Appendix - Book 2

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Alicorn - A winged horse with a magical horn like a unicorn. They can have three different types off offspring, another Alicorn, a Unicorn or a Winged horse.

BiFrost - Commonly known as a Rainbow Bridge, it's a device that can create a wormhole in space in order to transport anything to anywhere. They were first brought to the 9 realms by an alien known as Ymir and his companion who visited the 9 realms looking for a new home away from the chaos in their civilization.

Dragons - Magical creatures born on Alfheim who can grow very big, and can change form or morph in order to hide or defend themselves. After they are hatched, they must go through a Rebirth and change back into an egg after giving away almost all it's magical power. This exchange is essential for almost all large magical creatures.

Draconian - A form of asexual dragon that can produce eggs by themselves. They are excessively harsh, severe, strict, extreme, drastic, stringent, tough, singeing, cruel, brutal, oppressive, ruthless, relentless, summary, punitive, authoritarian, despotic, tyrannical, arbitrary, repressive, iron-fisted creatures. They came about before the great comet decimated 98% of the life on Earth over 65 million years ago. A few survived by hibernating in volcanic vents.

Elder - City under the world tree is center of the second through fourth realms

Elders - governing body of Alfheim

Esser - Zero Point Energy

Katien - Cat aliens who came from outside the 9 realms.

Light Elves - Good elves with light skin and long pointed ears. They learn about the 5 elements of magic along with the 5 different types of magic when they are very young. They live a peaceful life and rarely mate with other races.

Morris Stone - A Control stone for the 5 elements, looks like a Black Opal with red, blue, green, brown and white streaks.

Polaris - designated αs Ursa Minor, is commonly called the North Star or Pole Star. It is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor. It is very close to the north celestial pole of Earth, making it the current northern pole star. The 2 stars have an orbital period of 30 years, is between 323 and 433 light years distant from earth depending on it's orbital period. It supplies energy to the first four realms.

QETS is a quasi-dimensional self contained time ship controlled by SpaceDog and 2 A.I. It's powered by a singularity (black hole) contained in a dark matter isolation chamber. QETS stands for Quantum Entanglement Time Ship. It uses technology of the Rainbow Bridge matter and personnel transmitter (developed by the Vanir) and the Rainbow Bridge now in the hands of the Asgard. The QETS has 32 levels and 540 doors leading to rooms and 24 event-horizon-portals in 6 control rooms. It contains 2 Olympic size swimming pools (one pure water and the other salt water). It has embedded in the controls a chameleon device (developed by another race) that can make the event-horizon portals appear as anything in it's surroundings. The QETS can travel anywhere in the 9 realms as well as most, but not all places in the space/time continuum.

Raven - Atlantean air ship, black like a crow, looks a bit like a crow, can have a crew of 6 passengers, can travel in deep space but only down to 4000 meters.

Realms - areas of space

Alfheim – Realm of the Light Elves and all magical creatures. This second continent is located in the center of Yggdrasil. It contains the world tree, a tree that gives life to all magical creatures. Alfheim is commonly called the second Realm. Many of the residents living in hidden places  because their magical power is sought after be other races.

Asgard – Realm of the Ćsir. It is the first of three continents on the planet of Yggdrasil. Part of the land mass is constantly being swallowed by the edge of space and held in place by a shield powered by the same black hole that is trying to swallowing the planet. Water falling off the edge of Asgard powers the shield. It is also known as the First Realm.

Jotunheim – Realm of the Giants. Past the sun of  ---- is a blue giant without a name. It has three three inhabited planets. Jotunheim is in a cool large planet where the Frost Giants live. 

Midgard – Realm of the Humans. The fifth Realm is a small blue planet called Earth by it's human residents.

Muspelheim/Muspell – A fire-giant or the forces of chaos or their realm

Nidavellir – Realm of the Dwarves

Niflheim – Realm of Ice and Mist possibly with lower realm of Niflhel

Svartalfheim – Realm of the Black Elves

Vanaheim – Realm of the Vanir. Third of three realms. The center of a planet has a tree known as Yggdrasil. It's power comes from the binary suns of Polaris.

Beyond the 9 Realms, the 10th realm is 20,000 light cycles in line with Polaris and Sol 

Fornax - A binary star system containing a green and yellow/white sun system. There are 4 planets in this realm. The first is too hot for life, the second and third are in the Goldilocks zone, just right for life. Fornax Prime is inhabited by animals that all stand on their back legs. All are looking for a path to follow a soul of another creature after being tutored. They become spirit guides for other living creatures. Fornax Santé was discovered to be lush with vegetation but contained no animal life only insects. SpaceDog adopted the planet as a refugee for both plants and animal on the brink of extinction. This planet also has a prison originally build for the worst evil entity in the cosmos. It has never been used because it has evaded capture.

Fornax Prime - Second planet in the Fornax star system. It is home to spirit guides and intelligent animals who look like cats, ferrets, foxes, raccoons and wolves.

Fornax Santé - Third planet in the Fornax star system is a wildlife refuge for plants and animals bound for extinction and revived by SpaceDog and associates. It contains a prison built to hold the most evil or vial creatures in the known universe, however, it has never been occupied. The prison is surrounded by an Ester barrier produced by 4 pyramid power plants.

Spirit air creatures

Cheshire Cat - Air spirits from Alfheim

Dragons - Masters of magic that morph to be hidden or accepted instead of being hunted. These creatures are very cunning.

Fairies - Small flying insect like creatures that spread joyful feelings

Pixies - Mischievous fairies who are pranksters


BiFrost - A device that can produce an artificial wormhole for traveling between realms. When engaged, it produces light like a rainbow.

Rainbow Bridge - another name for a BiFrost

TriFrost - A transportation system capable of producing a wormhole programmed in both time and space powered by a singularity.


Unicorns - Magical horses born from an Alicorn female. Unicorns often share their magic with dragons and good witches to keep power balanced.

Vastu stones  - Gems that can control the 5 elements, Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirits

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