Chapter 6 - Vanaheimr


Sidrat looks at Istanna, then at SpaceDog who nodes his head YES knowing what she wants without saying a word or using telepathy. The entire group is entangles to his home on Vanaheimr in the blink of an eye. Root, Toot and Soot go directly to the kitchen and prepare hot tea and bring it back ready to be served to all the travelers with a sign made saying,

Welcome Home

In less then a milliarn, Sidrat had entangles the group of Gods and Goddesses by tapping into the fractal Ester power of two stars that bath light onto the 1st through 3rd realms including Alfheim, Vanaheimr and what's left of Asgard.

[SpaceDog & Istanna] "We welcome you to ours and your home."

SpaceDog nods his head at Sidrat who is standing next to Jeff. Buffi, Chepi, Gertrude, Jewel, Luke, Njord, Rosemary, Ruffi and Zenko are all looking at the sign.
Gertrude, Luke and Rosemary look a bit startled not knowing where they are or how they got there and look out the windows and gasp.

[Sidrat]      "What I was instructed to do is rebuild the city of Barra Hold and the surrounding villages that have been in ruins for countless cycles. That task has been completed and in the next few days, we will be returning every Vanir back here to Vanaheimr."

[Istanna]     "Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to a new Barra Hold that is protected by a barrier of which you have never seen..."

[SpaceDog]   "and hidden from all who do not wish peace. Let's go outside and see what Sidrat has done under our instructions. This was a dream I had and Sidrat made it a reality."

Root is first to the double doors and opens them wide. The twin suns of Polaris cover the landscape and the reflections off the building are absolutely dazzling. All exit the tree house looking upon the city of tall buildings sparkle of gold, highlighting the crops and the forest township of Kveyka on the other side of the valley. In the middle, there is farmland and crops already growing. On each end of the valley is a pyramid capped with gold and 10 layers of gems making the two structures look like twin rainbows.

SpaceDog looks at Sidrat with a puzzled look on his face.

[Sidrat]       "I did not forget the rest of your family. They are not here for reasons I wish not to disclose at this time. When all the Vanir are home, they will be brought along with the crew of the QETS. Wind Walker has been watching your sister and Tanna and she does not want to be disturbed."

Istanna gets an odd look on her face hearing the name Tanna. SpaceDog palms the rune on his hand, looks at Istanna and says,

[SpaceDog]  "You will forget the name Tanna for five moon cycles."

All look a bit shocked seeing there home. Njord takes something out of his pocket and says,

[Njord]       "I will be in my lab checking on the twin power plants. Is there something I need to know before I go?"

Chepi and Zenko look at Istanna and SpaceDog.

[Istanna]    "Yes! Take the twin dream weavers with you and they will fill you in. I think you will be be surprised at what you find in your lab. Mum, you did complete the project I dreamed about?"

[Sidrat telepathically]      'My daughter is operating at 90%. Several precautions are in place only I can unlock to keep Father Time out of trouble as you requested.'

The twin spirit guides, Toot, Soot and Njord disappear. The remaining family members, still awestruck by the dazzling city of gold and green valley, decide to sit outside at the table and drink the tea offered to them earlier. Root serves as a waiter and the 2 raccoon spirit guides chase each other around the front garden while exploring their new home.

[ ~Luke~ ]    "Are we really home? I thought I would never see this place again."

[Rosemary]  "Father Freyr, how did you?"

[SpaceDog] "I dreamed about what this place was once like when I was younger, before the war. Then I dreamed some more and in one of those dreams, I met Sidrat who I later found. She was a gift of Father Time to help me find my true powers. When I completed her, I discovered a lot about Ymir, the ancient alien we were created from. That part of me held the key to discovering my potential and now we are part of this world and the realms beyond. You all are now living in that dreams."

SpaceDog holds Istanna's hand and looks deep into her eyes.

[Istanna]      "When I met Spacie, he helped me in a lot of ways I could never imagine. But I only saw him for a short time every 600 cycles as the Air Goddess Dragoness of Alfheim. We had some great adventures and are now together for life and found something special in all of you as family."

Tears begin to form as she thinks back about the past 4 moon cycles. She remembers Lady Robin and the protection necklace she gave her. Thinks about the other cat human who looks like a panda and completes most of her thoughts with a 'meow' and how she got excited seeing gems and good food. Then she remembers Cyn, Dee, Ruu and CeFuu at the Gallant Tree Inn and realized they are now a part of her family as well. She cuddles SpaceDog and gives him a huge hug before she falls asleep in his arms.

Lab Surprise

When phase two of the plan unfolds, all 2351 Vanir begin to appear on Vanaheimr in groups along with their possessions and pets. Dazzled by the city of gold, they make their way to the homes they once occupied finding everything rebuilt or just like they remembered it. 

Jeff finds Njord's lab, looks around the place and is startled by what he finds. On a glass table, there is a smaller bald version of Sidrat in a black bodysuit. Njord is looking her over puzzled by what he sees and starts scratching his long beard.

[ Jeff ]       "Who is that?"

[Njord]       "Looks like the Sentient Intelligent Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper I built many cycles ago, but it's smaller and different."

[Chepi & Zenko] "Don't you know how to wake her up? She was built by Sidrat and she told us not to tell you a thing except, she needs a kick start."

Both air spirits begin to giggle. Njord looks at them, looks back at the A.I. then looks at Jeff who is about to burst out laughing. Jeff pulls something out of his pocket.

[Njord]      "Has your Mum turned into a prankster?  Don't tell me you need to kiss the princess to wake her... what? What did you just pull out of your pocket? Jeff? Don't make me read your mind."

Jeff tosses the round cobalt marble and Njord's catches it. He looks at it and scratches his head not sure what to do.

[ Jeff ]       "I've always been a prankster. That was one of the birthday gifts and I believe you know what my little sister needs. Place that in her Chi receptor. It should complete her power source conduit."

[Njord]       "How do you know that?"

Jeff makes a hand sign in ancient alien and taps his head. Njord begins to understand and shakes his head from side to side.

[Njord]       "So that is what you've learned from your Mum."

Jeff points to the area below the A.I.'s chest bone. When Njord places the cobalt marble there, a slit opens and the marble sinks in before closing.  Jeff then makes a rune in mid air, Njord picks it out of the air and places the rune on the A.I.'s forehead. Nothing happens. Njord looks at Jeff and bows his head in defeat. Jeff walks up to the A.I. and lifts her left leg strait up and bends the knee making her kick. Suddenly the glass table disappears and the A.I. floats into a standing position with both eyes still closed.

[ Jeff ]      "And now me thinks we need to give her a name. How about .... Atlántida or do you prefer, Tida, or ... "

One of the A.I.'s eyes opens and she turns her head towards Jeff. Her cobalt blue eyes look just like Jeffs' and Njords'. She blinks at Jeff and looks away shaking her head NO.

[ Jeff ]       "Okami"

She smiles and shakes her head YES then points to the object in Jeff's pocket his mom gave him. Jeff feels the squishy black and light blue object with a ring in it still unsure what it is. In a very low voice,

[Okami]      "Place on me here or here."

Okami points to her nose with one hand and per mid abdomen with the other. Jeff looks at her and slowly turns to Chepi and Zenko who are both twitching their noses. He takes that as a suggestion and places the object near her nose. She inhales quickly and the ring clasps onto both sides of her nose and she begins to move.

[Chepi & Zenko] "This is critical. See her as your sister or friend and make a wish."

Jeff closes his eyes and Okami's body suit changes into black fur with blue highlights. Her nose begins to grow into a snout, she grows a long fluffy tail, her fingernails and toenails become long, sharp and pointed. When the transformation is complete, she shakes like a wet dog and suddenly has on a short plaid skirt, sleeveless black blouse and a matching plaid bow on one ear. She looks at herself, inspects her paw like hands, looks down at her nose and pulls on the ring in it and it comes off. She shoves if back on and tries to walk around, crouches down and then on her knees looking as if to pounce. She spins around, sits up next to Jeff, howls and then lowers her head just as Sidrat appears.

[Sidrat]     "Okami, sit, roll over, play dead."

Okami sits like a dog, rolls over once in one direction, then rolls in the opposite direction before falling over and lies motionless. One leg begins to kick, then twitch and finally she stops moving altogether. Jeff and Njord look at Okami when Sidrat pokes her with her foot. Jeff crouches down and pokes her a few times with his finger.

[Sidrat]     "Otusan, is the lab up to your standards or is there something you want me to change?"

Njord looks around the lab noting all his equipment, sensors and gadgets in place. Walks over to one of the walls and waves his hand. Schematics of the 2 power plants on either side of the valley appear along with the 2 additional remote power plants on the north and south poles of Vanaheimr. He inspects it closely. He waves has hand and a representation of the 1st through 4th realms appear. He waves his hand again and the wall becomes blank once more.

[Njord]      "Fractal Ester collectors between the suns of Polaris? How did you pull that one off? I had only thought about something like that after the war started."

[Sidrat]      "I created what you dreamed of. It was not possible for me to complete the task until slices of the Morris stone were placed in my sensor array. Soon all the Vanir will be here and I can rebuild Asgard, if my commanders wish for me to proceed. You can wake up now daughter. Jeff, she was supposed to be your sister. Did your hearts change?"

[ Jeff ]      "No Mum. I pictured a wolf when I looked at Chepi and Zenko. Did you built her quasi-dimensional like Skithblathnir or is she more like you?"

[Sidrat]     "She is like me. She is sentient and can follow her own intuitions but still can not hurt anything sentient unless commanded to by you or... or she will shut down."

Okami looking at Jeff and blinks.

[Okami]     "Now that I am operational, I can change my appearance if you want me to. I can look like a Vanir. But, will always be female no mater what exodermises you wish for me to ware. It will take a full 9 arns for me to be 100% functional."

The glass table reappears and Okami floats onto it and closes her eyes as an opaque force shield covers her. Jeff smiles at Sidrat and they both vanish.  Njord pulls a falknut from around his neck and places it into a slot in the wall. A doorway opens and he walks through the door, stops, looks at Soot and Toot motioning them to follow. With them inside, the door disappears....





Barra Hold






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