Preface - Cast of Characters

The story is based on bits and pieces of Norse mythology, Japanese anime, movies, short stories, TV series, and the imagination of creative people along with myself.

This book follows after SpaceDog and the Stolen Necklace.

Hope you read the story and maybe join me as a writer. If you would like to edit or contribute, send email to tardis40b at Yahoo dot com and please put STORY as the subject because 95% of the email I get is spam and sent to the trash bin.

Thank you and enjoy!


Cast of characters by order of encounter:

SpaceDog is a Star Lord and Vanir, God of magic, mystery and knowing the future. Although similar to the time lords, he commands a multidimensional quantum entanglement time ship built on ancient Vanir technology. SpaceDog has returned to the hidden home realm of his ancestors and plans to stay a full cycle (400 solar days). He is one of the last male full blooded Vanir, or so he thought.

The QETS is a multidimensional self contained time ship controlled by SpaceDog and 2 A.I. It's powered by a singularity (black hole) contained in dark matter isolation chamber in its basement. QETS stands for Quantum Entanglement Time Ship. It uses the same technology as the Rainbow Bridge mater and personnel transmitter that was developed by the Vanir. The original Rainbow Bridge is now in the hands of the Aesir on Asgard. The QETS has 32 levels and 540 doors leading to rooms and 24 event horizon portals in the 6 control rooms. It also contains 2 Olympic size swimming pools, one pure water and the other salt water. It has embedded in the controls a chameleon device developed by another race and can make the event horizon portals appear as anything in it's surroundings. The QETS can travel anywhere in the 9 realms as well as most, but not all places in the space/time continuum.

Sidrat is a Sentient Intelligence Dynamic Remote Artificial Timekeeper or living A.I. created by SpaceDog with the capacity to read the minds of other beings, has developed a way to capture peoples hearts and the imaginations of anyone in close proximity to or inside the QETS. She is sometimes called Mum. Her body has been repaired after being damaged and now contains half of a portion of infinity stone with the other half linked to the Minds Eye system driver A.I. that controls the power distribution between a black hole and the multidimensional ship.

Istanna is a dragon goddess from Alfheim that shape shifted into a cat woman. Like most air spirit creatures from Alfheim, she is magical, has telepathic and telekinetic powers as well as the ability to sense things out of the ordinary. She is an Alpha female dragon and must regenerate every 600 cycles through a Rebirth Ceremony, until she becomes queen of the Vanir and is turned into a female Vanr.

Root is a groot, or living tree creature created with a magic rune and 3 seed pods that fell from The World Tree on Alfheim, land of the light elves, air spirits, fairies and unicorns. He followed SpaceDog and Istanna through the event horizon portal doorway before it closed.
Root was enhanced with magic derived from alcohol and can move very quickly.

Njord is the oldest known Vanir and father of both SpaceDog and his sister Freyja who changed her name to Bonnie Jean Vanadis after she caused the Aesir to hate the Vanir. He is a peaceful scientist who invents and builds everything he can imagine. He is also known as Merlin, Poseidon and Pilot when living on Midgard.

Luke was once called Fiolnir, son of Freyr and Dertrude

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