Chapter 9 ~ Diablo

After five Valkyrie part Alfheim on their winged servants through a portal produced by an angel, there is a moment of silence and tears. Two Alicorns, the Dragon Queen, rulers of Vanaheim and a single Pegasus stand in a circle after participating in making the prophecy become a reality.

At the same time, all look up at the angel still hovering in mid-air.

[Ali Qorn]     There was never a mention in the prophecy anything about an angel. Who is she, Freya?

[SpaceDog]   I'm surprised you can't sense her or read her thought, she can read yours. You will remember her and what she did. She was created in the future by my father, Njord. I will not tell you where she got her power or even what type of power she has because it could cause a time paradox. 

Sidrat turns around and looks at Alicorn.

[Sidrat]        What my master says is accurate. All I can tell you is, I wrote the prophecy and we will meet again, but I can't tell you when because I have not written it yet. I will at some point return to your past and give the book of prophecy to the Dragon King Azure.

[Tintagila]    You are the one that wrote it and gave it to my mate? 

Sidrat nods, YES.

[Istanna]     Mother, there are some things we can not talk about until the time is right. None of you will ever mention that we were here, and will only refer to her as the Guardian Angle if you ever want to say what happened to your children. 

[Wind Walker]  I sense you will not stay but a few more moments. I wish you three the best until we meet again. 

[Sidrat]        Controlling time and traveling through it takes more than science, magic, and sorcery. When we meet again, you will see me in the form I was created, except for the eyes. The silver/white hair and my black opal eyes will be a clue and help you remember this day. Tintagila, Ali Qorn, Wind Walker, it was my pleasure to meet you. Master, Mistress, it is time to say your parting words and then we must return.

[SpaceDog]   Ali Qorn, Wind Walker, and mother of my love, Tintagila, when we leave here, a Vanir by the name Nerthus will find her way into your care. We think she was a messenger trapped in time and she called out your name three times. We think she's the Goddess of peace and plenty, but we can only read a small part of her mind. Please look after her. We believe she belongs here.

[Istanna]      For some odd reason, our power to rule doesn't work on her.  We don't know where she came from.

[Tintagila]    Freyr, Do you know who Nerthus is?

SpaceDog shakes his head, NO.

[Tintagila]    Nerthus was Azure's guardian. She's Njord's twin sister you dummy. She disappeared before you were born and because we never found her is the reason why Azure passed into the spirit world...

[Sidrat]       There is no mention of Njord's sister or the name Nerthus in the Atlantis Archives. I only know she is Vanir and entangled her to Vanaheim along with the other Vanir living on Alfheim during our timeline for reasons I can't divulge.

[Tintagila]    Don't tell Njord anything and remove all records of her being on Vanaheim. Then bring her to me and maybe I can restore her memory.

[Sidrat]       As you wish, Queen Tintagila.

Istanna runs over to her mother and gives her a big hug, they exchange kisses on the foreheads before Star Lord SpaceDog, Lady Istanna and Sidrat vanish and a fraction of a moment later, Nerthus appears where they were standing and looks around.

[Nerthus]     What happened? Where am I?

[Tintagila]    You're home!

Touch And Go Reunion

SpaceDog, Istanna, and Sidrat return to Vanaheim and find themselves at the tree home. Root is waiting there and has grown a lot taller. The home is spotless without a trace of dust and all the furnishing are polished. SpaceDog looks to Sidrat just as a slightly taller Jeff comes through the door with Okami.

[SpaceDog]   Sidrat, you didn't return us to the same time we left for Alfheim. How long have we been gone from this place time-wise?

[Sidrat]        Master and mistress, you came to this home almost one full cycle ago. I have taken you through time several times and calculated this as the best time to bring you here to avoid several paradoxes.

[ Jeff ]        Mum has been here and left to visit you on Alfheim. I will have my 15th birthday next full moons. Time seems to have stopped since you were both gone. Lady Istanna, how are the twins? I sense their growth has been suspended since you left here.

Istanna rubs her belly for a moment and turns her head towards the sky, then SpaceDog.

[Istanna]         You're right. Do the Vanir have the ability to choose when a new life is hatched as dragons do?

[SpaceDog]   Yes! Otherwise, the realms would be covered with Gods and Goddesses. Although, I didn't know dragons could do that.

Zenko and Chepi come flying through the open door and perch on SpaceDog's and Istanna's shoulders. Both glair at Jeff and whisper something into the ears of their owners not taking their eyes off him.

[Istanna & SpaceDogHe did what?!?!?!?! 

Istanna puts her finger on Jeff's lips silencing him.

[Sidrat]        If I may explain. I gave Jeff a task, a request he needs to finish before his upcoming birthday. He has been mastering the TriFrost and has tagged 660 of the 666 split identities of Diablo. Please, allow him to explain.

Istanna pulls her finger away from his mouth.

[ Jeff ]         I got the idea from the Knockles we encountered and watching some younglings play a game of Touch And Go. Insects are pests on Midgard and figured if I cloaked myself and introduced some biting insects into the area where I found one of the renegade Vanir personalities, I could TAG Diablo with this.

Jeff holds up what looks like a small shard of gold/glass. He loads it into a device on his wrist and fires it at a piece of fruit on the table making a buzzing sound like an insect before impact.

[Sidrat]       Jeff came up with the idea and made the darts. He and Father Time developed a tracker.  Each of those personalities can be tracked once the TAG darts are implanted.

[ Jeff ]        Barbs hold the tracer in place and shortly after impact, it can't be felt by the host. The tracer can be tracked after it mingles with the DNA-s-t&a so all parts of Diablo can be held together and moved to the encampment on Fornax Santť at the same time using the TriFrost and a set of inscriptions I read in the Atlantis Archives.

[SpaceDog]   Why? I mean why did you give him this task?

[Istanna]      And why did you give him this task to complete by his birthday?

[Okami]        To stop World War Three before it begins on Midgard, and your children will live in peace after the twin set of twin twins are born. 

[Sidrat]       Jeff wanted to prove he was worthy of being a God before he matures on his fifteenth cycle.

[SpaceDog]   Twin sets of twin twins? Care to explain.

A bang at the door startles everyone because of the open door policy. Root opens it and Ruthr walks in carrying nine books. She hands the one written in ancient dragon to Istanna, one written in Vanir to SpaceDog, she throws one at the couch and Njord appears uncloaked and catches it. She hands one to Sidrat. She holds onto the remaining books.

[ Ruthr ]       Pleasant dreams to you all. We will explain everything but there are a few things to be done first. We need to go to Alfheim... Sidrat, please entangle us to Tree Fort's closed courtyard? I need to smell the world tree before the nut hits me on the head as written in the 13th book of prophecy.

All look at each other and nod in agreement.

[SpaceDog]   Entangle!

[Sidrat]        Yes commander.

In an instant; Istanna, Jeff, Njord, Okami, Sidrat, SpaceDog, and Ruthr appear in the courtyard of Tree Fort. The huge gate swings open as Jean Vanadis walks in with Tintagila in her cat form and Nerthus dressed in white. Ruu, Cefuu and Sister Sister follow in behind and the gate closes shut before several locks slam into place. Njord smiles when he sees his daughter. When he sees his twin sister for the first time in 23,000 cycles, he drops to his knees and almost faints. Nearly speechless Njord looks from one to the other,

[Njord whispers]         Freyja! Nerthus? Is that really you, my sister?

Nerthus's eyes get large seeing her twin brother. She shakes her head, YES.

[Tintagila]    Let me explain something to everyone. I am the Queen Dragoness of Alfheim and keeper of the prophecies. Guardian Angel, Sidrat, this is not the first time we have met. Am I correct? 

[Sidrat]       You are correct. 1500 cycles ago we met twice outside your den on a different timeline.  I made a portal so the First Valkyrie could fulfill their destiny and returned Nerthus to you after I entangled her from Alfheim not knowing who she was.  To us, that happened less than a couple of days ago. Has her memory returned? 

[Tintagila]    Her memory brought Nerthus and her son together for the first time since he was encapsulated. I believe index 25.624 is the youngling with his biomechanical wolf you adopted less than a cycle ago. I know of these things because I talk to the world tree and it feels all life.

Nerthus steps up the Njord and extends both her hands reaching for his and pulls him to his feet before they wrap arms around one another.

[Njord]        The last thing I remember is you touching an object Ymir handed to you. You and it vanished. What happened? 

[Nerthus]     Atlantis happened. I couldn't remember who I was or where I came from.  I appeared on an absolutely gorgeous disserted island and soon found other lost souls who just appeared out of nowhere. I became known as At'Land-Tissa and everyone started to call the island Atlantis since I was the first Goddess they met.

[Njord]        When in Atlantis, I was Poseidon. Why did I never meet you as the Empress?

[Nerthus]     I was afraid to meet the God Poseidon because something in my head said don't get close to him.

[Tintagila]    When Nerthus became the Empress of Atlantis, she was already pregnant and gave birth to two sons after a Sol year. The first she named Harri and the other was encapsulation and placed in a suspension pod. The capsule index 25.624 was to be opened if Harri passed away.

[SpaceDog whispers]   I was with Harri when he passed thirteen cycles after Sink Day.

SpaceDog takes Jeff by the hand and brings him in front of Nerthus.

[SpaceDog]   Hold on a tic. You're The Empress of Atlantis, my aunt? Jeff and Prince Harri are your sons, and somehow you got trapped in time before the great flood on Sink Day? Do you also control spirit guides?

[Nerthus]      Yes, yes... yes, yes... and No.

[Tintagila]    The spirit guides are my doing. We still don't know how or why Nerthus got trapped in time, but it makes no difference. Everything happens for a reason. We suspect Ymir had left a few surprises for us. Jeff, do you still have the suspension pod twins?

[ Jeff ]         Sidrat and my guardian knows it's location. Maternal mother, did you really encapsulate me? Why?

[Nerthus]     To protect you.

Nerthus holds out her hand. When Jeff takes it, she pulls him close and presses her forehead against his. Memories flash before his eyes and he pushes her away after a few milliarns. He falls to his knees and holds up both arms.

[ Jeff ]         Lu'C-Ana, pass six, trump TriFrost now.

Okami morphs into her Vanir form complete with armor, glows cobalt blue like Jeff's eyes, there is a sizzling sound, a pop and both vanish.

[Tintagila]    Curious. She is one strong and strange creature for being his guardian. I'll explain later... maybe... after I send Jeff a spirit guide to help him get the last book we need.

Tintagila holds out her hand and the ferret Emo appears. It stands on its back legs in her palm, looks at Istanna and SpaceDog, and touches his snout to Tintagila's finger when she extends it. Emo spirits away.

[Nerthus]     I just gave him the last clue to the puzzle. My Goddess, what have I done?

[Tintagila]    Nothing to be worried over dear friend. Sidrat, your power is spilling over into the atmosphere. Could you tone it down 10 fold? Methinks your adopted son is about to attempt something incredible. You best change into that Angel in order to experience what may happen next. Sister sister, uncover the power circle Tree Fort protects.

[Freyja]       Sidrat, we need Angela, Dee, and Cyn here. Entangle them.

Sidrat morphs into an angle and looks at Istanna and SpaceDog.

[Istanna]      Do it!

[Sidrat]       As you wish commander!


Angela, Dee, and Cyn instantly appear with baffling looks seeing where they are and all those around them. Angela sees Tintagila, drops to her knee and bows. She lifts her head, looks at Tintagila, Nerthus and Sister Sister.

[Angela]       Queen, grandmother, sensei.  It is time to undo the original sin.

[Nerthus]     Grandchildren, take your place and distribute the books, Angela. Cyn, Dee, your father was my son. Before you say anything, I need the Vastu power gems you each carry.

Cyn and Dee both grab their chests as they feel the gems each carries get hot. Dee's gem glows green and Cyn's glows red. Angela takes a gem out of a small bag she carries on her side and it begins to glow yellow. Ruu pulls a blue gem off his right gauntlet and CeFuu removes his brown gem from the end of his knife hilt. Nerthus takes the books Ruthr separated and hands them out according to color.

[Ruthr]          The books hold the key to untangling the great mess Diablo created in a mistake by The Creator, Ymir. We now have almost all the pieces to the riddle, plus the Gods and Goddesses needed to finish what Jeff is attempting. Each book has inscriptions only you can read. Those books represent five power elements. Read the first line on the inside cover to yourself, close the book and hold it with one hand. 

[Sister Sister]  That will let me unleash the core of souls from Diablo and make her whole?

Sister Sister reaches into the left sleeve of her robe and pulls out her black wand case.  Very slowly she opens it. The wand begins to glow white. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a large stone ring and a ball on an ornate pedestal in the center comes up from the center. She takes the wand and places it in a hole on top of the ball. Both dragons begin to call on the elements, Earth... Air... Fire... Water... & Spirit. 

[Tintagila & Istanna]  Emoc htrof eriF, dnIw, aWga, hTrae, tiriPs... 

Sister Sister draws a rune in mid-air and a three-dimensional pentagram appears above the ring. She walks on the stone circle and it begins to change colors with 10 bright points of light and solid colored lines. 

[Nerthus]     Place the gem in the palm of your hand not holding the book, and stand facing in on the spot matching the color of your Vastu gem.

Lu'C-Ana reappears with Jeff holding a book. He gives the book to his true mother, Nerthus.

[ Jeff ]        It's done. All 666 personalities have been tagged and the TriFrost is set to bring them all here.

[Ruthr]        Njord, Freya, Freyja, Jeff, Nerthus; take the book only you can read. It will break the spell Ymir cast and make Diablo whole again so she will never lie or cause harm to others. She was Ymir's mate and he, split her soul apart. 

Books matching the colors between the grandchildren are given to each Vanir who then steps into the power circle.

[Lu'C-Ana]    Give the words and it will be done.

Everyone looks to the person beside them until the circle is complete.

[Nerthus]      Land was entrusted to me; from the Empress of Atlantis, eniram'Auqa nworB.

[Njord]         In time we seek the truth; from the God of physics, math and time, yollEy-yrecros?

[SpaceDog]   Space and stars can be conquered; from the Lord of stars, SiraLop rEwOp!

[ Jeff ]         Love makes us who we are; from my Mothers love, I am here today, tlaboC' E-ULB,

[Jean Vanadis]  Spirits and forces watch over us; from spirit realm I was resurrected three times,  efiL gnitsalrevE

The ley lines begin to shoot off in all directions all the colors of the rainbow.

[Tintagila & Istanna]  NOW! ElgnAtnE!

Lu'C-Ana disappears and reappears in the middle of the circle where the ornate pillar previously stood. The white wand is now suspended over her head and in her arms, she carries a stunningly beautiful woman with long black and gold hair with violet eyes. She is in a somewhat confused state. Her arms begin to thrash about and her legs are completely limp. She stops and looks lifeless.

A seedpod from the world tree falls on Ruthr's head.

[Lu'C-Ana]   I read her mind, not on purpose, but because she has been looking for her children since Ymir... I don't know how to make the words sound right... analyzing... analyzing... Mum? Help me? I Don't understand her pain... frustration... she feels lost... analyzing...

Lu'C-Ana begins to collapse down on her knees with Diablo in her arms as her eyes roll back. Sidrat swoops over and stops the two from falling when everyone else collapses. The Guardian Angel slows time so she can stop them all.

Speech From An Angel

When the Gods and Goddesses begin to wake, they are arranged side by side in a field of cool moss. The suns of Polaris shine above them keeping their bodies warm. Sidrat in her fairy form flies over watching them. Okami snuggles next to her master encouraging him to wake up. He turns over with his arm around her neck.

[ Jeff ]       What happened?

[Okami]      We did it. All of your family is together again, except for the Father of all, Ymir, Harri and someone I can't identify. The Vanir mother is whole and free of pain from losing her family. You are the first Vanir to wake up from your slumber my master. However, Tintagila never lost consciousness and returned to The Queens Lair and resting.

Jeff turns over, sits and looks up at the winged shadow.

[ Jeff ]       I see an angel. How long have you been watching over us Mum?

Sidrat returns to her original state with long silver/white hair in a white dress. She puts her hands on Jeff's head and pulls him close to her chest.

[Sidrat]     The living Gods have all returned unharmed. Mother of all Vanir is whole in both mind and spirit. You did exactly what needed to be done and we could not have done it without your help.  I am so proud to be your Mum. Embrace the meaning of life my son and someday, we will awaken Diablo's children encapsulated in the cocoon that the father of all Gods and Goddesses left us.

Jeff stands and notices the arrangement starting with Diablo at the top of the moss knoll. Below her, Nerthus and Njord are side by side. Below Nerthus is the spot where Jeff standss and below him is an empty space where Harri and AtlŠntida would have been. Below that space, Cyn, Dee, Ruu and CeFuu. Below Nerthus and Njord are Freya and Freyja with Istanna next to her husband and Angela lies below Sister Sister below Freyja. One by one, they begin to wake up. Sidrat holds her finger to her lips motioning for silence until all have woken. She breaks the silence with all looking at her, Ruthr not looking at Sidrat sits up and says,

[Ruthr]      That seed pod hurt like Hel.

When Ruthr looks around she stops. Everyone smiles and there is silence once again...

[Sidrat]   A long time ago, Ymir and Diablo traveled the stars looking for places where their children could live. The nine realms was chosen as a good place to start a new life. The couple had the ability to see all that was, what is, and what is to come. They left behind the chaos of their own dying worlds. What they found here was paradise and decided to stay.

What was to come again, was chaos that came from a lie. Ymir thought he left the lie behind him and later abandoned the nine realms searching for another home. Before he left, he was lied to, not by his wife, but by another traveling alien who planted the seed of doubt and sin in his life. When he confronted his wife about the lie, Diablo spoke the truth. Ymir didn't believe her and his doubt spread. He cast a spell on her separated her soul into 666 evil characters who fought one another and eventually spread the chaos to all 9 realms.

 Ymir created many good things and left seeds of life to grow and prosper before he became corrupt. On Alfheim he created magical creatures, dragons, fairies, Alicorns and many more small and wonderful spiritual beings. On Midgard, he created man and gave them the choice to believe in good or evil. Then as his mind became more doubtful, he created the peacekeepers, the ∆sir, who became the Gods of war and you know the results of that. The war Gods tried, but failed, to wipe out the Vanir. They used lies and deception, doubt, power, and fear. Some ∆sir turned to good and that took Ymir past the point of no return and he vanished from the 9 realms.

On this day, the truth has been resurrected from the minds of all of you, a family of good who believe in Love and Life. As Gods and Goddesses, I ask that you stop the war that is about to start and change the history of mankind. I will soon return you to where you each belong. Logic and Love says I am doing the right thing even if I am an artificial life form. I have learned what is good and what is not good. As your Guardian Angel, I ask that you all live in peace, help one another, and turn away from evil and corruption, enjoy life and follow your hearts.

I will return in one day. May the love you share stay with you always.

Sidrat vanishes.

Angel of Prophecy

With all of the Vanir descendants having woken from shock of meeting the mother of all Vanir, everyone is speechless after hearing an angel tell them about themselves. They all look up to Diablo thinking she was evil and a liar, not knowing she was a mother to all the fertility Gods and Goddesses. Diablo bows her head as all look upon her.


[Diablo]     Never in my life have I ever felt happy. I've spent a lifetime wanting to have children to love and cherish. What I see in front of me is the family I've been searching for. I don't even know most of you, but in time....

Diablo begins to cry. As she does, her firstborn twins, Njord and Nerthus take her by the hand and hold her close.

[Njord]      Mother of creation. We all thought you were the evil one and never realized who you were. I don't remember you or how Nerthus and I were born, but shortly after we became old enough to think for ourselves, farther Ymir spirited away both you and Nerthus. I've been trying to make sense of it all, but it was one of my creations that did it on her own. Sidrat was the angel you just heard and it was her that put all the pieces together.

[Nerthus]    Ymir was never the father he was supposed to be. I don't know why he did what he did, but he is still my father and you are the mother I never knew. I had one son that passed away and recently found his twin. He was the one who made you whole again. His name is Jeff. The son who passed away was Harri. Harri had two sets of twin siblings, Cyn and Dee, plus Ruu and CeeFuu. They all helped bring you back.

[SpaceDog]   Grandmother of creation, I am Freya, son of Njord along with my twin, Freyja. Those not in my immediate family call me Star Lord SpaceDog. My current wife, Lady Istanna and I are currently the rulers of Vanaheim and have two children currently unborn. I have two other children, Rosemary by Victoria and Luke or Fiolnir by Gertrude. They have two sets of twins. We will be in your service if you ever need us. 

[Jean Vanadis]  I am Freyja, and often called by other names. I was once the wife of my brother till he found another, and also have two children, Thor and Sister Sister. Thor's father is Odin, king of the ∆sir.  Sister Sister is part Light Elf and Angela is her daughter.

Watching over the large family, Diablo again begins to shed tears of joy.

[Diablo]        This is all so sudden. I will need a rest. For countless years my lives have been in turmoil and could never do anything right. I must thank you all for bringing me back from chaos. I hope to be able to undo a lot of the injustice I have created for being split apart in mind and spirit. Your undying love is more then I deserve and I will love you till the end of time.

Diablo holds back some of the tears and looks weak. Njord and Nerthus hold her up.

[Njord]        Freyja, this is the safest place on Alfheim. Where can we take mother to rest?

[Jean Vanadis]  I always have rooms ready for unexpected guests. Follow me and I give grandmother and your sister rooms they can call home until they find a place where they are completely at ease, maybe on Vanaheim?

Jean Vanadis becomes host and makes them all welcome. After the next full moons, after parties and getting to know each other, most of the family return to Vanaheim, some stay on Alfheim, the rest continue on their journey through space and time...

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