Chapter 10 ~ Homecoming


A full cycle has passed since the QETS left SpaceDog and Istanna on Vanaheim. Most of the companions on the QETS think it has only been a half-moon. Dee is the only ones on the QETS that knows about the family and what has happened on Vanaheim and Alfheim. To Dee, it's only been a short while, but keeping it a secret was a test she had to endure before she could become...

Return From Vacation

SpaceDog and Istanna sit in the tree home in Vanaheim thinking about all that has happened over the past cycle, becoming the rulers of all Vanaheim and Vanir after being joined in marriage. Their travels back in time to collect all Vanir hidden after the ∆sir Vanir war. Their adventures and time loop on Easter Island after SpaceDog is reunited with his son, meeting his family and gaining spirit guides to help. The accomplishments made with the help of Sidrat who became a Guardian Angel, mother of a child stuck in a time capsule and finding his true mother. Njord is reunited with his twin sister and they are both reunited with the mother of all Vanir.  Dee is standing next to SpaceDog and wanting to know how it all came about in such a short time.

[ ~Dee~ ]   I'm still a bit confused about what just happened. You two went on vacation to play with some ancient artifacts, got married, Istanna became a Vanir, found your father, made a flying pig, went back in time without the QETS, Istanna got pregnant with twins, you found your son, ex-wife, daughter, their siblings, your dad was the lead Judicator in Atlantis when I was fixing the paradox and...

[Istanna]    Slow down a minute and catch your breath. So far all you just said is correct. Take a deep breath, relax and let's see if you got the rest correct.

Dee takes in a deep breath, lets it out takes in another and continues.

[ ~Dee~ ]   Sidrat rebuilt Vanaheim when I wasn't looking, you returned the Vanir to this time zone after Ragnarok, built a copy of the Atlantis library, pulled Cyn, Ruu, CeFuu and me to join the party reopening the library, Sidrat learns to fly, welded a tectonic plate, found my fathers mother who just happened to be The Empress of Atlantis known as At'Land-Tess, found the origins of the boy named Jeff, who just happens to be my fathers brother encapsulated in a time capsule to be opened if father dies, went to the 10th realm for dinner and a birthday party for his 14th cycle, Sidrat adopted him, built him a guardian A.I. ... how am I doing so far?

Dee starts to pant for breath, takes in a few deep breaths.

[SpaceDog]   That's about what happened when you were called on by Sidrat. Continue!

[ ~Dee~ ]    To me that seems like just a day ago. I'm still perplexed. Sidrat returned you both to a different time after you returned the Valkyrie back to the beginning, my uncle Jeff, is given a task for him to complete before his 15th cycle by Sidrat, he executes the plan perfectly to make whole the one Vanir who lies after she was split into 666 personalities. She is recombined when all her great-grandchildren and grandchildren combined forces of the Vastu stones and powered up the magic circle in the center of Tree Fort. Now we've been here for full moons in your tree home, I've been playing games with my uncle who's almost as smart as I am and I'm 500 cycles older. How's he doing that? 

Jeff and Okami open the large wooden door and step through followed by Njord dressed as Merlin.

[Njord]       Is everything going as planned? Yah, I know that's a dumb question. Dee, you are broadcasting again. You need to control your telepathy. Jeff is smart because of who he is and he shares memories with both his guardian and Mum, who is The Guardian Angel and writer of the prophecies. Sidrat likes to be called Mum by the way.

[ Jeff ]       Dee, got a moment?

Dee pulls out her knife looking a bit bored.

[ ~Dee~ ]   Do you want me to call you Jeff or Uncle?

[ Jeff ]       Please never call me Uncle... sounds like I'm someone I'm not.

[ ~Dee~ ]   Okay Jeff. I can give you whatever time you need, as long as I get something in return.

[ Jeff ]       Have you ever been to the Essery Platform or would you like to go?

Okami pulls three face masks from behind her and paws one to Dee. 

[ ~Dee~ ]   No Way... You're not kidding me are you?

[Okami]       Entangle or fly? You choose! Ruffi and Buffi are waiting at the top of trees in the Raven if you would like to fly.

Okami morphs into FoxyGurl after Dee takes a mask.

[ ~Dee~ ]   Definitely Fly! What is The Raven?

[ Jeff ]       An airship from Atlantis. Seats six and can go into orbit.

[Istanna]     Not trying to mother you, but play safe.

SpaceDog nudges Istanna and bumps her on the hips.

[SpaceDog]   What's the fun in that? Go have some fun.

Dee, Jeff, and FoxyGurl run out the front door and head straight to the lift that takes them to the Raven.

[Njord]        Now that they are off having fun, can you get our Guardian Angel to take me to Earth year 500EC or should I just use the TriFrost?

[SpaceDog]   You're asking me, asking permission or just being annoying to get us to help you? 

[Istanna]      Mum, join us.

Sidrat appears dressed in a laced up purple gown fit for a nobleman of Midgard's 6th century. Istanna walk around her and whispers something in her ear instead of using telepathy. Merlin looks a bit at odds with what she may have told her and they both look at him. Sidrat curtsies with a frown, then a smile and they vanish. SpaceDog begins to laugh.

[SpaceDog]   You didn't just do that. He will be mad as a wet cat when he gets back.

[Istanna]      I'm sure he will make his way out of prison somehow. And, by the time he gets back, 200 Earth years will have passed and he will have forgiven me many, many, times over for being out of character for that time period.

They both begin to laugh again when Sidrat reappears dressed in black as if attending a funeral.

[Sidrat]       It took him a whole week to get out of prison. They removed all his clothing. After he was finally released, I dressed him properly for the time era instead of that ridiculous outfit he had on. I gave him a bag of assorted coins enough for him to be dangerously rich and sent him on his way with his wand in hand. He tried to use it on me but it backfired. You should have seen the look on his face when he realized what happened.

[Istanna]      Guess he will be more careful of what he wears next time he's around you or humans.

[SpaceDog]   Is everything else going as planned?

[Sidrat]        Returning to Earth seems to be in order. The governing body here is in place and Ruthr is going to make an excellent Adjudicator. Your home base is clean and the barrier has been holding since we left Japan 685 cycles ago. What time period shall we go to?

[SpaceDog]   Well, Panda Kitty did want to visit Feudal Japan and she is still on the QETS, so we can go back to when we left it. Istanna? Would you like to change your appearance and become a Goddess in Japan?

[Istanna]       Convince me.

[Sidrat]        Commander, I've scanned your DNA-s-t&a and believe with 99.99998% probability, you can morph again without damage to the twins.

[SpaceDog]   Something tells me you'll be able to change without any problems. Want to try now or wait till we have changed realms in the QETS. I'm having a longing for my special cobalt brew.

[Istanna]       Can I be a Ninja?

[SpaceDog]   As a dragon, you could scare the Hel out of a Ninja. Methinks... 1274 and let's bring a typhoon with us to stop a war between the Mongolians and Japanese.

Sidrat looks at SpaceDog, then Istanna.

[Sidrat]       Are you sure? Who do you think is going to want to fight this war?

[SpaceDog & Istanna]  Dee!!!

[Sidrat]        Jeff will make some fireworks for the fun of it and maybe Okami can change into a Fox Guardian, protector of rice from birds and mice.

[SpaceDog]  There is already one A.I., Tempest, guarding the home fortress, and two deities sleeping at the entrance. When Jeff, Dee and Foxy Locks returns, let's open a portal to the QETS and go on an adventure. Let's not tell them where they are going. Let's make it, a Mystery Ride.

[Istanna]      Mystery Ride? Is that like going on a journey and not saying where we are going or when we will get there? That type of mystery?

[SpaceDog]   That's exactly what a Mystery Ride is.

[Sidrat]        I will catalog a Mystery Ride as a journey planned by one or three, meant to be traveled with others. No destination will be spoken until the destination is reached. Am I correct?

[SpaceDog]   You are correct.

And plans are set in motion to visit Earth and SpaceDog's home in a mountain retreat near Mount Fuji.

Essery Platform ~ Just Visiting

Dee, Jeff, and FoxyGurl meet up with Buffi and Ruffi at the top of Kveyka Forest. The Raven is suspended just above the tree line on one of the platforms and they hop on board.

[FoxyGurl]   Have you learned to open The Raven to full throttle yet?

[ Buffi ]       Strap down and hang on tight. We can go around all three realms in two moments since I disabled the governor holding back the power. 

[FoxyGurl]   Two moments is NOT full throttle you silly twit. Everyone, suit up now. We are going orbital plus slingshot between the moons. Ready?

Ruffi knows the meaning behind FoxyGurl's warning and quickly engages her spacesuit. Jeff, Buffi strap down. Dee follows in hast and engages the extra safety harness as well. Foxy clicks her paws and everyone, but she, is pinned to the back of their seats.

[ ~Dee~ ]      Whoooo Whooo!!! Now that's a wild ride. 

[FoxyGurl]   This is nothing... wait for the slingshot effect from the gravity of the moons. 

Two moons get really big, really fast and The Raven almost hits one. A milliarn later the ship slows to a halt and turns around.

[ Ruffi ]      How can you just stand there without being strapped in?

[FoxyGurl]  Magnetic high heels also have inertia dampening time displacement generators and I'm piloting the ship with my mind.

[ Buffi ]      NO WAY!  

[ Jeff ]       Do it.

[FoxyGurl]  Brace yourself. All three realm flyby in a quarter moment. Essery Platform docking in one third.

As if in slow motion, The Raven accelerates between the moons and spins around Yggdrasil with each of the three continents visible for a very short time and stops at the Essery airlock. The airlock indicator turns from red to green and the portal opens. 

[FoxyGurl]  Ruffi and Buffi... Dee, Jeff and I are going on a Mystery Ride. You two must stay here for a while and catch your breath before going home. I've reengaged the autopilot to take you back. Dee... go look around the platform and tell me what you think. Also, look at the weld mark we made when stabilizing the tectonic plate and prevented it from breaking.

[ ~Dee~ ]    I must say, this is a view I never thought I would ever see. Thank you, thank you all.

Thirty moments later, Dee, Jeff and FoxyGurl vanished. Thirty moments after that, The Raven departs with Ruffi and Buffi. The Essery platform once again enters silent mode, the airlock vents into space and locks down waiting for the suns to rise once more.

QETS Returns

Jeff, SpaceDog, Istanna, Okami, Dee, and Sidrat still in her black funeral attire, stand around or sit in the main room of Tree House.

[ Jeff ]         How come we never travel in the QETS? It's a time ship like Skithblathnir, right?

[SpaceDog]   Not exactly. The heart of the quasi-dimensional quantum entanglement time ship is a large black hole, not a small quasi-singularity.

[Sidrat]         The physics and math are quite different. It takes a second A.I. to calculate the power conversions on the QETS. You will meet Minds Eye soon. Don't get any funny ideas Lu'C-Ana. He's MY plaything, or he will be once I redesign him.

[Istanna]       Are you going to make A.I. babies?

[Sidrat]         He does not have that type of equipment capabilities.... not yet.

Istanna says flashing her eyes. Sidrat looks away with a smile on her face.

[SpaceDog]   He could... but you might have to wait till Merlin comes home. Where are you going, Angel?

[Sidrat]        Dee is hiding. We're playing a game of Touch And Go. She added a rule to the game just for me. I can't use entanglement, my extrasensory array, magic or telepathy. Only my eyes and a hunch.

Sidrat opens the door, reaches around the corner without looking and says,

[Sidrat]        TAG, you're it!

Dee comes around the corner a bit perplexed.

[ ~Dee~ ]      How did you....

[Sidrat]        It was only a hunch. I didn't even need to do any calculations. That was fun. Let's do it again, inside the QETS.

After Dee steps in, she closes and opens the door again. Inside the event horizon, Kitti Panda with Timothy Little on her shoulder, Lady Robin, LeeZee, a dozen cyborg dachshunds stand on their hind legs with Cyn, waiting. Cyn runs up to SpaceDog lifts him off the ground and carries him through the event horizon. Sidrat, Jeff, Okami, and Lady Istanna nearly stumble over each other getting through.

[ ~Cyn~ ]       Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy we're all here to go on an adventure. Who's the beautiful Vanr woman?

[LeeZee]        Istanna? What happened to you?

Istanna steps up to LeeZee, puts her head on hers for one-tenth of a moment and steps back.

[LeeZee]        Holy mother of dragons. That's one sweet fairy tale.

[Robin]           No way, no way, no fracking way...

Kitti Panda still looking like an Atlantean goes over to the cooler next to the couch, grabs a cobalt bottle, opens it and chugs it down. She stands gawking at SpaceDog and looks at Istanna's big grin, grabs another bottle, tosses it at SpaceDog who catches it, opens it, takes a whiff and nearly spills half because Cyn is still hugging him.

[SpaceDog]   What a warm welcome home. Cyn... who's minding the Gallant Tree? Robin, who's taking care of your pets?

[ ~Cyn~ ]       Ruu, Cefuu, Gax and her family.

[Robin]          I couldn't pass up another adventure. It has so much fun the last time and I had to get away from the drama in that office. My housemate spoiled my children and they won't miss me for a bit.

[SpaceDog]   Kitti... still want to go to ??? never mind... Let's All go on a Mystery Ride!

[LeeZee]       Will we need war paint and clothes and training if we're going? Point us to the right wardrobe. Then we can raid the armory. Who's the wolf girl with the cute kid?

All the dachshunds keep looking at Okami flashing their eyes as if a bit confused and excited seeing another canine. Okami gets down on all fours raises her tail straight up, fluffs it out and disappears before reappearing behind them and goes,

[Okami]         Woof!

The four dogs fall over laughing and the eight bitches start to whimper in submission.

[SpaceDog]   Children, family, and companions, let me introduce everyone. Okami is not a wolf, dog or even canine. She's a guardian A.I. who has 9 names and characters, and she's the daughter of Mum. She can morph like a dragon and always into a female. If you threaten or harm Jeff in any way, you will face the consequences.

All dachshunds get down on their bellies motioning their understanding. Rosemary-chan Bon inches her way next to Okami and starts to rub her snout on her leg.

[SpaceDog]   The woman standing next to me is my wife and for those without ESP, I will let her explain in a tic.

[ Jeff ]        I'm Jeff. SpaceDog's father is my mothers' twin sister. If Atlantis was still an island, I would be its prince. So that means, Cyn, Dee, Ruu, and Cefuu are my brothers' children.

[Robin]         A prince? A real live prince? From Atlantis? Wow! Should I bow your majesty?

[Istanna]     Looks like only LeeZee recognized me. Yes, I am Istanna or should I say Lady Istanna, one of the rulers of the continent of Vanaheim on the planet Yggstril in the third realm. Jeff is still the prince of any Atlantean but he, like us, does not want any royal designation so just call us by name. One more bit of news. Sidrat is now a Guardian Angel and can fly.

Sidrat bows, the back of her black dress opens and she sprouts wings. She changes the color of her dress and shrinks to half her size, flutters her transparent wings and lifts off the floor before she vanishes. Robin, Kitti Panda, and LeeZee stand still watching the empty space for half a moment before looking to Okami.

[ Jeff ]      And if I can have your attention, this is Okami. Who is also FoxyGurl...., Foxy Locks...., Bear Wolf.... and Lu'C-Ana.

As Jeff calls out each name, Okami changes from one form to the next. FoxyGurl appears with dark brown fur, green overalls pulled off her shoulder showing her red tank top that says 'Bite Me' in black letters and high heel magnetic boots. As Foxy Locks, she changes to a long furred blond and platinum fox with a very fluffy tail in a short pink dress with pink laced stilettos. As Bear Wolf, her fur turns short and jet black. She carries a long spear and purple tank top with a midnight blue skirt. Finally, she morphs into a large busted Vanir in a shining armored dress. As she turns, she is completely silent and she too vanishes, then reappears next to Jeff as Okami, a black & blue long furred wolf with a short plaid skirt, a white tank-top shirt that says 'I Dare You!' and plaid bows on her tale ear and neck. She also has fake eyeglasses she swings around in her paw.

[Okami]       I'm still working on my other forms. But unlike Mum, I don't have Morris stones in my sensory array so my power is still somewhat limited. Just don't test me. You will lose. That I guarantee. I don't bite unless I'm told to by my master.

SpaceDog stands between Lady Robin and Kitti Panda. Looks intently at Kitti's dress.

[SpaceDog]   Kitti... that dress belonged to Princess AtlŠntida. How long have you been wearing it?

Changing the subject he looks at Lady Robin.

[SpaceDog]   Couldn't stay away, could you?

Both are about to answer at the same time, both stop, start and then play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Robin wins and goes first.

[Robin]          After I got back to work at home, I couldn't look at anything the same way. People acted so small, caused drama, didn't help anyone but themselves and to tell the truth. I got bored with their mind games. Now all they do is look at their stupid, so-called Smart Phones instead of talking to one another.

[Kitti Panda]  When you two left on vacation, we visited Atlantis before it sank. I was mistaken as a royal princess and to tell the truth, I love this dress. It beats the old sweater and jeans I was wearing when I met you. Mind you, I liked being a Panda Kitti, but being called Kitti Panda is so much better. 

[Istanna]       Your voice changed too. Was that the Ta'al's Bell that changed it? You really do sound like an Atlantean. 

[SpaceDog]   Do you remember the adjudicator at the courthouse? 

SpaceDog looks at Dee,  who looks at Kitti who both look back at SpaceDog.

[SpaceDog]   That was Poseidon, and my dad, who also goes by the names Father Time, Njord, Father Christmas, Nostradamus and a whole slew of other names he uses when visiting Earth.

[Istanna giggling]  He's back on Earth being Merlin the mage.

[ ~Dee~ ]      So you know about the paradox and how it was solved and Sidrat spirited me away to rename the library here on Vanaheim. Then spirited Dee, myself and our brothers to Alfheim to harness the power of the Vastu gems because Jeff found a way to remove the sin Ymir caused when he split his wife into 666 beasts? Who just happened to be SpaceDog's grandmother.

[Istanna]       That about sums it up. On the other hand, we spent a whole cycle on Vanaheim while you spent 14 days in the QETS. We've got a lot more to fill in the gaps.

[LeeZee]       Istanna, you're pre....

Istanna stops her from saying anything else by placing a finger to her lips looking at LeeZee.

A set of double doors opens on the other side of the room and Angel slowly enters the room in a pink silk Kimono with bright red flowers and plucks three strings of a gotten with a flat bamboo stick. She begins to sing 'Sakura' a traditional Japanese tune also known as 'Cherry Blossom' while slowly walking and strumming on the feudal instrument.

Sa ku ra, sa ku ra, yayo i no so ra- wa

(Blossom pink, Blossom white, Under April blue blue sky)

mi wa ta su ka gi- ri kasu mi ka

(Everywhere the eye can see Is it mist or)

ku mo- ka ni o i zo i zu- ru

(is it cloud? How their perfume fills the air)

i za ya i za ya mi ni yu- ka n

(Come with me, Let's go see, Cherry blossom time.)


 She reaches the portal on the other side of the control room and it opens into a traditional Japanese style house. Istanna pulls Sidrat aside as everyone enters the portal to Midgard.

Books of Prophecy

After the crew of the QETS goes through the event horizon, Istanna asks Sidrat, the Guardian Angel, to reveals her plan to go back in time after writing the books of prophecy.

[Istanna]   Let me get this straight Sidrat, or should I be calling you Angel? You want to go back in time to before Atlantis, give the first dragon king, my father, the books of prophecy so that one day, everything written in it will come true and all your connections in the past and the outcome of those dealing will be known before they happen?

[Sidrat]     You will call me Angel if our adventures continue, in fact, father time already let me choose.

[Istanna]   Okay, you are now Angel. Does that make you happy?

[Angel]      As a matter of fact, yes, it does. It will also help everyone in the past know who I am without really telling them who I am. Many have met me as Sidrat, but if I am an Angel, they will not connect the two.  Yes, I will go back in time after I write the nine books, one for each realm. So far, I have written four, one for Midgard, one for Vanaheim, one for Asgard, and one for Alfheim. Since I've not spent time in the others, only time will tell when Me, Myself and I will do that. Who do you think wrote Ragnarok?

[Istanna]   Hmmm... I wondered about that. I think you are taking this a bit too seriously. When will all this book writing take place? Will you find time between adventures or will you just keep popping into the past present and future and collect all the data?

[Angel]      If I told you about all the time I have been time cloaked, finding information about the past, present, and future. It might shock you knowing how deep I have traveled to collect all the information. Those books will give just a touch of what will happen in the future, why and how to stop some things. I have more power than anyone's identity should be carrying.  It would be unwise to disclose all the data to you. and that is why each book is written in a different language.

Istanna and Angel are the last to exit the QETS and start the next adventure as the Gods and Goddesses of Japan.

to be continued...

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