The Vanir ~ Book 2

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  1. SpaceDog and The Stolen Necklace
  2. The Vanir
0 Preface Background concept, plot and cast of this unique online book When characters enter the story, a name an brief description follows and sometimes background information.
1 The Forest City Kveyka Returning to the forest city of Kveyka on Vanaheimr, Star Lord and his Dragon friend unearth an ancient artifacts and discover something wonderful that happened. They meet Njord, SpaceDog's dad and he becomes their advisor.
  • SpaceDog unearths an ancient artifact
  • SpaceDog and Istanna become king and queen of Vanaheimr
  • Dragon morphs into a female Vanir
  • Something between the sheets

Machu Picchu

Under Construction

After becoming Lord and Lady of Vanaheimr, Njord, SpaceDog and Istanna, now a half blood Vanir, travel back in time to meet the clan of Vanir who escaped the Aesir war and now live on Machu Picchu.
  • Njord shows the new king and queen a new world
  • The Vanir meet the new King and Queen of Vanaheimr
  • SpaceDog meets his son under a Solar Eclipse Totality
  • Father of Time

The Plains of Nazca