Chapter 8 ~ Decisions

Five days before the winter solstice party, five Valkyrie are entangled to Alfheim in a place called the Queens Lair. On the winter solstice, snow begins to fall on Vanaheim and the remaining Vanir are entangled to Barra Hold center where all Vanir are given the chance to return to Alfheim or stay on Vanaheim...

Alfheim or Vanaheim

By noon, the snow had already melted and the underground drainage system was already purifying the water and collecting it for the crops still growing on the surface. The Vanir who returned to the city of Barra Hold over the past five days has continued to work in their workshops, stores, schools, research labs, farms and rediscovered the new living spaces for pets and new family members.  Sidrat had broadcast telepathically to the remaining Vanir on Alfheim that the city was rebuilt ready for occupation once again, and all would be taken home to visit or stay. What the new leaders didn't expect to happen was a concern for all Vanir. 505 Vanir from Alfheim are now gathered in the Great Hall when they are addressed by Star Lord SpaceDog and Lady Istanna.

[SpaceDog]   Greetings to all Vanir who have returned to Vanaheim. I am your current ruler, Star Lord SpaceDog. My family name is Freyr. Until recently, I thought I was one of only three survivors of the Ęsir/Vanir war.  My father, your former ruler, Njord, was responsible for hiding you from the Ęsir. He, myself and my sister, Freyja, were the only three Vanir left on Vanaheim after the invasion. Odin took us to Asgard because Njord was the only known Vanir left who could fix the BiFrost transport system, after all, he built the damned thing. Since the war, I  returned here every 500-600 cycles looking for answers and what happened to the Vanir.

[Someone in the crowd]  How do we know you're the ruler and why have you taken us from our homes?

Lady Istanna steps up next to Star Lord SpaceDog and there is silence. They are awestruck with both her charm and beauty.

[Istanna]      I am Lady Istanna, wife of Freyr and former Dragoness Goddess of Alfheim, the land you are currently living on by the generosity of my mother, queen of all dragons, Tintagila. We have brought you to this place because it was once your home and can be once again. We have the power to harness the twin suns that light the skies above the first 4 realms. We have the Morris stone, a stone that can rule over all the Vastu stones. And, we have been bonded to this land by Bodn, an artifact containing the blood of the first alien ancestor who created us, Ymir. That lets us command all who have lived on, visited or was born from the realm of Vanaheim.

[SpaceDog]   You want a demonstration of that power? Come forward all who do not believe. 

A group of about 100 Vanir step forward, some with questioning looks on their faces because they had no intention of stepping forward. SpaceDog turns to Istanna, pats his head and rubs his belly. She shakes her head NO and giggles...

[Istanna]     Everyone who stepped forward will now turn around, take your left index finger, pull your left eyelid down and stick your tongue out at those still facing forward.

The group does exactly as instructed and there is laughter.

[SpaceDog]   Everyone stop this silly display of power and listen to what we have to say.

Everyone stops, turns back around and listens.

[SpaceDog]   We have already returned all Vanir sent to Midgard because, after Ragnarok, the Ęsir home was destroyed. We can rebuild it for them, but we didn't want them to find us. So we sterilized Midgard of all Vanir technology and left only a few clues that we lived there. Odin is no longer. The new Ęsir king is Thor, and he likes Midgard. We think he will take his people there.

[Istanna]     We are not forcing you to return here. We are not that type of rulers. The fact is, we didn't want this power and happy to have a governing body of like-minded citizens who will do what's best for all Gods and Goddesses. So, if you would like to stay, then stay. If not, we will take you to wherever you want except the 5th or 10th realms. For the time being, they are both out of bounds.

[SpaceDog]   My last wish for all to follow is, never bow to either myself or Lady Istanna and never call us sire, your majesty or any title that would indicate we are the rulers. Your old homes have been rebuild and stocked as you left them with maybe a few added conveniences. What brought you here? Let me introduce you to a mother, a friend, and our guardian angel.

Sidrat floats down from above the crowd on her fairy wings and settles down between SpaceDog and Istanna. She steps forward, bows, stands up straight and in her best sexy accent addresses the group.

[Sidrat]       My name is Sidrat. I am a Sentient Intelligent Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper, an artificial intelligent being created by Njord to watch over and help his son.  My commanders, master Star Lord SpaceDog, and my mistress, his wife, Lady Istanna, both dreamed about returning and rebuilding Vanaheim after they learned the Vanir were scattered through time and space to escape the wrath of the Ęsir war Gods.  The Morris stone my master mentioned, was used to repair my sensory array and lets me control the ester power converter I created and placed between the suns that light the sky above us. I used that power to rebuild Vanaheim. It's my voice you herd when I told you about the move. I can move anything or anyone, anyplace at any time as long as it does not disobey the laws of physics or cause a time paradox. I do what is best for my master, mistress and all living creatures who want peace and prosperity. For all practical purposes, I am your guardian angel.

Sidrat again bows and steps back between SpaceDog and Istanna just as the back doors open and Jeff comes riding in on the back of Okami and stops in front of the crowd. When Jeff hops off Okami, she stands tall and walks behind him as Istanna makes room for them next to Sidrat.

[Istanna]     You are late young man. Everyone, this is Jeff. He was adopted by Sidrat and a bit of a displaced mischief-maker but has good hearts and I suspect he was late for a reason. In any case, he is the reason why Sidrat is also called mother.

[Jeff telepath to the 3 closest] 'Trouble in the forest. It's being invaded by Knockles and magic has no effect on them.'

[SpaceDog]   So you now have a decision to make. Stay here or return to Alfheim. Please take your time and explore Vanaheim for the rest of the day, meet your old friends, talk to your neighbors and return here after the sun's set.  If you can't make up your mind and would like to chat, come back and talk to us after your walk about town and countryside.

[Istanna]      But before you go, remember this. We are here to help each other, not rule over you.

After all, have exited the great hall. Sidrat looks at the four remaining, and with a wave of her hand all reappear in Njord's lab.

Knockles Warning

SpaceDog, Istanna, Sidrat, Jeff, and Okami now stand in the middle of Njord's lab. He has a perplexed look on his face with a Knockle specimen on the table in a suspension field. It keeps running in circles, stops, looks West and goes back to running in circles. It keeps repeating the same pattern over and over.

[Njord]       Thanks for bringing this thing to me Jeff. They remind me of cockroaches on Midgard, eat wood or cellulose and almost anything organic and love sweets. Very weather tolerant from -10c to 110c and are hard to kill with chemicals or magic, however, they are not that strong and can be squashed with direct pressure and will explode in a vacuum. Jeff, did you see or sense anything else unusual around the forest? Sometimes they come before the storm and are a warning sign...

[ Jeff ]       It wasn't the forest, it was the obelisks at the end of the path at the geyser field near the beach. They were flickering. I think Ruffi and Buffi are down there now.

[Njord]       Sidrat, pipe 25 through 27.

[Sidrat]      On it

Sidrat vanishes and reappears immediately.

[Sidrat]      Confirmed. The Knockles are running from the epicenter and both 26 and 27 are about to blow in less than an arn.

[Njord]       Can you contain it?

[SpaceDog]   Tell us what's happening, please.

[Sidrat]        Still making the calculations...

[ Jeff ]         Basically, there is a geyser field at the edge of the ocean 2 1/2 clicks from here.

[Njord]        The tectonic plates have been stable for as long as I can remember, but...there has been a change in the geysers eruption timing.

[Sidrat]       We need to weld that plate or it will break. This is going to be close. Maker, route all power from three pyramids to the Essery platform. The obelisks may get scorched but they will hold. Lu'C-Ana... Target confirmed. Kick Ess number 25 and 26.

Okami changes into Lu'C-Ana and is sporting a silver spacesuit and hands Jeff one of the two masks she holds in her hand and smiles.

[Lu'C-Ana]    Ready for some fireworks? You even get to light the fuse. Put your helmet on Little Dipper!

As soon as Jeff puts on the face mask, his body is covered in a silver spacesuit like Lu'C-Ana and they vanish.

Essery Platform

[Sidrat telepath]  'This is a warning to anyone one click or less from the Ocean beyond Kveyka forest or on the roadway leading to the beach. We have a situation that needs to be handled immediately. Think Angel or say Help and you will be entangled to a safe location.'

Four respond with the word Help and are entangled to the tallest building in Barra Hold.

[Ruffi telepath]    'We are in The Raven not far from there.'

[Sidrat telepath]  'Don't open your cockpit. We're sending you into space and to the Essery platform. You should have several emergency suits onboard. Just put on the face masks to engage them.'

Buffi finds the emergency kit grabs two face masks and hands one to Ruffi. When the masks are on, their bodies are covered in a sealed spacesuits.

[Buffi telepath]    'Found them... suits are on.'

The autopilot takes over, The Raven immediately turns skyward and accelerates pinning Ruffi and Buffi to their seats.

[Ruffi]        Woooh! This is soooo sweet. I thought this thing only had a limited range and speed.

[Njord telepath]   'You should be at the platform in 1/2 a moment. Pressurization and opening the docking bay portal will be automatic. Jeff and Lu'C-Ana are already there. They will tell you what to do if they need your help. Now have fun. I wish I was there to watch the fireworks.'

Half a moment later, The Raven slides next to the Essery platform and locks into place. There is a hissing sound as the pressure inside the cabin and the platform reach equilibrium and the portal opens.

[Buffi]        What is this thing? I never knew there was anything like this out here in space.

Lu'C-Ana morphs into FoxyGurl mechanic with dark brown fur, green shorts, a white tank top that says 'Bite Me' in red letters, a utility belt complete with an assortment of tools and high heeled magnetic boots. She steps over to the control panel, changes the pitch of the platform so it is pointing down where everyone can see the ocean, the road lit by obelisks, the forest and Barra Hold complete with its two pyramids and lush farmland. She disengages the artificial gravity waiting for everyone's reaction. Jeff is sitting at the controls and waves his hand over the platforms' communication array trying not to laugh at Ruffi and Buffi reaching for something to hold onto in the ten meter, square cube.

[ Jeff ]      This platform is one of many hidden from view so it's never visible. It channels ester energy from Polaris Aa & Ab, and since Vanaheim is always moving, there are always several reflecting energy to Vanaheim. We are adjusting the pitch now Mum. Are you ready ground side?

[Sidrat]     2.4 moments son.

[Sidrat broadband telepathy] 'Greetings from your guardian angel. I urge you to go outside now and look to the West over the trees of Kveyka forest to witness for one time only, the welding of a tectonic plate that has become unstable at the geyser field two and a half clicks from Barra Hold city center. Come one, come all and enjoy the show.'

[Istanna]    What the Hel was that all about. You made it sound like an invitation to a picnic.

[Sidrat]     Well... my maker did give me all the good emotions I could ever want, so why spoil the fun? We're just making bigger fireworks.

On the platform, FoxyGurl completes her alignment and pinpoints the exact weld location. A digital clock starts to count down and Jeff has his hand on the Q-switch waiting for confirmation once the clock reaches zero.

[Njord]      Power build-up is going as planned. Are you ready to hit the Q-switch when we are at full power, Jeff?

[ Jeff ]      You realize what's going to happen when I hit this switch, don't you Star Lord and my Lady? Remember Lake Titicaca? You don't want to miss this.

SpaceDog and Istanna look at each other and run outside to watch the show. When they are outside, they notice everyone else watching the colored pulse in the forest lighting up a square speck in the sky. The speck begins to pulse brighter and faster until it's no longer pulsating but glowing white like a very bright star.

[Sidrat]     Light that firecracker Jeff!

Suddenly all power in the city goes dim, the sky lights up with all colors of the rainbow and when Jeff hits the Q-Switch, all the built-up ester energy comes down in a white-hot flame welding the tectonic plate between Geysers 25 and 26. Just as the weld is complete, Geysers 26 and 27 erupt simultaneously spewing water and volcanic ash into the air, cooling the weld. This is captured by the setting suns and the whole sky stays multi-colored for almost an arn. Jeff sits back watching the colors reflected in the sky as FoxyGurl crawls up onto his lap.

[Njord]      Hate to spoil the fun but Luke and Rosemary are looking for Ruffi and Buffi. I also need to reset the autopilot so you don't try going to the platform on your own. I'll give you one arn and then The Raven will take you home on autopilot. Good job you four.

FoxyGurl waves her paw over the communicator and it turns amber. Jeff resets the countdown clock for just under 1 arn, spins the chair around and note both Ruffi and Buffi are still floating weightless having a grand time. Buffi is spinning round and round while Ruffi is bouncing from one side of the platform to the other using only one finger.

[ Jeff ]       I will never look at Knockles the same way again. Wonder what they taste like roasted or in a stew?

[FoxyGurl]  Ewww! Not even a hungry fox would eat one of those, or at least not without a lot of curry.

*giggle*giggle*wink*wink* One arn later, the Essery platform is no longer occupies, turns invisible and the airlocks open into space.

Do I Stay or Do I Go

With the crisis averted, the Vanir who came from Alfheim return to the great hall at sunset after watching the Techtronic plate being welded. Nearly all have smiles on their faces and only a few look worried.

[Istanna]     We hope you had an enjoyable afternoon visiting old friends, family, and acquaintances while thinking over the many choices you need to make. The light show was not planned and totally unexpected, but we all put our heads together and came out on top, thanks to some very creative Gods and Goddesses who will continue to live here.

[SpaceDog]   There is plenty of land to be explored, plus we have a copy of the entire Atlantean Archives at your disposal for your reading and research pleasure. I hope you have all made your decision. For those still hesitant you will get the opportunity to travel between realms when Father Time is not busy with one of his projects. Eventually, we will get our own Gatekeeper and we are looking for acceptable candidates.

[Istanna]     Angel!

Sidrat appears in a cherry blossom Kimono with a large pink waistband bow and bows her head to the 505 waiting before her.

[Sidrat]       I could read your minds and see what you want the most, or you decide on your own. If you wish to stay, then stay. If you wish to go back to Alfheim, think about your home on Alfheim. If you are undecided you can remain here and talk things over. If you wish to stay you may exit the room now. However, if there is anything you would like for me to bring back from Alfheim, let me know with a prayer. One exception to that rule is, I will not bring back anyone against there own free will and you must talk to SpaceDog or Istanna before I bring back someone who is not a Vanir.

Four hundred and five smiling faces turn round and leave the great hall having made the decision to stay.

[Sidrat]        Now think Alfheim and I will entangle you to where and when I found you, but you will not remember being here. Still undecided? Think about what you want over and over in your head till I say stop.

Ninty nine Vanir are entangled back to Alfheim with one remaining saying over and over in her head 'Tintagila, Tintagila, Tintagila...'

[Istanna whispers]      Mother? I can hear your name. Are you calling me through her?

[Sidrat]       Stop!

The only remaining Vanir, dressed very plainly collapses on the floor of the great hall hitting her head. She looks a bit out of place with silver hair and could pass for Njord's sister. The woman is taken to the infirmary where her wound is treated. The next day, she opens her eyes and whispers softly,

[Nerthus whispers]   I am Nerthus, Goddess of peace and plenty, mother of Terra Mater.

Visiting the Queens Lair

Five days before the winter solstice party, five companions stand looking a bit out of place having herd that Ragnarok already happened. Lucinda approaches SpaceDog and Istanna.

[Lucinda]       What are your plans for us? Since Ragnarok has already taken place, what are we to do?

SpaceDog looks at Sidrat, looks at each companion and closes his eyes for a moment.

[SpaceDog]   Would you like to do what you are trained to do? Do you know where the name Valkyrie came from, and what drives their passion?

All friends look at each other a bit confused and shrug.  Sidrat produces the original Valkyrie training manual and hands it to Lucinda.

[Sidrat]         Have you ever looked at who wrote the training manual, why only you can read parts of it and what is inside the front cover? As leader of soul sorters, that text should be visible to you.

Lucinda opens the book and reads out loud...

[Lucinda]       This book is dedicated to the day Lucinda became Val Kyrie, Kara, and Skyllaar. On that day, five Goddesses made a commitment to sort the souls of warriors fallen in battle. When the time comes, you will know what to do. Queen Tintagila

Istanna gets a puzzled look on her face hearing her mother's name.

[Istanna whispersMy mother wrote that?

Lucinda looks deep into the eyes of each of her four companions before turning to SpaceDog, Istanna, and Sidrat.

[Sidrat]         In order to become Val Kyrie, I must change your DNA-s-t&a to prevent a time paradox from happening. Are you ready to start your journey as the last and the first soul sorter, Val Kyrie?

The five hold hands and close their eyes for a moment before all node their heads, YES.

[Sidrat]         As it is written in the laws of time in the Atlantean Archives, I shall send you to the next place you need to be, but first I need your permission, Lucinda.

Lucinda Closes her eyes bows her head down and then opens them looking up.

[Lucinda]        Permission granted.

Lucinda's hair changes from black to curly blond. Istanna slips something into the book and closes it tightly in Lucinda's hand.

[Istanna]       You are all going to Alfheim on 380 CE where you will meet my mother, a very old dragon. You may never say how you got there because you won't need to. She will either eat you or introduce you to your winged servants. Sidrat, entangle all five to the queens lair.

All five vanish from Midgard vanish and appear on Alfheim in the middle of the day. They look up at the world tree towering above their heads, reaching into the clouds. Behind them, something takes in a deep breath. When they turn around, a ten meter long gold dragon with emerald eyes is glaring at them. Val Kyrie drops the book in her hand and several different colored pieces of papyrus fall out at the dragon's feet.

[Tintagila]   I'm Tintagila. The Dragon Queen of Alfheim. I'm surprised you got past my guards. Where are those damned Knockles?

The Dragon raises her head, squints and recognizes the order of the colors.

[Tintagila]     Don't just stand there, follow me and pick up that book. I may have you read it to me.

The dragon turns around and starts to shrink in size until she is twice the height of Val Kyrie.

[Tintagila]     I see from her calling cards, my daughter Istanna sent you. That just means I may get some entertainment before I eat you. Don't look so shocked. I would never eat a God or Goddess who can best me in a game of chance.

[Val Kyrie]     Scissors, paper, stone.

Tintagila turns around and looks straight into Val Kyrie's eyes with her claw raised up. Her expression changes.

[Tintagila]      What's paper?

[Val Kyrie]     Papyrus parchment. On three?

The challenge begins and on three, Tintagila picks paper while Val Kyrie picks scissors beating Tintagila. She squints her eyes looking down at Val Kyrie as she turns back towards a cave entrance.

[Tintagila]     You win. What do you want?

[Val Kyrie]     Five Pegasus, one black.

Tintagila looks back and snorts a puff of smoke through her nostrils.

[Tintagila]      That's a tall order for a game of chance. Shall I cook them first or do you think you're worthy to ride them?

When Tintagila turns back towards the cave, the sound of a sword being unsheathed gets her attention. When she sniffs the air she steps to one side almost falling over a large bolder, turns back around and hisses.

[Tintagila anger]     Who are you? How did you get that? Did you kill my daughter? I smell her blood. You stay away from me with that blade. I'm not ready to have my soul taken from me.

Gunnr sheaths the sword, bows down and holds it out with both hands as she drops to one knee.

[Gunnr]         That was not a threat mother of Istanna. I am Gunnr and offer this as proof that we are the last soul sorters and here at Istanna's request. Please read the inscription on this and my commanders Hero's Blade.

Tintagila slowly comes forward and squints so she can read the inscription.

[Tintagila]      Battle witch Gunnr, servant of Odin and sorter of souls of warriors who died in battle.

The dragon looks surprised.

[Tintagila]     Stand child. You carry the God hunter, the third most powerful blade in the nine realms according to the scripts written in Ęsir, Vanir, Atlantean, Latin, Greek, Tsao, both dark and light Elvin and states clearly in ancient dragon that you are not to be threatened unless you want to lose your soul. Where did you get this?

[Val Kyrie]     My name is Val Kyrie, the last and only soul sorting leader. It Manifested after Gunnr gave her life and soul to the Hero's Blade. That blade I got besting Istanna in a game of chance so I could fulfill my destiny.

Not touching the shaft, Tintagila inspects the Hero's Blade and the writing as it's turned over to see all the different languages on it.

[Tintagila]      That is, in fact, the Hero's Blade. It's more powerful than Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. So the prophecy comes true and you are here to fill the rest of the prophecy, yes? I still smell Istanna's blood on that thing. You sure you didn't cut her up into little pieces and eat her for lunch? Who are the rest of you?

[Herja]     I'm Victoria. Also called Herja. It's a pleasure to me you...

[Eir]            My name is Valerie, or Eir.

[Tintagila]   Yah, yah... I noticed your deep green hypnotizing eyes. They're like mine but smaller. I was about to dive in and see what you're thinking, but I'd probably drown looking in too deep. Glad I didn't start a staring match with you. I would have lost that one too. And short stuff, let me guess, Brynhildr right? It's written all over your face, and your scabbard.

Tintagila spins around while she morphs into a human-sized cat with a double set of ears, white and black tiger-striped bustier and pink ribbons on her tail, shoulders, and ears. She looks at the five and claps her paws together.

[Tintagila]    I'm about to call in a big favor so don't say anything until... just don't say anything unless it's something to be said. You are about to meet my guardian angels, Wind Walker and Ali Qorn.

They complete their walk through the Queens Lair and step out the other side of the cave.


Tintagila, Val Kyrie, Gunnr, Herja, Eir, and Brynhildr are greeted by two Alicorn, unicorns with wings. At first, they seem to be statues not moving or breathing until Val Kyrie holds out her hand with a golden apple that magically acquired as she exited the cave. The other four companions also produce red apples offering them as well.

[Wind Walker]  Is it time to return the favor already? We were getting worried that the prophecy would never come true.

[Ali Qorn]        Our children have been waiting for this day to come, but there is one missing from your group. Is there a problem?

[Tintagila]        Only five showed. Ladies.. show them the tools of your trade.

The five hold either the hilt of their sword with the scabbards pointed up and the unopened Hero's Blade extended at arms length while still holding the apples in their palms.

[Ali Qorn]        And that's supposed to impress us?

Val Kyrie nodes her head and each apple falls away sliced into twelve pieces in less than a blink of an eye.

[Wind Walker]  They did that without magic or time displacement and I never saw the blades get unsheathed, but sensed Istanna's blood for a tic. I'm impressed.

[Tintagila]         Sorry about my manors. Let me introduce everyone. These are the ones written in the great book who will be sorting the dead for the Asgard king, Odin. Their leader is Val Kyrie. Her second is Gunnr, along with Eir, Herja, and Brynhildr. May I present the most magical couple found on Alfheim, Ali Qorn, and Wind Walker.

Ali Qorn walks up to each female warrior starting with Val Kyrie. He looks them over one by one catching a bit of their memory in the process. He then sits in front of Val Kyrie and wraps his black wings completely around her. When he unwraps his wings, she is covered in shining armor that moves freely around her entire body like a second skin. She's now wearing a helmet with wings. Ali Qorn stands back up on his hind legs, steps away from the five and rubs his horn against Wind Walkers.

[Wind Walker]  Val Kyrie, you will no longer hold that name because it will be given to all soul sorters who will work alongside the War Gods. From this day forward you will be Skyllaar, mother to, and leader of all Valkyrie. May the magic in your touch always make the right decision when dealing with the souls of the dead. You yearn for a black Pegasus and you are in luck. Later you will meet my firstborn. Today he's perched on the top of the world tree. His name is Nightmare and I suspect he will be more then you can handle. A word of caution, if he ever throws you off his back, just fly with him, you now have the wings to do so.

[Tintagila]        She's coming, they are coming... with an angel...

[Wind Walker]  Who's coming?

[Tintagila]        My daughter, a Vanr, and a guardian.

Istanna, SpaceDog and Sidrat appear directly in front of Tintagila.

[Istanna]         Mother! 

Istanna wraps her arms around Tintagila and gives her a big hug. Tintagila sniffs the air around Istanna and slowly returns the hug while wrapping her cat tail around Istanna sensing who she really is.

[Tintagila]       Istanna, is that really you? You smell like a Vanir, like him... like... Freyr, but your blood still smells the same.

[Sidrat]          Back to work. Call when you're ready. Tootles!

Sidrat vanishes. Tintagila has a questioning look on her face and points to where Sidrat was standing.

[Istanna]        Yes, it's really me. Oh, that was Sidrat. We'll tell you about her later.

SpaceDog walks over to Wind Walker and bows his head and offers her a green apple. She slowly crushes it in her jaw savoring its bitter sweetness. He steps next to Skyllaar, looks her up and down admiring her armor winking at Ali Qorn before turning his attention to Tintagila.

[SpaceDog]   Greetings Dragon Queen. We are only here for a short time. We came from the future where your daughter and I are bound rulers of Vanaheim, she now has my body's genetic makeup but kept her own blood when she transformed into a Vanir. We are here to fill an obligation to bring the first soul sorters to Midgard after their winged servants have been chosen. And, tell you the good news.

[Tintagila]     Istanna, I sense you're pregnant with twins. But Vanir and dragon... I'm a bit disappointed, and yet happy at the same time. What timeline will you be on when the twins are hatched?

Istanna thinks about it for a moment trying to use her new powers of prognostication. Wind Walker comes over, places her horn on top of Istanna's head.

[Wind Walker]  I'm not sure about that timeline... Day of Labor 2022 CE at some place or event called Dragoncon. That's on Midgard, yes? Tintagila, call the children with your magic.

[Istanna]      We are here to witness the prophecy and at the conclusion, our guardian angel will help port them to Midgard on this timeline.

Tintagila gives out a loud lioness roar and suddenly the sky has six Pegasus flying through the air from different directions. They all land on the ground in front of her and fold their wings back and bow. She motions for one to leave and it flies off.

[Ali Qorn]        The day has come when you must choose a partner. Before you are five Goddesses who will serve the war God of the Ęsir, king Odin. Their job is to choose which of the slain soldiers are worthy of a place in Valhalla. These Goddesses of war will ride you into battle, wearing helmets, shields, armor and wield dragon blades to cut and divide the souls of the dying as it is written in the great prophecy. Seek out with your heart and soul, a warrior you will serve for the remainder of days. Skyllaar, your steed has already been chosen, so please stay by my side.

[Wind Walker]  The five winged horses before you have been named from the four basic elements; Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and the last is called Void. When they chose you, and you accept them, they will become your winged servants and partner for life. You will give him or her a new name. Are you ready?

They nod their heads, YES, and all except Skyllaar stand in a line.

[Tintagila]    You nine will now close your eyes and keep then closed until instructed to open them. Gunnr, hold out the sliced apple in your hand. 

The smallest winged mare walks up to Gunnr and eats the apple, one slice at a time.

[Gunnr]        I am a battle witch, swift and strong. You must be Wind and will be the wind that drives my soul to do what must be done.

[Wind]         That is correct. Of all those before you today, I am the fastest and fly like the wind. You will now rename me and my mother will provide you with armor.

[Gunnr]        My mistress lost her name and is now called Skyllaar. Her former name was special to me, so you will now be called Lucinda in her honor.

[Tintagila]    Gunnr, Lucinda, you may both open your eyes to seal the bond. May you both, always fly like the wind.

When they make eye contact, there is a gleam in both their eyes and they can hear each other's thoughts. Wind Walker steps up and wraps her wings around Gunnr giving her a suit of armor, silver and lined with copper trim. Gunnr gets on Lucinda's back and gives her neck a hug.

[Winged Lucinda telepath] 'I'm taking you to Nightmare. Hang on tight!'

With one swift kick, they are airborne and heading towards the top of the world tree.

[Tintagila]    Herja, hold out your sliced apple.

The largest mare steps up with her eyes closed, sniffs out the apple and devours it in 2 bites.

[Herja]        I am devastated, switch my mind way too often and sometimes find myself falling into the void. You will fill the void in my heart and will help me to climb out. 

[Void]          I will fly you to either end of the void and back again for correctly sensing who I am.

[Herja]        I give you my other name and call you Victoria. Together we will be victorious on the battlefield.

[Tintagila]    Herja, Victoria, you may open your eyes to seal the bond and may your Goddess always fly true.

When they make eye contact, both shed tears and Herja puts her arms around Victoria's neck before turning around to receive her armor.

[Tintagila]    I will give you armor that matches your winged servants' abilities.

She pulls out a wand from between her girls and SpaceDog recognized it as identical to the wand Istanna gave Jeff made of fossilized dragon blood and a unicorn tear. She holds it up and says one word...

[Tintagila]    NoITceTorp

Above both Herja and the winged Victoria, silver rains down on them till both are covered with armor that glows for 1/4 moments before hardening.

[Winged Victoria telepath] 'Top of the world tree we go.'

Victoria turns towards the world tree. Herja jumps on her back and grabs onto the ring in Victoria's armor. Victoria stretches out her wings, a portal opens and they fly into it before it closes.

[Ali Qorn]    We have two shield maidens left,  Eir and Brynhildr. I would like Eir to make your offering next so hold out your ruby red sliced apple.

Several raindrops fall from the sky as Water steps up and nibbles on the apple savoring it, taking his time and when its gone, snorts loudly.

[Eir]             I once was a healing Goddess and realized saving a life takes time. Now I'm a Goddess who will take souls, stripping them away after death and judge if it is worthy for the halls of Valhalla, or if not, cast it into the fires of Hel. Thank you, Water, for bringing new life to the land of the living and washing away the dead.

[Water]        I am touched by your words and have chosen wisely with no regret. 

[Eir]              My first thought was to call you Stormy, but my healing self says Mercy because I will show no mercy judging evil souls.

[Ali Qorn]     Eir, Mercy, open your eyes and complete the bond.

On eye contact, Eir is already leaking water from hers and Mercy snorts blowing the tears away. When Eir turns towards Ali Qorn, she notices tears on his face, removes them with her finger and it begins to glow and spreads out covering her body in translucent armor. Her helmet wings form like crystals growing.

[Eir telepath to Ali Qorn]  'My guess is, he is your favorite.'

Ali Qorn bows his head once before looking from Eir to Mercy. Mercy nudges Eir and looks to his back. Eir grabs his mane and quickly pulls herself up before they take their first flight towards the world tree without saying a word.

[Wind Walker]  Everyone open your eyes. Brynhildr! You will make many choices in your life, some good, some not. Before you stand two that could become your winged servants, Fire, and Earth. You eat the apple and choose...

Without hesitation, she starts chomping on the apple, points to the long-legged stallion while still eating.

[Brynhildr]     I choose Earth. He has mud on his hooves and likes to run. I like to run and he is strong like me. Star Lord, if I may, can I use the name of the ship that we rode to Easter Island?

[SpaceDog]    A name, is a name, is only a name unless it has meaning. A Draghorn is a horse that has characteristics of a dragon with a long neck, leathery hide, and short wings. They are not majestic like the gorgeous winged horse you wish to rename. But...

[Brynhildr]     Yes. My flying friend you are now Draghorn. Any objection?

[Earth]     Asking for my approval and calling me friend is an honor. I accept the name and wish for Istanna to help seal the bond because she still has Alfheim Dragoness blood in her.

Istanna nods her head, YES, pulls on the recently recovered ear loop and closes her eyes. She tilts her head back and lets out a dragon roar loud enough to be heard at the top of the world tree. With her eyes still closed, she claps her hands together and slowly pulls them apart forming a mysterious bubble that glows with all colors of the rainbow and tosses it above Brynhildr and Draghorn.

[Istanna chants]   Elaos setam 34efil Draghorn ot Brynhildr

Istanna opens her eyes looking at the shield maiden and her servant. The bubble pops sparkling glitter down like rain on both Brynhildr and Draghorn sealing their bond.

[Ali Qorn]       Istanna, I thought that ancient magic binding spell was lost long ago. When did you learn that and from whom?

She turns towards Wind Walker.

[Istanna]         The first time we transferred information butting heads together, I found that in the back of your mates' mind. She got it from Tintagila who got it from... the ancient dragon king who's name I can't say in public.

Brynhildr holds out the remainder of the apple.

[Brynhildr]      Hungry?

[Draghorn]      I dislike apples. The seeds don't agree with me. It contains cyanide, a poison I never could neutralize like most horses can.

Brynhildr tosses the remainder of the apple towards Fire. She incinerates it in mid-air with her breath and chomps on the charcoal pieces as they hit her open mouth.

Wind Walker steps over to Brynhildr while Ali Qorn meets Draghorn face to face. They put their wings around the Brynhildr and Draghorn respectively and produce magical armor that will keep them safe.

Flight of the Valkyrie

Nightmare and the other riders fly back from the world tree. Skyllaar meets him for the first time after the four Valkyrie already bonded to their winged servants. What she never expected was that Nightmare was not a Pegasus like she expected, but a black Alicorn like his father and bonded instantly when she reached out and touched his horn.

[Nightmare]  I sensed you the moment you arrived on Alfheim. Like my father and mother, the horn lets me use magic without having to rely on words.. unlike some dragons. You have many names. I will always be Nightmare, and you, you don't need to change your name since it was already changed by Tintagila.

[Skyllaar]      I can't remember the first name ever given to me because it was Fay in origin, but in the past have been called The stormy one, Curl, Lucinda, Val Kyrie, and Kara.

[Nightmare]  Skyllaar, your first name was, and will once again be, Skyllaar. We shale ride together until we reach Ragnarok.

Skyllaar jumps on Nightmare's back and Tintagila steps up before the five sets of riders.

[Tintagila]     Before you can serve Odin, you will forget what you know about what happened on Asgard. This will prevent any paradox from changing the timeline. Freyr, call your guardian.

[SpaceDog]   Angel, it's time.

Sidrat descends from the sky in a pure white laced up dress, white-feathered wings and a gold band around her head with a cobalt gem. As she reaches close to the ground, she floats without the use of her wings and hovers just above everyone's head.

[Istanna]      When the angel came down from the sky, her powers were known to only a few. The Gods of the third realm, having worked hard to bring order to the chaos, made a wish, and it came true. That wish will now be carried out as written in the great prophecy.

[Tintagila]    The prophecy states, five warriors will ride winged servants, onto the battlefields of Midgard, and help choose the best of the souls taken from the dead and dying, warriors to join Odin in the Halls of Valhalla, where they will be served mead, and wait to be called into action in Odin's army, till the day they are needed to fight the undead.

[SpaceDog]   May the guardian angel of time, take you to the first of many battles, and may the God Odin, take you into his ranks, to serve him until Ragnarok. 

Sidrat extends her wings and puts the tips of them together in front of her. When she pulls them apart, a portal opens and the sounds of a battle taking place can be heard. The Valkyrie raise their swords up high ready for battle.


One by one with blades raised, the Valkyrie and winged servants enter the battlefield. When the last is through, the portal collapses...


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