Book 3 ~ Gods & Goddesses of Japan

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  1. The Stolen Necklace
  2. The Vanir
  3. Gods & Goddesses of Japan
0 Preface

Background concept, plot and cast of this online book.

When characters enter the story, a name an brief description follows and sometimes background information.
1 Bad Betti

Bad Betti misses a class and picks up SpaceDog's wand, finds herself sucked down a rabbit hole & comes out in Japan. They enter the QETS and Betti's memories are unlocked. She and her familiar are taken to the wardrobe and armory.

  • Bad Betti
  • Unlocked Memory
  • Wardrobe 81
  • Samurai Armory 82
2 Tempest Temple

After arriving in the year 1274 EAD SpaceDog and his companions re-enter Tempest Temple and discover the magic of the mountain. SpaceDog make good on a promise to the two fox guardians of the shrine, Kitsune and her mate Kensun. After, the hounds and 3 new member of the temple start training on the first day of Training Camp.

  • Tempest ~ A Violent Wind Storm
  • Guests on Training Day 1
  • The Wish
  • Tempest, Shrine Maidens, a Monk and Guardians
  • Hot Spring and Fireworks

Training Camp

For those not trained in the ways of the samurai or the culture if the Japanese people, the group of Gods, Goddesses and humans from another time and place, need to learn how to blend in. The indigenous guardians join the group and together they learn to work together.

  • Children
  • Command Words
  • Big Splash
  • A Kami, Inari & Her Skulk
  • Inari Ōkami
4 Dragons and Deities

After Tempest meets Inari, the  water dragon, Kaida, emerges from its deep sleep and her parent gets an unexpected surprise. A promise made between SpaceDog and Inari is broken after ten thousand years and Inari is given a gift from her father.

  • Water Dragon
  • Transformations
  • Conflict
  • Promise Made, Promise Broken
  • Questions & Answers
5 Bongo Four and Party

Inari is given a Valknut to unlock a newly acquired A.I. by the name of Kami. Kami is needed to energize the Teleportation system known as Bongo Four. After a successful test, plans are made to have a grand party for Princess Inari but it's delayed when a sinister plot is discovered.

  • Spies
  • Kami and Bongo Four
  • Spirit King Emit-Fox
  • Success
  • Party Plans
  • Bo Quicksilver & Bosickle
  • Side Trip to Tree Fort
6 The First Storm To celebrate Inari getting her teleportation device working, SpaceDog has a party for all the spirit guide townsfolk and invites the crew as entertainment. Bo Quicksilver joins the team while preparations are made for the first typhoon makers. The storm comes like a ghost ship in the night. The Mongolian fleet flees but is consumed by the typhoon.
  • Party with the King and Princess
  • Bo Joins the Team
  • Katien
  • Encounter with a General
  • The Storm
7 Slavers SpaceDog is disturbed by the number of South Asians taken as slaves to replace the Japanese work force after the invasion. The witch network finds inconsistencies and discover the Gatekeeper of Svartalfheim is working with slave traders who try to invade Alfheim. Zeal is found and his scheme is revealed and a surprise found amongst the slaves.
  • Witch Network of Alfheim
  • Gatekeeper of Svartalfheim
  • Zeal
  • Splotch & Atlántida
  • Harem
8 Death and Life Soul Eaters are found to be the source of abductions and destruction. They are dealt with by SpaceDog's companions and family but after, SpaceDog goes into self isolation. The QETS visits the eleventh realm finding Catalina never came back with the cure for the bio-weapon.
  • Soul Eaters
  • Death to Life
  • Ta'al's Bell and Katiens
9 Saving Life Robin tells SpaceDog that Earth is being destroyed by war depleting oxygen as CO2 and CO rise and the loss life. SpaceDog goes back in time to change the hearts of men. A supernova creates a wormhole that brakes the Dark Matter Chamber.
  • On the Cusp of War
  • Dark Matter Chamber
10 Time Travelers Istanna gives birth and has two children that can control time and space. Kaida is birthed as a baby elf and Entropy is birthed as a dragon with unlimited power and requires a limiter installed.
  • Children of Time
  • Entropy
  • Kaida
11 FoxCroft Several cycles pass as SpaceDog & Istanna raise Entropy while Kaida is raised by Gax & Todd as an adopted child. Dee is given the QETS to learn on her own about the realms, returning home with a new crew. An Academy is established for witches and wizards. After three cycles, the first class goes on a field trip off-world.
  • I Picked Up Some Strays
  • Foxcroft Plans
  • School of Wizardry
  • Entrance Ceremony
  • Class Field Trip
  • Gift

Kamikaze - part 1

When Entropy acquires the Helm of Awe, he transports to several places around Midgard before returning to Tempest Temple in the Earth year 1284. Here they begin training for a war where the Mongolian Navy invaded Japan for a second time.
  • The Flying Pig Returns
  • Japan 711
  • Fushimi Kyoto
  • Empress Genmei
  • Ninja

Kamikaze - part 2

under construction

Preparations for the storm creators having been completed, they return to Japan and everyone learns Kaida's secret. Temple Tempest is invaded by Ninjas as the Typhoon makers prepare for the Kamikaze storm and its aftermath.
  • Invasion
  • Typhoon Kamikaze
  • Aftermath


14 Fireworks Festival

outline completed

The last chapter starts by meeting three witches who are invited to witness a fireworks festival. Sparks fly as a competition between the Gallant Tree Inn and Bathhouse, and The Waterworks Bar & Grill lights the sky.
  • Raniira Takes a Leap of Faith
  • Mistress Sarah meets Tintagila
  • Katala & Malayne
  • Meeting at the Gallant Tree Inn
  • Fireworks Festival
A Appendix incomplete Glossary of objects found in book 3 still under construction
C Cast of Characters incomplete Cast in book 3 Not all characters have descriptions yet