ke Volaree-dom

'You will be under me tonight Dragon Rider' Istanna hops down the gangplank of DRAGHORN, runs like the wind towards the food tent and is gone. Zenko and Chepi appear out of nowhere and each sits on SpaceDog's shoulders waiting. They watch as some of the crew on the DRAGHORN go into the food tent as well.

[SpaceDog]   Okay you two... what's up?

Both start licking his ears sending him into a sort of frenzy. When they stop they say,

[Chepi & Zenko]  The mistresses thank you!

[SpaceDog]   Tell Gertrude and the un-named one 'Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita.' and I now know who sent you two to us and why. Wait, just tell Gertrude. I will tell the un-named one myself one day. Sidrat, entangle here now!

Sidrat appears wearing a metallic blue one-piece jumpsuit and is smiling. Her glowing black opal eyes follow SpaceDog's every move as he circles around her.

[SpaceDog]   Have you done what I dreamed about and wished for 2 nights ago?

Sidrat's eyes get wide and her smile gets big as if overjoyed with her accomplishment... Then she looks at Jeff, her smile gets even bigger.

[SpaceDog]   What is your power level right now?

[Sidrat]        Polaris Aa and Ab are both in my grasp.

[SpaceDog]   Phase one now!

Excluding those on Alfheim, Freyr's immediate family, Njord, Rosemary, Luke, Genni, Jessi, Gertrude, Buffi, Ruffi, Istanna, and Jeff appear inside the food tent along with the remaining 5 Valkyrie and 3 Barker. Commander Star Lord SpaceDog Freyr steps into the tent along with Sidrat and the two, spirit guides Chepi and Zenko.

[SpaceDog]   Istanna my love, please come here and share my thoughts for 1/4 moment and then tell me if you approve or not. 

Istanna looks at SpaceDog, Chepi, Zenko, and Sidrat in that order. She then returns her gaze to SpaceDog, walks next to his right side holds his hands and offers her forehead. A quarter moment later her eyes get big as saucers, tears form and she shakes her head YES. SpaceDog bows his head and Sidrat speaks to all in the tent.

[Sidrat]       My Commander and your Star Lord has a proposal that you must all agree to before it is carried out. There will be a telepathic vote and if anyone of you do not approve of what SpaceDog, Istanna and myself offer, you may ask to be taken off the vote and/or propose a resolution after hearing what we have to say.

Sidrat bows her head. Everyone nodes there head YES in agreement.

[SpaceDog]   Two nights ago, I had a dream. It was a waking dream so real it was broadcast across space and time to Sidrat, who now holds the power over all the Vastu stones that created the known universe. But we only need a fraction of the power and we're taking it from Polaris, the twin stars known as the North star. That power will bring our people home to a new world. We all left Vanaheim and it's now in ruins. On the normal timeline, Odin is dead and Ragnarok has happened. The remaining Ăsir are looking for a new home after Asgard was destroyed. Chances are, they will come to Earth because Thor is now their King and he likes Midgard. If he comes here, he may find us and we don't want that to happen, not yet anyway. So my proposal is, we sterilize this planet of all Vanir technology, leaving Earth with clues here and we go back to Vanaheim with little chance of them finding us.

Istanna and SpaceDog look over the immediate family members and continues where SpaceDog left off...

[Istanna]     After hearing his thoughts, I now understand his dream. It's a dream for all of you to invasion. The humans on Earth are wicked by nature and fight each other for sport, survival, territory, power and wealth. When the population explodes, it gets worse and wars break out. They have tried to kill the gods we sent them in the past. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Zeus, and many more have tried to be their gods to shape this race of humans, teach them, loved them, nurtured them, but only a small portion of humans took us seriously. We may still send representatives to this realm when they need us the most in the future. It may be up to us as to when that will happen.

[SpaceDog]   As a Star Lord, I have the power to change the future, but first, I would like to take our people home. That will start with you, my immediate relatives. Is there is anyone here who wishes to live on Earth till the end of days? If so, you may stay here. Are there any questions?

All the immediate family members seem to be in agreement. Jeff looks around the room raises his hand. All eyes are on him.

[ Jeff ]      Why am I hare? Why am I included in your immediate family? I know not who my parents were and...

Sidrat walks up to Jeff and kneels in front of him and looks up into his face.

[Sidrat]       Why else would I hug and kiss you, my son. Jeff, it is because I adopted you on Easter Island with SpaceDog and Istanna's approval.  You are family.

Suddenly there is clapping and congratulations as Sidrat stands. The telepathic vote and Sidrat's adoption of Jeff are both unanimous.

Homeward Bound

With the vote of approval, SpaceDog, Istanna, and Sidrat set into motion the second phase to get the Vanir home. The five Valkyrie stand there looking a bit out of place having herd that Ragnarok already happened. Lucinda approaches SpaceDog and Istanna.

[Lucinda]       What are your plans for us? Since Ragnarok has already taken place, what are us Valkyrie to do?

SpaceDog looks at Sidrat, looks at the Valkyrie and closes his eyes for a moment.

[SpaceDog]   Would you like to do what you are trained to do? Do you know where the name Valkyrie came from and what drives your passion?

All the Valkyrie look at each other and then shrug.  Sidrat produces the original Valkyrie training manual and hands it to Lucinda.

[Sidrat]         Have you ever looked at who wrote the training manual, why only you can read parts of it and what is inside the front cover? As leader of the Valkyrie, that text should now be visible to you.

Lucinda opens the book and reads...

[Lucinda]       The day Lucinda became Val Kyrie and the commitment of the 5 Goddess who sort the souls of the dead fallen in battle.

Lucinda looks deep into the eyes of each of her four Valkyrie companions before turning to SpaceDog, Istanna, and Sidrat.

[Sidrat]         In order to become Val Kyrie, I must change your DNA-s-t&a. Are you ready to start your journey as the last, and now the first mistress Val Kyrie?

The five friends hold hands and close their eyes for a moment before all node their heads YES.

[Sidrat]         As it is written in the laws of time in the Atlantean Archives, I shall send you to the next place you need to be, but first with your permission Lucinda.

Lucinda Closes her eyes and then opens them.

[Lucinda]        Permission granted.

Lucinda's hair changes from black to platinum.

[Istanna]       You are going to the year 255 EBC on Alfheim where you will meet a dragon. You will never say how you got there because you may not remember. This dragon will introduce you to your winged servants. Sidrat, entangle all 5 to the queens lair.

The Valkyrie vanish. SpaceDog looks over to Sidrat.

[SpaceDog]   You will now announce phase two to all the Vanir population on this planet, or imprint it into those sleeping as a waking dream they will remember.

[Sidrat]        Yes commander. With your permission, Istanna, I will proceed.

[Istanna]     Permission not needed Mum, but granted as you requested.

Sidrat looks at Istanna after being called Mum and winks at her and then Jeff.

[Sidrat telepathically] 'Greetings from the Vanir guardians, Star Lord SpaceDog and Lady Istanna. I am Sidrat, their eyes, ears, hearts, souls, and voice, speaking to all Vanir on their behalf. The Ăsir-Vanir war is over. Ragnarok has happened and Asgard was destroyed as foretold. In the next few days, those on the southern region of Midgard will be transported along with any belongings, pets and personal items they wish to take from Midgard, and bring them to Vanaheim.  The city of Barra Hold with it's surrounding villages and your prior homesteads are being rebuilt as I speak. We will then sterilize Midgard of all Vanir technology leaving only the buildings where you lived. Each and every one of you in the south will be transported at sunset in 2 days so you can finish any projects you are working on and pack your belongings. I will contact you shortly before you are entangled to Vanaheim. Instead of using the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost that brought you here, we will use Quantum Entanglement because it's faster and much more reliable than the older magic. Anyone living in the northern region of Midgard will be transported in 4 days at sunset. We wish you all an exciting and exceptional journey home and ask you to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the journey. From all the guardians, we love you.'

[SpaceDog]   That was an excellent message Sidrat. I like the title guardians. Now begin phase 2.

[Sidrat]        Scanning of Midgard is complete. Locations of all 2351 Vanir, their pets, livestock, and possessions are confirmed with one exception. The one exception is the renegade. She is in 666 places at the same time and can't be tracked, yet... Barra Hold and the surrounding villages will take approximately 665 moments or 16 arns and 39 milliarns to restore with the fractal ether stream from Polaris. Will there be anything else?

[Istanna]      Be a mother and take your son, Jeff, for a long walk and get to know one another without using telepathy or technology. His eyes have been glued to you ever since you told him he was adopted.

Jeff stops staring at Mum but still stands a bit bewildered having been told he was adopted by an Artificial Intelligence. Sidrat steps next to him and offers her hand. Jeff takes it feeling it's warmth. When he looks into her black opal eyes, his cobalt blue eyes and hers both begin to shed tears of joy.

[Njord]        I know we earlier had talked about sending some Vanir to Atlantis and England. That will still happen, but think getting all the Vanir off Midgard takes priority. My little side trip to the 3rd century can wait. Gertrude, Genni, and Jessi, have you completed the power plant prints on the planes, or is there anything you need to change?

[Gertrude]   I think we can complete everything by mid-day. I've redone some of the mathematics along with the drawings that point to the non-working power plants. The humans will take several thousand years to get to that point in their evolution to understand the equations left here. Genni, Jessi, can we do it by noon?

Genni and Jessi look at one another, put their heads together for a milliarn and then say,

[Genni & Jessi]  It can and will be done. The underground infrared tracers are all in place. All we need to do is complete the remaining 7 lines and rulers.

[SpaceDog]   That is what I want to hear. Okay, we have 661 moments before Vanaheim will be better than new along with 4 new power plants and 40 receivers in place.  During that time, I would like fathers to help change the Skithblathnir into an ARK to take the critters and veggies' in the holding pens to Fornax SantÚ. Chepi and Zenko, will you sing them a lullaby for me?

Zenko stands on his front paws and flips his tails into the air flying off towards the holding pens without saying a word. Chepi sits on Istanna's shoulder for half a moment before she gets a Cheshire grin on her sparkling white teeth, kisses her on the ear, begins humming a tune that makes Istanna fall asleep standing up and Chepi vanishes. SpaceDog catches Istanna before she falls over and notes the huge smile on her face.

Everyone has left the food tent and SpaceDog and Istanna are alone.

[SpaceDog whispers]   My Goddess I've loved you ever since I became your guardian! I know you can hear me even when you're sleeping, so remember I will always love you.

Istanna starts pawing at the air as if she was a cat.


Njord changes the quasi-dimensional ship Skithblathnir from the Viking ship DRAGHORN into an ARK complete with areas to separate plants from animals who might eat them when they wake up. He stands back admiring his handiwork and then places the object he found on Easter Island on the bow, looks at it, shakes his head, turns it upside down and grins before saying to himself,

[Njord muttering]       I wonder who will figure out what it is first. I know I've seen this someplace before.

[Sidrat telepathically] 'I figured it out from the vibrations it's transmitting but not telling anyone until they wake up on... just don't anger them.'

Njord looks around looking for Sidrat or anyone else but nobody is in sight. A few moments later, SpaceDog walks up carrying Istanna in his arms. She is twitching, talking in her sleep. It's obviously a very good dream by the way she's pawing at the air and then moving her hands over her chest as if hugging someone... SpaceDog yawns.

[SpaceDog]   Got any sleeping rooms in that thing?

[Njord]         Through the door, turn left and think whatever you want or like for you two to be sleeping on. When are we going to move the critters and fauna?

[SpaceDog]   1 arn should be plenty of time for her to complete her dream. Zenko and Chepi will wake us. Will you need any help moving the critters?

[Njord]        Nope. I've been using entanglement since before you were born. I've got this. You look like that lullaby is finally getting to you too... Go sleep.

After SpaceDog carrying Istanna go through the door to the ARK, Njord pulls an instrument out of one of his many pockets and looks at it curiously, He shakes the instrument and looks again holding it up to the object. He puts the instrument in his pocket and pulls out a triple tuning fork and realizes it's vibrating in the ultrasonic range.

[Njord]       No way!

[Sidrat telepathically] 'Way! Don't wake them!'

[Njord]       Them? Why do you keep saying that?

[Sidrat telepathically] 'Twins! Lucky you... It will make a great birthday present for someone *hint*hint*'

Buffi and Ruffi with the twin raccoons air spirits walk up to the ARK admiring its size and look at the object. All 4 tilt their heads a few degrees then look at Njord.

[ Buffi ]         Interesting! You don't know what it is, do you?

[ Ruffi ]        We better not tell him.

The raccoon air spirits start pawing at the air frantically as if trying to fight something off and then vanish.

[[Njord]         Have you named your spirit guides yet?

[ Buffi ]        Named them?

[ Ruffi ]       I was wondering about why they don't talk and where they came from.

[Njord]       Spirit guides are usually given to you to help with both difficult magic or decisions. Was it not obvious that they were a gift to help you? I think I know who sent them and I know where they came from, but for them to help, you have got to give them names before they run off like they just did.

[ Ruffi ]      Jewel, come here.

As soon as Ruffi called out the female raccoon's name it appears floating in front of her but is looking at Buffi.

[ Ruffi ]      Do you prefer Buffi as your master?

Jewel slowly turns around and looks through her hearts.

[ Jewel ]     Thank you for the name mistress. We are twins, like you two, so we serve you both. We came from the same place as Zenko and Chepi did. May I ask why the name Jewel?

[ Buffi ]      She loves to collect anything bright and shiny. Rascal, present yourself.

Jewel's twin appears when he is given a name and called. Rascal looks around and floats over to Ruffi and holds out a pouch in front of her. She takes it, opens it and turns out its contents onto her hand. Brightly colored gems of which Ruffi has never seen before fill her palm. Ruffi picks one up and hold it up awestruck by its beauty. Rascal then bows and reappears in front of Buffi.

[ Rascal ]    Ruffi has been dreaming of that particular gem for over a cycle. Accept this as a token of my loyalty to you both. It's hard for me to part with, but it's what you need..

Rascal produces a pouch similar in size. Buffi puts his hands together and bows before taking the iridescent pouch. When he opens it he almost falls over from its weight.

[ Buffi ]       Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita Rascal. What so small could be so heavy?

[ Rascal ]      Erementarubōru. They all weigh the same. Some are big and some very small. The smaller the balls are, the heavier the element. I would have put one made from the same dying sun that Thor's hammer was made from, but you would not be able to hold it. Every marble is made from a different element and this 'bag for holding' is much bigger on the inside so it can contain a lot. When you close the bag tightly it becomes weightless. I did not include any elements that are dangerous or volatile when around any of the others. You will at some point in the near future need one or three. And, there are also other thing's in there that you will need in the future.

[Njord]      You just said, 'that Thor's hammer was made from'. Don't you mean 'that Thor's hammer is made of'?

[ Jewel ]    Thor's hammer, Mj÷lnir, was decimated by Hela just before Ragnarok. We left Alfheim just as Ragnarok started.

[Njord]       So we missed Ragnarok and Asgard is gone, but, I think SpaceDog, Istanna, and Sidrat have something up their sleeves.  That would explain the sudden trip they are planning and the fractal power he and Sidrat are using from Polaris. Hmmm... never mind.

[Jewel & Rascal]  Master, Mistress, and Mum have not revealed their entire plan nor are we to guess what it is until the time comes.

[Njord]      Thinking about those three, Sidrat, or should I call her Mum, should be returning with my apprentice soon. Wait one milliarn. I need to do this.

Njord makes a rune in the air in the direction of the holding pens and redirects it towards the ARK.

[Njord]      Ryōshimotsure

Jeff and Sidrat come from around the right side of the ARK. At the same time SpaceDog, Istanna, Zenko, and Chepi come out the door as he finishes casting his magic. At the same time, animal noises can be heard inside the ARK. Njord bows and says,

[Njord]      Task accomplished. All those animal pairs and fauna are now ready to be moved to Fornax SantÚ. Let's get going. Son, I will leave the travel time and location in your capable hands and then I want to visit an old foxy friend. 

SpaceDog looks at his dad, turns to Istanna, Jeff, Ruffi, and Buffi before he is joined by Njord and say,

[SpaceDog & NjordFoxy Roxy's Ramen!!!

Fornax SantÚ 

Everyone climbs aboard the ARK and turn right into the navigations room. There are just enough comfortable cushioned chairs for all the passengers but nothing else seems to be there.

[Njord]         ARK, I relinquish command as your captain and give you to Commander Star Lord SpaceDog.  Commander, you now have the helm. Here is the Helm of Awe, you may or may not need it.

SpaceDog takes the necklace and places the Helm of Awe around his neck.

[SpaceDog]   ARK, show me Fornax planet system 20,202 light cycles due south of Midgard. Jeff, Istanna, Ruffi, Buffi and air spirit guides, you are going to love this place. We are about to enter the 10th realm.

[Istanna]      Seems like 500 cycles since I was there last.

A meter round constantly changing hologram shows 4 planets surrounding an orange and white binary stars system in the center.

[SpaceDog]   Set course for the third planet, Fornax SantÚ, approximately one arn before Ragnarok began and stay 25 clicks over the wildlife refuge prison post NOW.

For 100 milliarns, the walls of ARK become translucent and then a window appears. A lush green planet below is bathed with light from the two suns that appears in front of them. The clouds cast different colored shadows below and a pyramid power plant and four obelisk receivers connected by a tall wall.

[SpaceDog]   What you see below is both a prison and a refuge for wildlife I've collected over the past 15,000 cycles. Currently there nobody in the prison but I have only one candidate in mind. That is the one Vanir that can lie and be in 666 places at the same time. Her name is Diablo.

[Istanna]      When and where will you release the animals?

[ Jeff ]         Are we really 20,202 light cycles from Midgard? And how can we travel that far forward in time in such a short period?

[Sidrat]        Son, I could go through the math but your head would spin out of control. The Skithblathnir is a quasi-dimensional device having no one place in time or space and yet is in all times and all places. It can be programmed to move any place in any form at any time. That my dear Jeff is the short explanation.

[ Jeff ]       Wow! I never thought I would ever be doing anything like this. What's next?

Ruffi and Buffi are holding hands tight and still don't believe what they are seeing. Jewel and Rascal start to blow in their ears to bring them out of the clouds.

[Buffi & Ruffi]  Wow! Does mom know we are here or does she think we are just skipping out on another wild adventure? 

[Sidrat]        I told Rosemary and Luke to not expect you home for din and you would be with Jeff and myself.

[Istanna]      Interesting how you figured out what to say to them.  

[Sidrat]        Did you know you and SpaceDog both talk in your sleep and he also broadcasts his dreams telepathically.

[SpaceDog]   I what? Since when?

[Chepi & Zenko]  Since before you verbalized your love for Istanna and ....

[Jewel & Rascal]  Don't say it!

Chepi sticks her tiny tongue out at Jewel and winks at Sidrat and Jeff.  SpaceDog sits up straight and edges closer to Istanna.

[SpaceDog]   Let's finish this mission. I'm getting hungry thinking about Foxy's special stew.

[Njord]          Got me drooling already. Let's do this!

[SpaceDog]   ARK, land at the base of the power plant. We will then entangle the plants and animal couples to places that feel like home and grow undisturbed for at least 5 cycles. We can come back in the QETS in one or 2 cycles to check on their progress.

[Istanna]      Sounds like a great plan. Mum, would you like to handle the fauna? I think your unlimited memory has enough information to make the right choices.

Sidrat bows her head and in an instant has scanned the entire planet before she entangles the plants and fauna to suitable places where they will flourish undisturbed for at least five cycles. In the meantime, Njord has moved all the animals to places where food is growing in abundance. He looks at Sidrat, they both bow and turn to SpaceDog.

Foxy Roxy's Ramen Surprise

[SpaceDog]   ARK, take us to New Kyoto on Fornax Prime and appear as a red phone box that's bigger on the inside in the square a block down the street from Foxy Roxy Ramen.

A milliarn later the window disappears and a door with a small 6 pane window opens a crack. SpaceDog takes Istanna's by the hand, Ruffi and Buffi hold hands as well as Istanna and Jeff. Njord opens the door to the sounds of a bustling small city followed by the 4 air spirit guides who exit the door.

[Njord]        First, be careful of your steps because the cobblestone streets are tricky. Nobody will notice your strange clothes and whatever you do, don't touch the ears even if they look soft and fuzzy. If anyone talks to you, be polite as you can or make hand gestures as if you don't know what they are saying. SpaceDog, Istanna and I have been here before but it's been a long time since Istanna was here and she didn't look like she does now. Are we ready? Don't worry about any expenses because I've got this.

Njord steps through the door and all come out of what looks like a tall red box on a busy street. Suddenly a ferret runs up to them and stands on its back legs. Looking at the group and motions them to follow quickly. SpaceDog recognizes Emo and they all follow him through an ally past the food stalls along the street. Instead of the Ramen shop on the side of the ally, he guides them to a set of double doors at the end of the ally. SpaceDog and Njord stop and look at the new restaurant sign.

[SpaceDog & NjordFoxy Roxy's Ramen and Sweet Shop?

They then look at each other and do stone, paper, scissors. SpaceDog picks scissor and his dad picked paper and hands over the bag of coins to SpaceDog. When they enter the double doors, ten cat maids and ten wolf butlers bow and greet them.

[Maids & ButlersWelcome home Masters and Mistresses! 

Emit the fox comes out from the kitchen in a top hat, looks at each in the group curiously and then takes his hat off and bows his head. He stands tall, puts the hat back on and claps his paws together. The lights go out. They stand in total darkness until... A table with handles is carried in by the butlers with a tall cake lit with 14 candles. The maid cats bring in chairs and set them down behind the guests. When all are seated, another group of cats, dogs, wolfs, foxes, ferrets, and raccoons stand along the wall and begin to sing.

[a capella choire]

Happy Birthday to you,
You belong in a Zoo,
With the rest of us animals,

And your family too...

[Buffi, Chepi, Istanna, Jewel, Raskle, Njord, Sidrat, SpaceDog, Ruffi, Zenko]   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!

Suddenly the candles on the cake begin to shoot off tiny fireworks and the room goes dark when the last one goes out.

Slowly, the gas lamps come back on, the table with the cake has been replaced with a large dining table complete with chopsticks, spoons, small bowls of salad, fruit cups, large bowls of Foxy Roxy's famous Fox Stew and slices of cake with burning candles. A maid and butler stands behind each Vanir ready to do anything that is asked.

Jeff begins to cry happy tears and his maid hands him a handkerchief.

[ Jeff ]        I must say, that was the first time in my life, anybody remembered my birthday, and these are happy tears on a very happy birthday!

The meal continues and after everyone is stuffed with the delicious meal, the maids and butlers clear the table. A cart is wheeled in with one large box and 4 smaller ones.

[Sidrat]        As your mother, I will do my utmost to raise you to the best of my abilities. I looked through the archives and you are truly a mystery, surrounded by a paradox caught in an enigma. Even if that title was given to Buffi once upon a time. There is no record of who your parents were because someone removed all records of you being born except for one. I found a record of you being retrieved from an Atlantean time capsule on this day, 14 cycles ago with a small note. It was the paradox code, 25 or 6 2 4, but written as 25.624. I was searching the Atlantean archives when the commander called me here across space and time. I think it may be a chapter and page number but have not completed my search. The white box is from me.

Jeff picks up the small white box and opens it. Inside is a sorcerers stone, bright blue in color shaped like the largest of his three hearts on a platinum chain. After looking at it, Sidrat places it around his neck and gives Jeff a big hug.

[ Jeff ]        Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mum.

[ Buffi ]       I have not known you for very long, but feel that we have a lot to teach each other. This was recently given to me as part of a set, but for some odd reason, feel that you will need it in the near future.

Buffi takes the blue box off the table and hands it to Jeff. Inside, Jeff finds a round cobalt ball, perfectly smooth and free of imperfections. When he holds it up to look closer, everyone notices it matches his eyes perfectly.

[Istanna]     I've read your mind and know what you wanted the most, so it was I who suggested to Mum to adopt you. However, that is not the only gift I wish to give you. When you open the long gray box you will find something I originally made for a companion out of my fossilized dragon blood and a Unicorns tear but she was too weak to handle it and returned it in kind. As a magician or sorcerer, it is very powerful. So learn from your master how to use it for doing only good.

Jeff first has to break a seal on the box before it opens. Inside, he finds a dark dark red wand with a tear-shaped lens at the tip. When he traces the length of the wand with his finger, the teardrop at the end begins to glow until he stops moving his finger.

[ Jeff ]        Thank you Lady Istanna. I sense that you do not know the true power of this wand. Does the name Wind Walker mean anything to you?

[SpaceDog]   Wind Walker is the mother of Shadowfax and I will talk to you in private about unicorns and their bonds with dragons. So open the silver box and receive a Falknut key to an Atlantean airship I have parked in the QETS.  

[ Jeff ]         What's the QETS?

[SpaceDog]   It's a quantum entanglement time ship, almost as powerful as the Skithblathnir. Father Time built it and used it as a stepping stone to cross time when he commandeered the second Bi-Frost to bring the Vanir to Midgard during the Ăsir-Vanir war. Sidrat uses it and when she is not here and she controls it along with the Minds Eye A.I.

[Sidrat]        Excuse me? The QETS is now 15,000 times more powerful than the Skithblathnir and gaining more power since it has control of a black hole and 2 stars, thank you very much. But we have more presents for Jeff, so let's continue. 

Ruffi passes a flat box to Jeff. Inside the box is a book. When he opens the book he shuts it immediately.

[ Jeff ]         How and where did you get this? Better yet, don't tell me till you are good and ready.

[ Ruffi ]        All I can say is, you will get better use out of it than I ever will and I found it in a pile of things sent to be recycled. I love going through other's trash. Don't you think it's cool?

Jeff opens the book to a page in the middle and turns beet red closing the book even faster than the first time. Ruffi begins to laugh when Jeff sits on the book to keep it closed.

[Njord]         So you saved the biggest for last. What do you think is in the big box.

[ Jeff ]         Trouble... I sense it's living but not mature. That is what we picked up on Easter Island, isn't it?

[SpaceDog]   So it's alive but has not hatched yet, am I right? Your thoughts and calculations on what it may be and how long till it hatches Mum?

Sidrat walks over to the box and about to look inside, then motions Jeff to take a look. She then whispers something in his ear. He looks a bit shocked and gets out the wand Istanna gave him. Mum holds him back and whispers something else in his ear.

[Njord]            What, you going to leave us hanging? You know what it is don't you?

Both Jeff and Sidrat pull an eyelid down and stick out their tongues at him and when they do, a spark forms between them and hovers till they pull their tongues back in.

[ Jeff ]          Mum and I accept your most generous gift, however, it may be many cycles before they reveal themselves. I will tell you two things, they are twins and they are what Ymir was looking for.

[Njord]           What? Wait... What did I just give away? 

[Jeff & Sidrat]  A mystery that we will solve together!

[SpaceDog]    Emit! More Foxy Roxy specials for everyone!

The fox chef running in on two legs wearing a light blue short-sleeved Kimono and white apron comes into the dining hall.

[ Emit-Fox ]   You bring some of the most interesting characters in here. What happened to Lady Robin.

[SpaceDog]     She's probably stuck on her prison cell phone at work, wishing she kept up with us and stayed along for a longer ride. She went back to Earth, home-sick.

[ Emit-Fox ]   Fascinating! What brings you back besides the birthday party and my cooking Star Lord? Did you like my choir last time? I've taken some on and they do the singing, and also work in the take out area now that I have a full establishment, thanks for your gold's down payment.

SpaceDog pulls the purse off his belt and sets it on the table, then pushes it in Emits' direction. Emit faints. Half a moment later he wakes when Istanna drips water on his furry face.

[Istanna]      That was classic. How much do you owe on this new restaurant?

[ Emit-Fox ]  Well... three platinum since I just purchased it four moons ago.

[Njord]         In that case, take the whole bag and let us eat any time we come back.

[SpaceDog]   Dad! Are you buying this place from him or giving it to him or am I?

[Njord]         I thought you wanted to give him a big tit, I mean tip.

[Istanna]      Are you being distracted by my tail again. Wait, I no longer have a furry tail anymore, so it must be my tits.

Emit claps his paws together. The butlers and maids run to and from the kitchen with more bowls of special stew, sake, and tea for the youngsters. He then turns to Njord,

[ Emit-Fox ]   What or who are you calling yourself these days, is it still Father Time, Nostradamus, Poseidon, Merlin or...

[Njord]       Since my son found me again, he has been calling me dad, but I must have come back in time before since I've not used the nickname Merlin yet. Whatever you say, do not tell me anything I said from that visit. I don't want to get trapped in another time paradox.

[ Emit-Fox ]  And you Star Lord, did you find the necklace for Odin and who's the gorgeous creature beside you that smells of dragon?

[SpaceDog]   Yes to your first question and this is my wife Lady Istanna, former Air Goddess Dragoness of Alfheim. We are now the Guardians of Vanaheim as well as all Vanir and anyone who has visited Vanaheim. Your Fox special stew has improved. Have you added a bit of Turmeric or is it the Mace?

[Istanna]      You can smell my dragon blood? The last time I was here was 500 cycles ago. I used to prance around looking like a cat when not in my dragon form.

[ Emit-Fox ]   Yes to your last question Star Lord and I remember your scent now Istanna. You left something here that I've been holding onto. It has brought me luck and hoped you would return one day to retrieve it.

Emit pulls a necklace from under his Kimono and hands it to Istanna. Istanna's eyes get big as saucers when she sees the gold and silver ringlet with a red gem she used to hang from her right cat ear.

[SpaceDog]   Of all the things to lose, THAT,  was the first magic item I ever gave to you some 5000 cycles ago. I thought you didn't like it.

Istanna puts it on her right ear with tears in her eyes and pulls SpaceDog to his feet and hugs him real hard.

[Istanna]      I loved it, I love you, I lost it, I love you, I love it again and I will love you forever!!!!

Ruffi pokes Buffi in the ribs and says so all can hear,

[ Ruffi ]       That's our leaders and a fine example of fertility gods in love.

Every cat maid, wolf butler, fox, Vanir and air spirit guide in the room begins to clap and cheer for the happy couple for several moments. When Istanna stops crying tears of joy, the party is interrupted.

[Sidrat]       TIME OUT! I do not want to spoil the fun, but I've reached a critical point in my calculations and need to get back to Midgard so I can be precise when entangling the Vanir to their newly rebuilt home. The rebuild is now complete.

[Chepi, Zenko, Jewel & Rascal]  We have a request before we depart this excellent establishment. We smell something in the kitchen that we would like everyone including ourselves to try.

[ Emit-Fox ]   I had a feeling you would like what I made for my special guests. Give me just 1/2 a moment if you don't mind.

One of the cat maids and a wolf butler come out of the kitchen with several bento boxes in each paw and hand them to the air spirit guides. The aroma is not coming from the containers but from the wax seals indicating the freshness of the contents.

All the staff, cat maids, wolf butlers, Emit and Emo bow their head and say in unison,

 Thank you again for eating at Foxy Roxy Raman and Sweet Shop! Have a pleasant day and come again soon Masters and Mistresses!  

Suddenly Home Across Space and Time

The new Guardians of Vanaheim have made a plan to return all to their homes across time and space. SpaceDog and Sidrat are about to make that dream a reality with the newly built city of Barra Hold and the surrounding villages that the Vanir will call home once again.

[SpaceDog]   Is everyone on board the ARK?

SpaceDog looks around and finds everyone excited and ready to go home shaking their heads YES. Istanna is playing with the magic ear loop SpaceDog once gave to her and grinning from ear to ear. Njord sits in one of the chairs doing some mental calculations and thinking about his next project. Ruffi and Buffi seem to be engrossed in nibbling on the sweets they got at Foxy Roxy Raman and Sweet Shop. The four air spirit guides are playing a game a bit like stone, scissors, paper and making funny faces at each other when they lose. Jeff and Sidrat stand perfectly still holding hands using telepathy to learn from each other what it means to be mother and son.

[SpaceDog]   If there are no objections... ARK, you are now a flying PIG once again. Take us to Midgard, Earth year 222 EBC plus one day after we left and go to our prior location NOW.

A milliarn passes, and the Skithblathnir once again take the shape of a flying pig, becomes translucent and then the belly of the beast opens as the passengers find themselves either sitting or standing on the planes of Nazca Peru next to the food tent. Istanna walks up to SpaceDog's side and locks his arm in hers just as the  Skithblathnir folds up into a cube suspended in front of him. He takes the cube and puts it in one of his pockets.

[Istanna]       Sidrat, will you collect Rosemary, Luke, and Gertrude here so they can be with the rest of the family.

Sidrat looks at Istanna, then SpaceDog, who nodes their heads YES knowing what she wants without saying a word or using telepathy. The entire group is entangled to Vanaheim in the blink of an eye. Root, Toot, and Soot go directly to the kitchen and prepare hot tea and bring it back ready to be served to all the traveling family members with a sign made saying,

Welcome Home

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