This book follows "The Stolen Necklace".

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In book 1, "The Stolen Necklace," We meet SpaceDog, a Vanir who travels in time and space in a quasi-dimensional Quantum Entanglement Time Ship called the QETS. After recruiting a group of companions, an odd mixture of fey, humans, and a dragon Goddess, along with his twelve cyborg dachshund, he completes a task given to him by King of the Ęsir, Odin.

SpaceDog and Istanna go on a vacation to his home realm of Vanaheim, hoping to unlock the secretes of an artifact he found 600 cycles earlier in the ruins of Barra Hold, the dead city of the Vanir. He hopes that Istanna might be the key to opening it's hidden secretes and may help her learn something about ancient dragons. What happens next goes way beyond what he expected.

SpaceDog and Istanna meet Njord, SpaceDog's father. They take a trip back in time to where the Vanir have lived comfortably away from home, but SpaceDog and Istanna, now rulers of Vanaheim by a freak accident, convince the Vanir to return home without fear of the Ęsir. This is their story about the Vanir.

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