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The story is based on bits and pieces of Norse mythology, Japanese anime, movies, short stories, TV series, and the imagination of many creative people.

This book follows "The Stolen Necklace".

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Cast of characters by order of encounter in this second book: The Vanir

Star Lord SpaceDog is a Vanir Fertility God and master of magic, mystery and prognostication. Although similar to the time lords, he commands a quasi-dimensional quantum entanglement time ship built on ancient alien/Vanir technology by his father. SpaceDog has returned to the hidden home realm of his ancestors and plans to stay a full cycle (400 solar days). He is one of the last 2 male full blooded Vanir, or so he thought.

Sidrat is a Sentient Intelligence Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper or a biomechanical Artificial Intelligence created by SpaceDog's father. She is able to read minds, use telepathy and quantum entanglement. Her traveling companions call her Mum. Her body has been repaired after being damaged by a Null Orb and now contains part of a Morris stone. Sidrat's hourglass figure stands over 2 meters tall with very long platinum/white hair and her eyes became like black opals after receiving slices of the Morris stone in her sensory array.

Istanna - The Air Goddess Dragoness from Alfheim, like to shape shifts into a 4 foot 5 inch cat woman with red/gold fur most of the time. Like most air spirit creatures from Alfheim, she is magical, has telepathic and telekinetic powers plus the ability to sense things out of the ordinary. She is also an Alpha female dragoness who must regenerate every 600 cycles through a Rebirth Ceremony. She eventually becomes a 6 foot 2 inch Vanir with black and red streaked hair. Those color change with her moods. She became SpaceDog's mate when they encountered an ancient artifact called Bodn that binds souls and made the two, rulers of all Vanaheim.

Root - A Barker, or living tree creature created with a magic rune and 3 seed pods that fell from The World Tree on Alfheim, land of the light elves, air spirits, fairies and unicorns. He followed SpaceDog and Istanna through the event horizon portal doorway before it closed.
Root was enhanced with magic derived from alcohol and can move very quickly and stands roughly 4 feet tall.

Njord - The oldest known Vanir and father of both Freyr - aka SpaceDog and his sister Freyja. Njord is a peaceful scientist who invents and builds everything he can imagine. He's also known as Merlin, Poseidon, Father Christmas, Father Time and Pilot when living on Midgard. He appears as a very strong old man, 6 foot 2 inches with long white hair, a long beard and cobalt blue eyes.

Voice -  An odd looking Vanir who works as a communications and information specialist. He is a bald albino with a lack of pigment in his eyes. They are completely white except for the pupils. He stands 7 feet tall and very thin.

Citizen Cain - Librarian custodian

Citizen Ruthr - Librarian and truth seer

Luke - Is the son of Gertrude (a frost giant) and Freyr (SpaceDog). His family name is Fiolnir. He is married to his half sister Rosemary and together have 4 children, Jessi, Genni, Ruffi and Buffi. Luke is a mason by trade and has traveled the world in the age before the great flood of 12,525EBC. He has light brown hair, hazel eyes, is a bit muscular with thick arms and legs, stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and considered short for a Vanir.

Rosemary - The daughter of Freyr and Victoria. Victoria is part Elvin, part Ęsir Valkyrie, one of only a few warrior class elves that SpaceDog ever met. He fell in lust with her on there first encounter and SpaceDog impregnated Victoria.  Rosemary was the results of that lustful bond by the Fertility God with one of the most colorful Valkyrie warriors. Rosemary is 6 foot 1 inches tall and looks a lot like her mother and SpaceDog's first wife, Gertrude, except Rosemary has elf ears with straight golden hair.

Gertrude - Mother of SpaceDog's first son, a frost giant that stands 6 foot 1 inch, looks like Rosemary with straight golden hair but without elf ears.

Jessi - Son of Luke and Rosemary is an architects by trade. He keeps his light brown hair very short, has very dark brown eyes, stands 6 foot 3 inches tall.

Genni - Daughter of Luke and Rosemary is also an architect and looks exactly like her mother standing 6 foot 1 inches tall with straight golden hair she keeps at shoulder length. Her light purple eye is her unique feature.

Victoria - aka Herja - The "devastated one" is also known by SpaceDog as Victoria the Destroyer. Born of an Asgard father who raped a Light Elf, she has multiple split personalities that can change in a heartbeat. She has emerald eyes, long curly blond hair and stands 6 foot 1 inches tall. Being Rosemary's mother, they look like twins with her elf ears and long straight golden hair.

Veronica - aka Gunnr - Known as the "battle witch", is the first to arrive at any battle in order to cast the dead to either Valhalla as a dead servant of Odin or send them to Hel, the afterlife realm. She is a full blooded Ęsir.

Valerie - aka  Eir - Also known as the "peaceful" Valkyrie because she has mercy on those who have died. She is short standing only 5 foot 11 inches tall, keeps her very light brown hair cropped back or up so it's length is unknown. She has green eyes that holds the attention of both the living and the dead. Her outstanding feature is her facial tattoos that outline her eyes and make her look like she is an Egyptian queen. She is part Vanir, part Ęsir.

Vickie - aka Brynhildr - By far, the strongest Valkyrie in both spirit and strength, her name means "Armor battle" or "bright battle". Although she is not a beauty like most, she has more charisma then 10 warriors put together and tends to lead rather then follow. She is very short at only 4 foot 8 inches with curvy blond and black mixed hair, very dark eyes and her ears almost look elfish in shape. Her voice is almost mute but carries authority like no other Valkyrie can. She also carries a heavy metal sword no Vanir can use or even lift. She is a full blooded Ęsir. Her father is Odin's brother Vili.

Lucinda - aka Kara - aka Val Kyrie. The "wild stormy one" is the only fully black haired Valkyrie known to exist until she becomes the first. When she enters a room or battle field, she dances in causing everyone to turn their head in her direction and her genealogy is Asgardian, but Fea and not Ęsir.

Chepi - a vixen fairy spirit guide sent to SpaceDog for reasons unclear to all but Gertrude. The spirit guide looks like a baby 5 tailed Kitsune or fox.

Zenko - a male 5 tailed Kitsune "fox" spirit guide looks identical to Chepi and likes to perch on Istanna's neck often keeping her warm when she gets cold.

Ruffi - Twin of Buffi and a bit of a follower, she spends most of her time looking for precious metals and rare jams' that he uses to control her magic.

Buffi - Twin of Ruffi is the #1 troublemaker, not out of spite, but because he is way to curious about everything and never likes to stay in one place.

Jeff the Dip - A youngling only 14 cycles in age, could be taken as SpaceDog's child with much of his facial features and charisma. Jeff tends to cause a lot of controversy with both his pranks and use of technology. He likes to read books upside down and learns very quickly. Still growing, he is 5 foot 9 inches tall, has medium brown hair with gold ~ platinum streaks cropped just above his shoulders and cobalt blue eyes. He likes to call himself Prince Valliant and becomes Father Time's apprentice. He has no known mother or father and was found inside an Atlantean time capsule with a number 25.624 written in his blood on a papyrus parchment.

Jewel - A raccoon air spirit guide with a twin. The twin guides are attached in spirit to Ruffi and Buffi.

Rascal - Twin to Jewel and also attached to Buffi and Ruffi.

Okami - aka AI8, Lu.C'Ana, is an A.I. built by Sidrat as Jeff's companion.

Pete - a Vanir was thought to be saved and resurrected by a Dullahan during the end of the Ęsir/Vanir war. 

Rah Sķ and Aos Sķ are both 1 meter tall Irish ground fairy Fay with red curly hair and an unusual family history.

Nerthus - Appears as an old woman who looks a lot like Njord, stands 6' 2" with white hair and cobalt blue eyes.

Tintagila - Istanna's mother and Dragoness Queen of Alfheim. Normally, she is a very large red dragon.

Ali Qorn - An Alicorn, winged unicorn and father to many unicorns and winged horses.

Wind Walker - Another Alicorn and Ali Qorn's mate

Diablo - Mother of all Vanir, wife of Ymir, first entity to live in the 9 realms.

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